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About Israel-US Relations

Posted by Parsin on March 23, 2008

Gana INCOGMAN has written a very good article “Has America Been Transformed Into The Golem?”. I had a comment and I thought it would be good to post it here too.

Very good article. I just wanted to add that we should set a difference between Zionists Jews and ordinary Jewish people, although this is very difficult inside Israel!

Each time Israel has done a massacre, US has vetoed the UN resolutions that were against Israel.
Israel, having US support, does not give a damn to the international condemnations.

Israelis illegally have produced atomic bombs and have build atomic installations and have never allowed International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to visit their sites, again US government under pressure by Jewish lobby has supported this.

It seems US government thinks that American people always need a foe!?? In the past, USSR (Soviet Union) was (made as) their enemy, and now Moslem people do the same task!!

7 Responses to “About Israel-US Relations”

  1. buelahman said

    I have had my difficulties with incogman. Funny you link us together, for we agree on only a very narrow subject line. I find him far too racist and offensive, by and large.

    But look whos talking…


  2. Ali said

    It is a small world!! incogman seems kind of different than many Americans but I have had some friends among University Professors even more offensive than him toward Israeli Zionists. As I mentioned there is a difference between ordinary Jewish people and those who are Zionist. Jimmy Carter, in my believe and I have talked to many Americans who have the same view, was one of the brightest presidents US has had for last half a century at least. He was hurt by the hostage crises in Iran, otherwise, he would be re-elected at that time. That is not very important, but what he is saying these days is very important to US and the people. As you know he has had a book about Israel and has warned about the power of Jewish Lobby in US. I think this is very important. Unfortunately, Israel is ruining US for the sake of their non-sense beliefs and benefits. Once, US was the utopia of those seeking democracy, today they see war, killing, injustice,….
    Anyway, Carter has called Israel government as an apartheid regime, same as former South African government.

  3. buelahman said

    My point is that I agree with incogman on the Zionist Jew issue only, but his purpose is to cause even more divide and strife between whites and anyone else that is remotely different.

    Because of this, I doubt he gives half a crapola about brown people, either.

    Read thru more of his site and realize that he uses the Zionist issue as a wedge against all races and creeds.

    To this end, I totally disagree with him and find it offensive that he tries to lie to get people to his site. I believe that harms the ultimate goal of peace in the world.

  4. Parsin said

    Thanks for your comment. I understand your point and that is also what I could share with him.

    We are sophisticated creatures!! Hating each other because of color, race, and religion!!

    All humans are the same and racism even for any legitimate reason is condemned.

  5. incogman said

    Incogman here.

    Look, I understand where Buelahman is coming from. And you, Parsin. I don’t like being a bastard about things, but the White race had better wake the hell up. I may be crude about things, but Whites need to get angry and start thinking.

    American Negroes commit 40-50% of the crime in the US, from less than 6% of the population and that’s a fact. Most of the blame for their violence is directly attributable to Jewish influence, culturally and politically. White people have been brainwashed by Jew race politics and until Whites figure that one out, Muslims and even Whites themselves will always be the end victims.

    If you really think things thru, you’ll understand that I am correct here.

    I ask you to go to Buelahman and tell him to come back here and read this comment.

  6. Parsin said

    Nice to hear from you again. To be honest, I haven’t had any chat with Buelahman since many months ago!
    Why didn’t you leave your comment for him in his own blog!?

    American blacks are now a reality in US society more than ever. I respect people on their human being not the color or race.

    I understand your views and believe in part of it that refers to the Zionist Lobby in US power structure. I even differentiate them from Jewish people because Zionists are using Jewish as a cover for their intentions.

    I wish the best for you!

  7. themadjewess said

    So, what is the ‘solution?’ PARSIN?? KILL ALL THE JEWS and the “ONLY GOOD JEW IS A DEAD JEW” as insinuated on the incogmans blog? I find it VERY comical that you have a little icon saying “No racism” LOL!!!

    ئشغ غخعق دشئث ذث خذمهفثقشفثی بقخئ شمم ئثئخقغ

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