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Criminals vs Victims

Posted by Parsin on March 28, 2008

double standards

12 Responses to “Criminals vs Victims”

  1. Shahrzad said

    Interesting cartoon, with a painful msg..

  2. The diference Shahrzad is that the Israelis don’t send innocent kids wired with explosives to blow people up. They send their military to strike back against the radical groups that sent the human bombs.

    But since the radicals won’t wear uniforms and choose to hide among the masses, innocent civilians die, and that is wrong.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t believe either side is or has even been right. The only victims here are the innocent civilians that get killed on both sides.

  3. Parsin said

    When you have to fight with gangs attacking your home you do your best. You are not the gang and do not have a group of trained criminals to do the job! So you defend by what ever you have.

    I am wondering why you think killing by trained army is more legitimate than those that desperately put wire on themselves and unlike the army they know that they will get killed!!

    Israel is killing innocent people living under their protection and having no weapon to defend! they do this under US government support.

  4. You know something Pasin, you are right — dead right (no pun intended). I never really thought of a country’s army as “Trained Crimials,” as you put it. But I could see where you are coming from.

    So if the Israeli Army stops going after Hamas, Hezbolah, and other radical jidhadists, what happens? No, I don’t believe innocents should be collateral damage. But since these radicals will keep on killing innnocent Israeli citizens, how is the Israeli government to deal with this, to put an end to it? That’s a question that needs to be answered to satisfy many people.

    It was unfortunate, but near the end of the Nazi empire, many German civilians were bombed to death as the allied forces approached Berlin to put a complete end to the Nazi regime. Yet, without the bombings, the allies wouldn’t have been able to penetrate Germany, and the Nazi’s would have remained alive and dangerous. It should also be noted Germany bombed England unmercifully during that war, intentionally going after the civilian population.

    The few thousand German lives lost at the time was considered a small price to pay in saving millions more from Nazi assault.

    The same held true with the U.S. unprecedented nuclear bombing of two Japanese cities. Our president and his allies felt that although killing a couple of hundred innocent Japanese, we saved millions of American soldiers from fighting an extended war that could have lasted several more years.

    Personally, I wish that never happened. Albert Einstein created his nuclear theory to create a cleaner, cheaper and more effective way of energy than electricity. But man has a way of turning every gift from God into shit, and I don’t know why.

    BTW: I have created a new spiritual blog. I am getting a little tired of politics. It does absolutely nothing for my spirit. I just get aggravated and frustrated. So please feel free to check it out. It is for people of all faiths. I made my first entry last night:

    I would love you guys to comment on my posts. I will be putting them up a few times a week.


  5. Parsin said

    I guess you did not pay attention to consequences what you said about killing innocent people in Gaza or Hiroshima!!
    In this way, all criminals could do the same, and say we did it to defend ourselves.
    Marxists have a saying “to reach a goal you can use any tool” I am sure there is better phrase to say this. Anyway, if you believe on this, then you can not condemn any crime.
    Your information about Hamas and Hezbolah is not correct. They are not going after Israelis to kill them. But when Israel attacks their civilians and their members as well, they have no other option but to fight back.
    In my view, anyone who intentionally kills innocent people (regardless of who they are) they are criminal. My religion does not allow for any type of terror action. I never get happy to see Israeli children are killed! But we have to analyze and see where is the problem.
    You made a good decision about your new blog. Today, I was able to leave a comment in your old blog. Anyway, I also did not have any intention to discuss so much about politics. I was rather thinking for something cultural about Iran and Islam!
    I will visit your new blog asap.
    Take Care,

  6. Glenn said

    Yes, my brother, please teach me the cultural aspects of Iran and Islam. This is what would truly bring me peace.

    I am so sick of violence and murder and hatred. It is not necessary. The Earth was created for all of us to enjoy and grow spiritually. But people forgot that really early in history and have been passing down nothing but sin from generation to generation.

    So I want to focus only on connecting with you wonderful people in a spiritual way. If I was in Iran with you, out of respect, I would go with you to your Mosque and pray the way you do five times a day. (I guess I could use my yoga mat as a prayer mat too.)

    And I do hope to connect with you folks in person one day.

    Another thing: Your command of English is absolutely beautiful. You write it better than our misguided fool of a president speaks it. Are they teaching English now in Persia? I would think it would be very difficult to learn a language that has a totally different alphabet. I took a course in Hindu Sanskrit a few years back. A Persian friend told me Sanskrit and Arabic are very similar. Well, to me they look alike. Isn’t that something.

    I realize it is now about 4am in Tehran and you might still be sleeping. So when you wake up and read this, have a peaceful day. May Allah bless you.

  7. Glenn said

    BTW: I will be using my real name Glenn instead of politicalscribe. I don’t want to write about politics any longer, only spirituality.

  8. Parsin said

    Thanks for your comments. I agree with most of what you say and would look forward to share our cultural views.
    My English is not fluent any more. I used to live in US, at that time it was much better. Yes, they teach English in Iran. Iranian young people also learn English from internet and satellite TV channels.

    I am not really familiar with Sanskrit. But Arabic and Persian have commons. Their alphabets are similar. And we now write similar to Arabs.

    Glenn, thanks a lot for your concern. I hope one day all types of violence will be ended and people will live in peace and harmony.

  9. Shahrzad said

    I would like to invite Glenn to my blog, if he is interested in Iranian Islamic culture. I’ve tried to open and discuss it in my blog, Iranian society, its approach and culture, and the difference it has with the government..
    You will find some interesting articles there.. 🙂

  10. Parsin said

    Good news! Shahrzad is inviting you to her blog. She is a journalist like yourself and could defeat you better than I in discussions!!! LOL

    Where do you get these smiling face icons!? I don’t know how to find them!

  11. Shahrzad said

    I am not really writing on my blog as a journalist. I write as an “ordinary” iranian muslim woman with an honest and somehow naive view toward her country. I just try to represent life of the mainstream.

    You need to have a look to my “Favorite Posts” page. Then you will find subjects you’re interested in.

  12. Parsin said

    You are writing very good. Your expressions are very clear and understandable. I have been following your blog for while, you are very smart on choosing subjects of your posts. I congratulate you and wish the best for you in life.

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