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Jimmy Carter speaking of Zionist Lobby Controlling US Foregin Policy

Posted by Parsin on March 27, 2008

3 Responses to “Jimmy Carter speaking of Zionist Lobby Controlling US Foregin Policy”

  1. incogman said

    Here I am giving voice to the anti-Israel message and you get on my case about me being concerned about MY RACE! And I see you took out my blog link and put some anti-racist logo up. Goody for you.

    Least-wise I’m not scared to tell the truth. And don’t act all high and mighty about it either. We know you can’t stand the Jews or Negroes.

  2. Parsin said

    I appreciate your anti-Israeli views, and I share them with you. I am neither Arab nor Palestinian, or some one who would benefit from these views. It is just a humanitarian matter.

    Also, as I mentioned in my comment, I understand that there are some groups in US society that are problematic, you call them “colored people”. My point is that, not going very far, we have had a Hitler who created a Holocaust with the consequences we are suffering today. We should avoid creating another war on race issues. Blacks, Hispanics, . . .are among high rated criminals! But I knew people from both of these groups who were really nice people, who hated those actions, who were among the most peaceful people. We should not attack a race if some people from them are creating problems. They are human like us, they have feelings same you, same as me. Social sciences are there for these purposes. They must find out the problem and fix it.

    About the link, it is really a personal matter. I also deleted links of some others who apparently were not in agreement with you.

    I admire your braveness, and respect your views. And still I would like to continue our dialogue.

    I am not in US, in fact I am in Iran. But I DO NOT believe in violence in any form. And to make your mind clear Shah was a real dictator, supported by US. They were as bad as they deserved to go into history. I think with the information technology we all could express our views and make a very little affect on our environment.

  3. incogman said

    I’m aware of the Shah and our government’s CIA BS to remove Mossadeq. I take back what I said about you being a Hollywood Iranian. But also make note that I do respect Ahmadinejad’s willingness to stand up to the Zionists. He’s a bit of a inspiration, really.

    Race relations should not concern you — only the hold of the Zionist’s on America’s media. I am sure that whites and blacks could be on better terms for it not the manipulations of the Jew that you may not be totally aware of. Spend more time reading from my blog and you’ll see.

    The arrogant Jew is THE MAJOR World problem — bar none. Historically, one can readily see. Forget Hitler. Much of the Holocaust is a Zionist hoax.

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