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  • March 2008
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War of Oil, revisiting US crimes

Posted by Parsin on March 27, 2008

Democracy, human rights, freedom, . . .
state terrorism, brutality, torture, . . .

All could be seen in Abo Ghraib . ..

Abu 1

Abu 2

Abu 3

Abu 5

Abu 6

Abu 7

Abu 8

Abu 9


Abu 11

35 Responses to “War of Oil, revisiting US crimes”

  1. Kenneth Moyes said

    Is this the best you have got? Something that happened years ago by a few wayward people, who were punished for what the did. Things must be tough to have to reach back for this isolated event. Look around in Iraq today, if you dare. The country is starting to be just that – a country, commerce is developing, the quality of life is growing – the Americans did that as well. Have you checked to see who is benefiting from the ever growing production of oil in Iraq – it is the Iraqi’s not the Americans.

    If this is the best you have then your cause is lost.

  2. Mohammad said

    painful photos.

    when these photos were released in 2004 i was going to pass an important exam … but i couldn’t study well since i saw it for several weeks.

    thanks for reminding us about uas war army atrocities .

  3. Parsin said

    Thanks for your comment. As I mentioned in the topic, it is only a “revisit”, although very painful!

    US made big war crimes in Vietnam, we forgot them. They attacked Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now calling “bombard Iran…”. The post is to remind ourselves that unlike what they claim, US gives bomb, torture, brutality, terrorism, . . .

    Once, we, in developing countries had an imagination that US is the land of freedom and democracy! Now we understand that, we were damn wrong. . .

    I forgot about Iraq! You pointed about the situation in Iraq! If you dare go there and live for one week!! Then you will see what is going on in this country. You are repeating words of J.W. Bush. He knows that he is lying!!

  4. Parsin said

    Thank you for visiting and writing comment.

    We all should uncover the veils of lies and let people know what they are doing to us and to the world.

  5. Mohammad said

    Mr Kenneth … PLEASE tell me where are you from (from marc i think )

    I cann’t even imagine that there is somebody live on our planet say that the quality of life of iraqi people is now growing and there is improvement of the situation.

    Here is names of iraqi Satellite channels .. you can watch its english newsletter and then judge by yourself.

    Al Rafidain
    Salah Al Deen
    Beladi Tv
    Al Furat

  6. Parsin wrote:

    Thanks for your comment. As I mentioned in the topic, it is only a “revisit”, although very painful!

    US made big war crimes in Vietnam, we forgot them. They attacked Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now calling “bombard Iran…”. The post is to remind ourselves that unlike what they claim, US gives bomb, torture, brutality, terrorism, . . .

    Once, we, in developing countries had an imagination that US is the land of freedom and democracy! Now we understand that, we were damn wrong. . .

    I forgot about Iraq! You pointed about the situation in Iraq! If you dare go there and live for one week!! Then you will see what is going on in this country. You are repeating words of J.W. Bush. He knows that he is lying!!



    Unlike Kenneth, most American’s (the polls show roughly 70 percent of us are against the war) I find what happened at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay absolutely revolting. It is the product of a president and vice president who have defecated on both our own Constitution and the Geneva Convention, which demands humane treatment for prisoners of war.

    Bush and Cheney have destroyed our reputation with our many friends across the world. There has been more scandal in this administration — or should I say regime — than all the others put together in American history. But that will end next January when a new president takes over.

    So I personally apologize for this countries transgressions in Iraq. It is difficult to be a proud American in these times.

    You also mentioned Vietnam. Although I didn’t serve there, I was in the Navy — which I joined to avoid combat — during that war.

    That was another unjustified war that we should have learned a lesson from, but didn’t. It was a conflict that tore this country in half. There were protests and demonstrations on college campuses and throughout the country — particularly Washington, D.C. — against that war. I was a part of it.

    Those anti-war activists, however, did put enough pressure on Washington to finally end the conflict, albeit 10 years too late. We lost 58,000 servicemen there and thousands more were injured for life.

    Our government promised we would never again invade another country unless it posed a direct threat to our security. George W. Bush broke that promise, and we as Americans plan on putting a person in office next year who is pledged to getting out of Iraq.

  7. Parsin said

    There is not doubt that when I talk about US government, I mean the government and not the people. My view is that the body of US society is one of the best in the world (with all diversities inside of it), but the head is mainly corrupted!!

    American people are not interested in politics. Unfortunately, their understanding of world politics is very small as compared to many developing countries. This is very dangerous. I guess, if it was not because of US National Law, neo-conservatives would have taken most of freedom we see in US today. Remember, emails and phone probes!!

    I also hope that people could change the situation in US. Although, the old form of democracy in US gives more freedom to the two party than the people’s real vote!!

  8. Parsin:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, every single word you wrote. It has pained me for such a long time that Americans — indeed — suffer from a clearly-defined political ignorance. I find it amazing how we teach History every year through high school, but not political science.

    I always had an interest in not only American politics, but geo-politics as well, so I got a degree in political science, and became a political journalist. I am now retired.

    Americans are extremely gullible and overly suseptible to the power of suggestion. Than can be easily swayed, and that is dangerous.

    Personally, I detest Neocons and the Fundamentalist Christian Right, which is no better than Radical Islam Terrorists. The former have little compassion, if any at all, for those that suffer. The latter, conversely, believe their path to spirituality is the only correct way and criticize every other spiritual school of thought.

    We have a Constitution that provides us with the unadulterated right of free speech, especially against our government. But the Neocons get angry whenever someone speaks out, calling him/her subversive, Unamerican or unpatriotic. If these fools would spend a fraction of the time studying our Constitution as they do watching television, they would realize that nothing could be more patriotic than to speak one’s truth.

    Parsin: I have just started a blog of my own. It is small and I intend to keep it that way. If you read my top story, you will understand where I am coming from.

    Sorry I don’t understand Arabic.

  9. Parsin said

    I wrote a comment but I couldn’t submit it. Your blog didn’t accept my ID!
    here is the comment:
    “Thanks for visiting. I read you article. We are thinking the same about the neocons and Bush administration. He has destroyed US prestige around the world.
    I still believe that there are people such as Jewish Lobby that are more stronger than each of the parties. They very much dictate US foreign policy. No one dares to confront them!! They are the political maffia in US.”

  10. Parsin:

    That is not true about the Jewish Lobby. Jews only represent a small fraction of America.

    In fact, when my parents grew up in the 30s and 40s, they were constantly beat up by other Christian kids because they were Jewish. And my maternal grandfather was actually murdered because of it. They let the killers off with probation.

    If the Jewish Lobby was so big, George W. Bush would never have been elected president. Most Jews are Democrats, and Democrats do not want war. It is the Republicans that have always been what we call “War Mongers.”

    This country is dominated by Evangelical Protestants, Christian Fundamentalists. Trust me, that is the truth. Christians have dominated our culture since day one. That is because the original settlers here came from England.

    It’s the Anti-Semites that want everyone to believe the Jews are in power. Hitler did that successfully and ended up killing 6 million Jews. I have met so many Holocaust survivors here in my life. They were in terrible shape physically and emotionally. In fact, whenever they saw anyone in a police uniform, they were traumatized and sometimes cried because the uniform reminded them of the Nazi Gestapo.

    I have learned you can’t believe what others teach you. The only true educator is personal experience. Seeing is believing. That is why I can’t judge Arab nations. I have never been there, and I refuse to assess it solely on the basis of what others tell me, especially since they haven’t lived there either.

    As far as the Palestinians are concerned. I am totally against the murder of innocent civilians. Actually, I am against murder of any kind, except in self-defense. Yet, I feel both parties are at fault there. The Palestinian terrorists send suicidal bombers to Israel and kill an untold number of civilians. Then the Israelis strike back, but they can’t seem to hit the terrorists without the innocent ones as well.

    The Israeli Army wears uniforms. The Palestinian terrorists do not.

    I have seen both governments sit down and agree to peace, only to have that destroyed by another suicidal bomber. The Palestinian Authority have been unable to control the terrorists. I can understand that. The Saudis and Syrians have had the same problem.

    But Israel, whose initial emigrants after World War II were very angry and rageful Holocaust survivors, believes in revenge. So does the American government.

    I don’t! I believe love, and only love conquers all hatred and misery. Perhaps I was born to soon, because this world doesn’t seem to understand that.

    I’m sorry you couldn’t comment on my blog directly. Just like this one, you have to register to respond.

    Do you have an Instant Messenger? I use Windows Messenger, but we can chat with people from certain other ones like Yahoo and AOL. Actually, I chat with a couple in Tehran regularly. Let me know.

  11. thisiisit said

    Hi, In Nepal, petrol used in car costs 1.5 USD per liter. in 2002 it used to cost 1 3rd.

  12. Parsin said

    The oil price economically is not that high. The value of each US dollar has decreased, so that, the price of oil today is comparable to the $35 in the late 90’s and probably in 2002.

    Another reason is the US wars in all over the middle-east. They are creating tensions and by doing that they are rising the price of oil. But as I mentioned the main reason is the collapse on the value of US dollar.

  13. Marissa said

    I’m watching a documentary called “The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib” and it is shocking how our GOVERNMENT actually ordered the torture of these men. They actually stated in reports that the Geneva convention did not apply because this was not a formal army that they were imprisoning.

    I’m so appalled. I thought these people were rogues who were disobeying military standards. But in all actuality they were simply following Military orders sanctioned by our own horrid Government.

    Once again, I am ashamed to be American. I wish we would stop our financial and military support of Israel and get out of the middle east and concentrate on bettering our OWN country and leave foreign affairs alone.

    It’s wonderful Parsin that although you see the atroscities that our country commits against the Islamic population but you still believe that the American people are inherently good. Because we really are! Especially where I live, we don’t support the war and we really do want world peace.

    May Allah bless you.

  14. Parsin said

    My sister Marissa,

    The case of “Abu Ghraib” prison is a wound on the face of Earth and it will never be healed.

    American people and even low rank US soldiers are innocent as are the victims of this unjust war. However, as you mentioned it was planned by the US government. And if there was a justice in the world they should have taken Bush and his allies to the court of war criminals.

    There is not need for any of us to be ashamed of a stupid person whom I doubt if was truly the elected president of the US people. In both elections he used non-democratic tools to become president.

    I also hope, they soon change the old election system in US so that the president could be elected by the direct vote of the American people.

    May Allah bless you too.

  15. help us all. americans have no idea what we are doing. Soon isreal will own our lands and then whay will we say. I have been there and done that as a United States Marine, so i know and have experiniced the ingnorece firtst hand.

  16. David said

    These crimes are happening in 21st century both United Nations and Human Right, Amnesty international are doing nothings but supporting washington to destroys more nations world wide. Since the all crimes are commtted in America in which the United Nations head Quarter is standing, therefore the United Nations secretary must be guilty of not stopping and punishs washington from committing crimes against humanity. Washington must be hold guilty for allowing their soilders are not only committing crimes against humanity but also poison enviroments with chemically Depleted Uranium. If washington are not punishs for all these crimes then you should not expect to get peace around the world since every nation will violently react because washington is crimes daily.

  17. Parsin said


    I completely agree with you. I believe if there is a justice, Georg W. Bush and his administration plus UN security must have been taken to a war criminals court!

    George Walker Bush has committed biggest crimes against humanity in recent decades and he is the number one terrorist in the world.

  18. Americathefacist said

    To the idiot below me. Yes Iraq is becoming a “country” in the eye’s a of America a place ruled by corperations while the brain dead idiots just listen and hope for false “hope” and “change”. America is a dead country

  19. WelcomeToAmerica said

    I want people to tell me what the war is about today. Why are we still there? Why doesn’t anyone question what we are told?
    Well, basically this is basic psychology. If led by someone who has no morals, no care other than the upward movement of him or herself, then people will succumb to authority. As Milgram proved, when a person has the idea of morals and obedience on a collision ride, most of the time obedience will win. So… America is basically a brain washed state. We are said to be ignorant and unknowledgeable, and yes we are. Textbooks, what are they teaching us today? Nothing. They tell us basics and go through heroification of people who didn’t deserve it. America believes we are perfect because we are taught that we –are-.
    We are on a downward fall to nowhere and America and its leaders are destroying us quickly.

  20. politicalscience said

    I cannot believe the hate on this site. The images and actions at Abu Ghraib prison were despicable, but your lumping the entire United States Military as abominable and attrocious is just as despicable. I live in the military community, and I cannot name one person who approved or even dismissed the actions of those soldiers. I saw the video of Pearl having his head chopped off one stroke at a time and it made me angry and hurt, but I did not lump all of the Muslims or even all of the terrorists into that evil category. Likewise, you cannot blame the attrocities commited by a few individuals on our President. He is not a malicious dictator. I truly believe he did what he believed to be right with his situation and with his God whether it turned out for the benefit of all or not.

    We are in Iraq right now to ensure they are not taken over by another terrorist dictator whose mission is to destroy our nation. The root of this problem dates back to our and the European mistakes after WWI. It will not be resolved until people learn to forgive, and I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    I am American. I am proud to be an American. I support our President. I support our soldiers. I support our military. I support our true cause of justice and the right to choose for all peoples and all genders. I support the punishment of those soldiers who disgraced our purpose. I am proud to be an American and I am proud to forgive your hatred.


    I can’t understand how you come up with such a wrong conclusion about my views regarding US soldiers. I have mentioned in my comments above that in fact, soldiers are doing what ever they have been told to do. This is a systematic crime carried out by US government, not only in here, but also in many other cases including Guantanamo prison. Bush and his government have spoiled US people’s face in all over the world. They have spoiled US constitution and US prestige!
    My friend, I also love US people as you do, I also respect US as a country as you do. But I cannot forgive criminals for torturing and killing thousands of innocent people all over the world! Those who plan these killings must be punished to bring up the peace to the world. These include current US president, and his counterparts in this side of the world, including Bin Laden!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving comment.

  21. Welcome to USA 2008…

  22. sara said

    America is a dead country .their government is savage and they have the most cruel politics in the world .they should be aware one day all people shall be union and vanish them on the earth

    Hi, Not all US people support these types of barbaric actions. In fact, most Americans are against these policies. I hope it will change when new US president comes to power!

  23. iraq said

    this is the civilization of usa

  24. S A R said


  25. Anonymous said

    human cruelty has no limits. this is the abjection of the human kind.

  26. Malaysian said

    Well, I have also seen Muslim terrorist slaughtering Western News editors! Does god allow that? Well, I think One should stop first for the others to stop! Why not someone just STOP!!!

  27. Mr. Webb said

    I’m writing a paper for an American Literature class, and I was just looking for the spelling of Abo Ghraib. Hate begets hate. Nothing made what they did right. I’m so ashamed to be an American right now. My heart aches for humanity.

  28. Paul said

    It is not like those prisoners were good people, they were part of the regime that brutally murdered god knows how many innocent people for daring to have a different view to them. A bit of their own medicine is nothing to what they really deserve. Maybe they will have second thoughts next time. I just hope the poor dogs did not catch anything when they bit those dirty bastards.

  29. Parsin said

    So you are suggesting torture and crime on any one who possibly has had a suspicious background.
    Where is the law?
    My friend, there is no justification for any type of torture either it be by Saddam or US army.
    US army has committed torture and crime by the most cruel way. Supposedly, they were there to guard these people!!

  30. Anonymous said

    All men are created equal. Bush and Chenney should stand trial in
    International Tribunal, in fairness to Slobodan Milosevic, Radic and
    the Nazis.

  31. Anonymous said

    I am astounded to see these beasts smiling as they torture human lives. What is America becoming?

  32. Anonymous said

    still feel tears comming up when i see those pictures

  33. gustavo said

    Esto es lo que vemos de eeuu, asi lo vemos, asi es, el mejor pais del mundo, no gracias.

  34. Bo said

    You guys are retarded. Yes people in the U.S. Military did horrible things here but they were punished for that. Also i lived in Baghdad for 2 years and Iraq’s economy is growing and becoming stable. There is a lot of work that still needs to be done, however things are coming along. You all fail to mention that these men at Abu Ghraib are not just the local terrorist they are bigger convected men. Now they are humans and should not be treated this way but you have to understand that many of these Americans have lost friends in this war to the Al Qaeda scum. Also some idiot said America “invaded Afghanistan” educate yourself because America was attacked first. You ignorant people need to stop blaming America because their country is strong. Everyone wants America to step in if you have interest in the matter but blame them if things dont turn out perfect. You have to respect them for staying with Iraq and still being there helping their military, government, and economy grow. When America leaves Iraq will become one of the best countries in the middle east. However I’m sure non of you have had an economic class to truly understand.

  35. Kenneth: These people were representing the American government hence they portray how u people view the rest of the world.. there is no such thing as an isolated incident.. If i may ask where is the peace in Iraq today with incessant bombs all over the place.. you guys destroyed Iraq an Afghanistan.. now you are in Libya doing the same thing.. Well no super power can last forever and America is loosing its grip on the world thus trying to gain importance by fighting unnecessary wars rather than boost her economy.. With the occupy movement now you will finally get a taste of your own medicine…

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