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How Muslims Are Treated In USA-abc Primetime

Posted by Parsin on March 31, 2008

3 Responses to “How Muslims Are Treated In USA-abc Primetime”

  1. Glenn said


    I have so many emotions boiling up in me right now, I can write about this for an hour.

    The tears are still pouring out of my eyes from that video. When things like that happen, I feel ashamed to be an American. I honestly do.

    Had I gone into that baker’s shop and saw what he did, I would have gotten a group of friends to protest outside his shop with posters that read: “This business is owned by a bigot. Please don’t purchase here and contribute to his cause.”

    If you noticed, the baker kept questioning the patriotism of those who defended the Muslims. This is exactly what the Bush Administration started after 9/11.

    It is my understanding there are two types of patriotism here: Flag Patriots — who the asshole behind the counter was displaying — and Constitution Patriotism, which is what I am about. That is, we believe a patriot is one who lives by the Constitution (which protects people from idiots like that). Flag Patriots in all likelihood never read the Constitution and certainly don’t live by it. But they wave flags and sing “God Bless America,” and talk about how proud they are to be American. But in actuality, they are just sanctimonious fools.

    As I’ve mentioned before, I happen to live in a part of the country where Muslims live in peace and without that kind of nastiness seen in the video. Many own their own businesses and treat all their customers like friends.

    The problem in my country is that too many people have forgotten how their ancestors came from different countries. If my grandparents were alive and saw this (and I’m glad they are not), they would have gotten sick.

    I can assure you I have never allowed people like that asshole baker into my life.

  2. Parsin said

    Thanks for your kind expressions. The movie shows that idiot people are every where and that we should not judge about a nation and a religion based on the actions of some small numbers.

    One of the friend was telling me that the same happened to his wife purchasing from Walmart. They followed the case and talked to the manager, the cashier who did this and insisted doing it again was fired from the job.

    The thing is that some people, in western countries (Europe, US) are working toward confrontation and separation of eastern and western cultures. What happened in this bakery is a small example and a warning of what would happen in the near future in larger scales in different and much more extreme ways. All of us must work to stop these.

  3. I did watch this Video one month before… I still cryinG.
    I never cry in my life But after this Video I really couldnt stop myself!
    I m not religious but this Video makes me Cry and…….

    Waseem Sario

    Thank you for your sympathy. I wish we would never see these types of behavior in any place in the world, against any human being.

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