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Danish Union of Journalists will also sue Wilders!!

Posted by Parsin on March 31, 2008

The Danish Union of Journalists says it will sue Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders for copyright infringement for using a Danish cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in his anti-Quran film.

geerk wilders

The union says it will file a lawsuit on behalf of Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist who made the controversial drawing depicting Islam’s prophet wearing a turban shaped like a bomb.


17 Responses to “Danish Union of Journalists will also sue Wilders!!”

  1. Glenn said

    I clearly don’t know the wrong story. But the cartoonist obviously is not very broad-minded if he/she believes all Muslims are terrorists.

    You see, that’s the way people think in this world. Each ethnic group and religion has a small percentage of rotten people. And the world always judges the whole group by those people.

    “All Jews are cheap,” “All Italians are gangsters,” “All Irish are drunks,” “All Koreans are cold people,” and — of course — “All Muslims are terrorists.” I’ve heard this garbage my whole life.

    How ignorant. To actually compare Mohammad (who was like Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Gandhi) to Bin Laden; I just don’t get it.

    It has been said, “Love can conquer hate,” and I believe that. For that reason, it is the responsibility of people like us to set an example in the world so people can see stereotyping is dumb and completely incorrect.

  2. Shahrzad said

    LOL, this guy is insane..

    Glenn, you know, one of my friends is from Netherlands. The time they made so many debates against Islam, she just got interested to know about Islam and what it is really. And she found out there is much difference between Islam and the way of Muhammad(Peace be upon him) and idiots like Bin Laden.

    That’s what i say, learning about other side..

  3. Parsin said

    I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, the world also hears (or I better say would like to hear) the voice of “rotten people” and “extremists”.

    Ali Shariati (an Islamic intellectual) wrote history remembers only palaces, kings, criminals, . . . it never payed attention to those poor people who made those palaces. . . .
    Our world is also much interested to find these rotten people and to make them an issue.

    My understanding of what is going on in Europe is that most of them are rooted in racism. They did it against Jews and now opening a front against Moslems.

    You see it is not just this film, they have written books, draw cartoons, . . . ! Also, similar thing happened to Persians, the movie “300” was all nothing but a humiliation of Persians (Iranians).

    I suggest you read some of what I have posted from Shariati, you will find him very different than your expectations. Meanwhile, it is cultural and would be a mean to also avoid so much politics.

  4. Parsin said

    Thanks for your comment, he also mentioned about the same thing. Media, and I guess it would be better to say “politicians” are interested in choosing a very small group of narrow minded people from a religion and/or a nation and use them for their interest.

    Shahrzad, the thing is that Islam and Quran is understood and interpreted differently among Moslems as well. And you know what I mean. We have those narrow minded people in our own scoiety and their voice is mostly heard outside of Iran.

  5. Marissa said

    This man is evil. He is trying to stir up trouble, and is fueling the fire in the conflict between Islam and the rest of the world.

    Islam is a BEAUTIFUL religion. And, may I point out, it is JUST as violent as the Torah. In fact there is a passage in the Torah about the Israelites going through a village of their enemies and killing all the men and children, but keeping the women so they can rape them.

    EVERY Holy Book has violence in it. And its all in the context of the times they were written in. I’m sure the new Muslims back when Mohammad(sp?) was writing the Quran were having to fight just to stay ALIVE. I mean, has everyone forgotten about the crusades? There were quite a few, in which the white western christians went through the middle east and “evangelized” the Muslims. In other words, killed anyone who refused to convert. The Muslims have had to fight over the years just to stay alive. Just like the Israelites did. Modern Judaism and modern Islam are not violent religions at all.

    In fact, Islam is closer to Judaism in beliefs than actual Christianity. And at times through-out history, both peoples have been persecuted by Christians. We should have each other’s backs instead of fighting each other. We have more in common than one would think.

    And I have NEVER met a Muslims/Muslima who disliked me for being Jewish in the least bit. Maybe it’s just America. But all the Muslims I have met have been extremely kind, welcoming, and virtious.

  6. Parsin said

    We have had people from different religions living in peace here in Iran. And you may be also aware that, the history of Persia doesn’t show any discrimination or racism as it doesn’t show slavery. If there was a problem, it was for all of the people.

    If we believe in one God, and understand that God is the creature of the whole world, then we realize that there could be no hate because of skin color, race, or religion.

    You are right about the history. I am wondering how bright you are. I would be glad to see you visiting this blog and leaving your comments, even if you don’t agree with me, please write down your feelings.
    Thanks and see you again.

  7. Glenn said


    I am especially happy to see you here at this blog. These are good people that are more aligned with us about peace and love and than many of our fellow Americans.

  8. Marissa said

    Today I went out and bought a copy of the Quran. My favorite passages were in SURA LX

    “God will, perhaps, establish good will between yourselves and those of them whom ye take to be your enemies: God is powerful: and God is gracious, merciful.

    God doth not forbid you to deal with kindness and fairness toward those who have not made war upon you on account of your religion, or driven you from your homes: for God loveth those who act with fairness.”

    This to me makes so much sense as to what Islam is really about. Islamic people WANT to live in peace, all they want is freedom to worship their religion without being persecuted. They want to live in harmony, in a fair world where one religion is not held in a higher esteem than the others. God loves righteous people. And wants us all to live in peace and respect each other’s religions. God is simply stating that as long as Muslims aren’t being harmed then there is no reason why we can’t all live in peace.

    Unfortunately in this world, people do NOT give Islam the respect it deserves, hence all the religious tension and problems.

    If Islam was accepted and given respect I think a lot of problems in this world would be solved.

    And by the way Parsin, the really am enjoying reading the Quran. It’s a lot like the Torah. More than I expected actually.

  9. Parsin said

    I am so glad to hear these nice sections from Quran. Do you know when we see each other we say “Salaam” meaning “peace”. I was just explaining to a Christian friend that Islam and Salaam are from the same root. Islam actually means peace with a broader meaning. Peace and tranquility with the God and with people.
    And also, you may not know that in our prayer, we salute and say Salaam to all people from any religion and belief.
    السلام علینا و علی عباد الله الصالحین
    means: Salaam to us and to those who are good people (regardless of their belief) . . .
    In Islam, Prophet Moses, Jesus, and Ibrahim are highly respected. We respect Moses as we do Prophet Mohammad. We call Moses “Klaim Allah” meaning “the one who talks to the God”.

    Allah in Arabic means “the God”. It is not a special name of the God or something like that. As in Persian we call him “Khoda” and in English “the God”.

    I am sure that there would be a day of peace and harmony in the world for all of us. We have one creator, we are all from the same origin, and we deserve to live in peace.

    God Bless You

  10. Glenn said

    Marissa wrote:

    “…… (I)really am enjoying reading the Quran. It’s a lot like the Torah. More than I expected actually.”


    Actually Marissa, the basic constructs and values of all religions — even the more obscure ones — are virtually identical. And that my sister defines the asinine irony of how they have had such a difficult time coexisting in peace since just about the beginning of time.
    My Brother Glenn,
    Salaam, peace, . . .

  11. Marissa said

    As I keep reading the Quran I keep finding more and more passages pertaining to the merciful, loving, compassionate nature of Allah. Islam truly is a beautiful religion. I am so glad I bought a copy of the Quran so I could experience the beauty of Islam first-hand.

    I love how Islam means submission to the will of God. I love how Islam focuses on a personal relationship with God. Much like Judaism.

    I wish the Israelites would read the Quran. They would defenitely be enlightened to the wonderful passages and beliefs of Islam.

    I remember back when I was very young, in elementary school. I was reading a children’s almanac that described the world’s religions. I remember being absolutely thrilled that there was another religion other than Judaism that believes in true God. I was literally moved to tears. And as I have been reading the Quran today I have stopped many times to cry at the beauty and give thanks to God that there are so many righteous people in the world.

    Salaam. Peace be upon you.

    P.S.-I have also called my Muslima friend and asked if I could attend a friday prayer meeting at our local mosque. She was thrilled, and even told me I could borrow a Hi’jab. (sp?) I think it’s wonderful learning about different religions. I’m even thinking about minoring in religious studies. Although I am majoring in Psychology, hoping to become a family therapist.

  12. Parsin said

    I am so glad to hear that you enjoy reading Quran. Actually the word of Quran comes from “reading” or something “readable”.
    In Quran, as you read you will find out that how much the God emphasizes on “thinking”. I suggest you also read these article by Ali Shariati:

    They show very briefly who was Prophet Mohammad, there is a comparison among prophets too.

    I got so excited to hear that you are going to the Friday prayer!
    I am sure you will like Hijab. Actually, I guess Jews also believe in kind of Hijab!

    Marissa I found these link also for Quran in english: (you can download the file)

    The later one is a pdf file that you can also download and read it on your computer.

    You are studying in a very good major. I didn’t know that they have a minor in religion in Psychology. It is interesting.

    My Best Wishes,

  13. Marissa said

    I went to a friday night service with my friend and it was lovely! It felt perfectly natural wearing the Hi’Jab.

    I love how Islam teaches women to dress with modesty and reverence. When I was 13 I had to undergo a spinal fusion because of a congenital condition in which I had a spinal curvature, holes in my vertebrae, and the vertebrae in my spine were also slipping apart. As a result, I have a huge scar running all the way up from my bottom to my neck. All the way up my spine. When i was an early teenager I HATED this, because I could never wear any revealing swimsuits or shirts that would expose my back. But now I thank God for it, because it was truly a blessing from God as a way to keep me modest even before I realized how important modesty is. As a result, all my teenage life I have dressed with modesty and respect for myself, and even my swimsuits are one-pieces, which is EXTREMELY unpopular with American youth. I know God was looking out for me and granting me the gift of modesty with my surgery. And I couldn’t be more thankful for it. I don’t show off my body as a piece of meat. And thats one of the things I like best about Islam. The reverence of the women in regards to their bodies. They treat their bodies as temples of God and do not disrespect themselves by dressing immodestly.

    Islam truly has so many wonderful qualities. I have been reading more of the Quran every night before I fall asleep. And it states quite clearly that people of the Jewish faith and Christian faith, as long as they are fair and not corrupt, will also share a part of paradise. I wish more jewish people would read the Quran so they could truly understand what Islam is about.

    I also loved how during prayer, all the Muslima sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, in complete unity in prayer. It really is quite beautiful to see them worship Allah. I wish everyone in the world who has a negative view of Islam could see Islam how I now see it.

    I remember after September 11th, I HATED Islamic people. I was truly scared of them and was incredibly prejudiced against them. It took me meeting Islamic youth and seeing the kindness and rightousness of their actions for my views to change. Now I have begun to tell everyone I know about the truth of what Islam really is. My boyfriend (who before he met me has never prayed in his life) prays with my daily for the plight of the Palestinian people and for their freedom and equality. We pray for protection of Muslims against the people of the world who hate them. We worry that a dark time is before us that a war against all Islamic people is coming from Western society. We see the treatment of our Islamic friends and worry that our country is turning against them slowly. We remember the horrible treatment of our Japanese citizens during World War Two. And we are afraid we are approaching a time where Muslims will be forced to go to Internment camps as well. I pray many times a day for the fair treatment of Muslims world-wide. It’s scary how ignorance breeds hate. I wish the world could live in tolerance and peace. I hope my telling my fellow Americans the true beliefs of Islam I am conquering hate even on a very small level.

  14. Parsin said

    I am so glad to meet you through this blog. You are very kind and open minded. I am also happy that you liked the Friday Prayer.

    I am sure if one day our prophets Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad, as well as other prophets were together in this world, there would be no disagreement among them. As I mentioned in my earlier comments, Islam not only respects other religions and specifically Jewish and Christianity, but also, in Quran God says that all of those prophets including prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) were Muslims (meaning obedient to the God). Actually, as you also mentioned before, Islam means “submission to the will of God”. In Quran God even also praises those (non-believers to the God) who do good things on the earth and puts them beside the believers. Therefore, in Quran not only believers of other religions are highly respected, but also good people among non-believers are also praised.

    I am amazed by your views about modesty. Sometimes, I think in this world that machine and money (capitalism)has changed mankind into a blind consumer, how could things such as modesty mean anything to the people. When everything are viewed through materialistic eyes, values such as religion, being good, righteous, and modesty would mean nothing. But, as you can see even in this situation one could stand by his/her values. I am sure each of us could do important things in conquering hate which is created by those who hate the people.

    Peace and Love!

  15. Marissa said

    Unfortunately, most American youth have lost all their good morals and values. Modesty and righteous actions mean nothing to most of my peers. They all want to drink lots of alcohol and do lots of drugs and engage in a LOT of promiscious sexual activities. That’s one of the things I like about Islam. I feel more comfortable hanging out with my Muslima friends than any of my other friends, because I know they won’t be engaging in any improper behavior. It’s refreshing to see youth with such high morals and values, people who I can truly relate to. And my Muslim male friends treat me with such respect. In fact, a good friend of mine (a young Muslim man) walked me to my car every late night last semester after our class that got out at 10pm. On a college campus that is not a very safe time. But I felt safer with him than with any other young man other than my boyfriend. He was so kind-hearted to have gone out of his way everynight just to make sure I was safe.

    Unfortunately, a lot of Americans are so far gone on the liberal side of things that they see a religion that honors modesty and chastity until marriage to be sexually repressive and barbaric. That’s the state of our society today unfortunately. I think if more Americans converted to Islam it would help America to turn its morals and values around. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US. And in Canada, where I am planning on moving to.

    I’m planning on moving to Canada because unfortunately the US has disillusioned me with their international policies and their “War on Terror”, which really is more like a War OF Terror. And also Canada has a wonderful universal health-care system, and I have a lot of health issues so it really would be best for me to live there on so many accounts. I have to wait until I finish college though.
    You are completely right. It is not just in US, but in many developed counties youth are shaped by the models that the media (in a very broad definition) shows them. In these models you could find not that much of human values. Modesty and good morals have become some outdated terminology for these generations. I am sure as you study in the college and pay attention to the changes in these countries you will see that money and power system (capitalism) is the main cause of these trends. In these societies people must become like a machine, empty from inside. They spend their time on consumption of unnecessary goods, while in the other side of this glob people are suffering from famine and poverty.
    I am sure the current health-care as well as costs and as you mentioned, so called war-on-terror is ruining the US. Actually, many including intellectuals from the US, believe that the US is reaching the end of it’s power. On the other hand, Canada is much peaceful place.

  16. Chris said

    I saw a comment about how people from different religions live in peace in Iran. I was just wondering why the Bahá’í are being persecuted for their religion and how you justify that. That doesn’t sound to me like religious freedom.

  17. Parsin said

    In Islam and in Iranian society all different religion have lived in peace for centuries. Regardless of one’s viewpoint on the root of Bahais, they still live in peace in Iran. They are not considered as an official religion (as for example Christianity, Jewish, and Zoroastrian are considered beside Islam as officially accepted religions) but they share the same right as other Iranians. And if there is any restriction, it is on everyone including Muslims.

    Iran is the only country in the world that regards the rights of minorities by keeping them separate sits in the congress. Only a few percent of the whole population belongs to non-Muslims. It is obvious that their chance of being elected was very minor, however, in Iran they gave them reserved sits, and in each election minorities elect their own representatives.

    This doesn’t mean that I defend what Iranian current president is doing inside or saying about outside of Iran. But considering everything, Iran is still the most free society in the region and I believe it is moving toward more democracy.

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