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  • April 2008
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Soliders returned from Iraq -(photos)

Posted by Parsin on April 24, 2008

Attention: Hillary Clinton & John McCain


20 Responses to “Soliders returned from Iraq -(photos)”

  1. Dina said

    You should credit where these images came from-I’m sure your readers would like to know who put together this moving portrait session.
    Thanks, the source is indicated at the bottom of post!!

  2. Glenn said

    This has always been the product of war, any war. Don’t you think the world would have realized this by now?

    I really can’t wait for my mantra to soon come true:

  3. bola said

    You can’t impress Americans with pictures of mutilated men. They don’t care much about men. They care mostly about women.

    Thanks for visiting. I didn’t know that!!

  4. robert saint amour said

    great !! finally some photos to show america’s true results from an idiotic war

  5. We have suffered 35,000 casualties in Iraq besides the 4,050 dead troops and of those 35,000 wounded over 12,000 are serious wounds such as we see here and many others even worse..

    Now we must remember that of those 12,000 seriously wounded in any previous war many of these wounds would have been fatalities so this statistic somewhat causes the severity and extreme conditions our troops are suffering under due to this war..

    These are our brothers and sisters and sons and daughters and dads and even mothers…yet in just the last few days we have learned that the head of the VA has lied as to the number of our Troops committing suicide by over 15 times the actual number..and that approx. 1,000 United States Veterans per Month not year month commit suicide..this is a national disgrace..

    As for our wounded brothers and sisters do you really think our politicians care about them..?

    If any of our 535 members of Congress or the Senate save for a very few had to serve in Iraq themselves this war would be over in 60 days or less..

    Already the real cost of this war in Iraq is over $1.4 Trillion when you add up what we have spent and what it will cost our nation to care for these wounded and maimed and mauled heroes..

    It’s up to the America people to help protect and save our Army from our corrupt politicians who only give them lip service when it’s convenient for them to use them for their own personal interests..

    Let’s help our wounded vets call and write that jerk that represents our district in our ever more worthless Congress..

    Bring them home…and take care of them when they get here..!

    We owe it to them..!

    We really do..
    Thanks for your comment. I also hope the same!

  6. Miguel said


  7. THE LETTER R said

    my dads ther ATM this makes me worry

  8. Glenn said

    Bola Wrote:
    April 25, 2008 at 3:52 am

    You can’t impress Americans with pictures of mutilated men. They don’t care much about men. They care mostly about women.



    That was a completely ignorant and misinformed statement. We happen to care about the deaths and injuries of our servicemen. That is why almost 80 percent of Americans want the soldiers to come home and end the war.

    Most Americans have huge hearts for the injured. So please don’t make any dumb comments like that again until you come here and live among us for a sustained period of time.

  9. Truth said

    You invade other people’s countries! This is what you get. How many people have those soldiers killed?

  10. Parsin said

    As far as I understand, US media are told not to show these types of pictures. Many Americans don’t realize what’s going on with their own soldiers.
    I think people like Bush should be put in trial not only for killing other nations innocent people, but also for killing their own soldiers in nonsense wars.
    God knows how much profit the weapon factories have gained just from Iraq war and just from US taxpayers. Not to mention that they have encouraged other countries like Saudis to order and buy tremendous amounts of weapons and war jets.

  11. Glenn said


    I didn’t invade anything. My asshole president sent innocent kids there, most of whom came from poverty-stricken neighborhoods here with high unemployment rates, so the army is perhaps the only option of work and supporting a family.

    It is these type of inflammatory statements that make it difficult for the West to see things from your view. They are filled with rage, and nobody listens to you when your angry like that.

    That’s like me saying bin laden attacked our country, so if we wipe out the entire Muslim population, they deserve it. Can you see how ridiculous that sounds.

    To be upset with my government is acceptable. But to be upset with the people in my country that are not a part of that government is not. Because the Iranian president is a fool doesn’t make the the citizens there foolish.


    Wrong again! We have seen every picture of our wounded soldiers, as we did during Desert Storm and Vietnam. The government does not have the legal right to tell the media what to print or say or show. Our Constitution prohibits that.

    You are a smart man. But please stop speculating without evidence. You are much bigger than that! Just remember, when you use the word “probably” what you are saying is not fact.

  12. Parsin said

    Thanks for your comments. I don’t know for what reason you thought that TRUTH is an Iranian!?
    Anyway, I completely agree with you on the fact that we shouldn’t mix politics with people. However, as it is easy to do that in your side of the world, it is really difficult in the victims side. They see that American solders kill their innocent sisters, brothers, kids, mothers and fathers. Just put yourself in their shows for a second!

    “The government does not have the legal right to tell the media what to print or say or show. Our Constitution prohibits that.”

    That’s right! But don’t forget that Bush administration has violated US constitution many times. They were even trying to ban street demonstrations. They didn’t succeed. But they succeeded in checking personal emails, listening phone calls, using torture in jails holding POWs . . . .

    I remember how FBI was infiltrating and spying among political organizations of students from other countries studying in US. And I don’t believe US media is free.
    Few days ago there was a scandal about CIA paying money for media advisers to say what they like. I highly respect US constitution but if current trend in US continues there will be more violations and even changes of constitution in the interest of NECONS and racists.
    Glenn, this is a blog and even for that I have always used sources and otherwise what I write are based on my own experience. I don’t like to mention many things that US government has done and is doing to others. But as I have mentioned in “Me” page my purpose is to make a direct dialogue with American people and tell them our points. And I guess blog is a place that people could express their feelings, and views. Meanwhile I also respect those views that are not in contrast with mine.

  13. Daguras said

    You people really are ridiculous. You take the sacrifices that these men and women have made and spin it, making it as a soapbox to stand on. I do not understand how a person can sit and look at these pictures and then say that. War is war, regardless of who it was that started it. The casualties are relatives and neighbors. Instead of casting blame, why doesn’t everyone scroll up and look goo d and hard at the people in the pictures. Look past their uniform and the war that they have fought in. Look towards their heartache and then start speaking about your political views. If a person has served in a war (I do not care what side they served on) then I will listen to what they have to say. If they haven’t, then I want no part of any of their opinions. Live it then talk about it.

    You are completely wrong! These pictures are shown here without any writings about them! I don’t know how you come up with such an illusion about the post!

    Comments are welcome and you can reply to each one you like but you are not allowed to impose your pre-assumptions on what is not written and is not meant.

    These soldiers are forced to go to the war for the interest of people that never go that war. They are willing to kill others (in both sides) to gain power (political and economical)!

    These pictures remind me that in each war there people who actually fight without knowing why and without having interest conflicts, and there are people who send them to fight for their own interests and never go to war.

  14. Washington said

    Hmmm, if these people hadn’t participated in a holocaust, they wouldn’t have been injured. I don’t feel sorry for them.

  15. Bill said

    San Pedro says,
    Thanks for publishing these photos.
    Shame on mainstream media for going along to get along with this War Criminal Administration by first not showing the carnage of invasion & occupation, the resulting insurgency, the incoming caskets, and the maimed residue of their vainglorious madness.
    The truth shall set us free!

  16. Parsin said

    San Pedro,
    Those who go to the war are usually innocent people and those who plan, never go to the war and are usually the criminals.

    Peace and Love for the whole world!

  17. freedom isnt free said

    Should our soliders sacrifices be for nothing?

    I want my friends fighting over in Iraq to come home just as badly as anyone else, but leaving this very unstable region w.o giving them the tools and support to defend their own people would be as big a crime as the invasion in the first place. Leaving now would only cause more heartache and death for the people of Iraq, I feel like that gets lost in the talk of bringing our boys home.

    Iraq is no longer a military solution. With that said, our troops need to be there until peace can be restored through political measures. Most Americans are waiting for the day this war can be over, but until ending the war is in the best interest of both Iraq and America it cannot happen.

  18. Amanda B said

    just meandered in….

    Wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but cool site. All the best….

  19. englishman said

    i would like to thank each person in those pictures for their sacrifice, in driving back the hordes that are driven by hate because our way of lif is better, god bless the usa, and the western world.

    Soldiers take orders and most of these poor solders have got psychiatric problems. Many of them are not even US citizens. They go there to get their citizenships! We have no hate of ordinary people. It is the politicians backed by Zionists and multinational firms and oil cartels that use them for their nasty intentions.
    Love and Peace

  20. jandark said

    Englishman, I see more hate in your words. this post doesn’t say anything about the soldiers.
    BTW, we did nothing but killing innocent people and causing more terrors around the world. We should let other countries decide for their own.

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