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  • "I have no religion, but if I were to choose one, it would be that of Shariati's." Jean-Paul Sartre ---------------------------------- My Lord, grant me success in struggling during failure, in having patience in disappointment, in going alone, in Jihad without weapons, in working without pay, in making sacrifice in silence, in having religious belief in the world, in having ideology without popular traditions, in having faith (Iman) without pretensions, non-conformity without immaturity, beauty without physical appearance, loneliness in the crowd, and loving without the beloved knowing about it. ----------------------------------
  • HAJJ: Reflection on Its Rituals, by Ali Shariati
  • photos: Farshad Palideh & Ehsan Mohammadi
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Posted by Parsin on May 2, 2008

Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of GOD, for without doubt in the remembrance of God do hearts find satisfaction.(13:28)/



al-Rehman The Gracious
al-Raheem The Merciful
al-Malik The Sovereign
al-Quddus The Holy
as-Salam The Source of Peace
al-Mumin The Gaurdian of the Faith
al-Mohaymin The Protector
al-Azeez The Mighty
al-Jabbar The Compeller
al-Mutakabbir The Majestic
al-Khaliq The Creator
al-Bari The Originator
al-Musawwir The Fashioner
al-Ghaffar The Forgiver
al-Qahhar The Subduer
al-Wahhab The Bestower
al-Razzaq The Provider
al-Fattah The Opener
al-Aleem The Knowing
al-Qabidh The Constrictor
al-Basit The Expander
al-Khafidh The Abaser
ar-Rafay The Exalter
al-Mu’izz The Honourer
al-Muzill The Abaser
as-Samee The All-Hearing
al-Baseer The All-Seeing
al-Hakam The Judge
al-Adl The Just
al-Lateef The Subtle One
al-Khabeer The Knowing
al-Haleem The Forbearing
al-Azeem TheGreat
al-Ghafur The All-Forgiving
ash-Shakur The Appreciator
al-Ali The High
al-Kabeer The Great
al-Hafeez Preserver
al-Muqeet The Sustainer
al-Haseeb The Reckoner
al-Jaleel The Sublime
al-Kareem Generous
ar-Raqeeb The Watchful
al-Mujeeb The Responser
al-Wassay The All-Embracing
al-Hakeem The Wise
al-Wadud The Loving
al-Mujeed The Glorious
al-Baaith The Resurrector
ash-Shaheed The Witness
al-Haqq The True
al-Wakeel The Trustee
al-Qawi The Strong
al-Mateen The Firm
al-Walee The Friend
al-Hameed Praisworthy
al-Muhsi The Reckoner
al-Mubdi The Originator
al-Mu’id The Restorer
al-Muhyi The Giver of Life
al-Mumeet The Giver of Death
al-Hayee The Living
al-Qayyum The Self Subsisting
al-Wajid Finder
al-Majid The Noble
al-Wahid The Unique
as-Samad The Eternal
al-Qadir The Powerful
al-Muqtadir The Powerful
al-Muqaddim The Expediter
al-Mu’akhir The Postponer
al-Awwal The First
al-Akhir The Last
al-Zahir The Manifest
al-Batin The Hidden
al-Waalee The Governor
al-Muta’li The Most Exalted
al-Barr The Benign
al-Tawwab The Oft Returning
al-Muntaqim The Avenger
al-Afu Pardoner
ar-Rauf The Compassionate
Malikul-Mulk The Owner of Sovereignty
Dhul-Jalal-wal-Ikram The Lord of Majisty and Bounty
al-Jame The Gatherer
al-Ghanee The Self Sufficient
al-Mughani The Enricher
al-Mani The Preventer
al-Nafi The Propitious
an-Noor The Light
al-Hadi The Guide
al-Badi’ The Incomparable
al-Muqsit The Just
al-Dhar The Distresser
al-Baqi The Everlasting
al-Warith Inheritor
ar-Rasheed The Guide to the Right Path
as-Sabur The Patient



  1. e4unity said

    Thank you for this magnificant list of the Names of God. the Creator and Sustainer of all life. How majestic He is. Why can’t we all see there is no god like him, and to submit to Him is to know the greatest satisfaction and purpose in all of life.

    John Paul

  2. Parsin said

    Thanks John, each name is full of meaning and knowledge.I hope all of us could benefit a bit of this endless mercy.

  3. Josef Sefton said

    Parsin, thanks for the opportunity to contribute to your site. My name is Josef Sefton and I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

    That God is Our Judge is indisputable. The question arises who should we praise; as both God, the Author of the holy Bible, and Allah the Author of the Koran make claim to be uniquely God.

    As their teachings and understanding of history are so different we must examine both their claims before we start praising one or the other as God.

    Allah makes the claim to be al-Ghafur The All-Forgiving and ar-Rasheed The Guide to the Right Path exactly the same claim the Author of the holy Bible God makes.

    Who we side with should only be decided upon after extensive research. Where do the Koran and the the holy Bible part ways?

    Over the name Jesus Christ.

  4. Parsin said

    Thanks for your comment. The God of Quran, Bible, Old Testament, . . . and the creator of the whole world is “THE GOD”. Allah means “THE GOD”.
    This blog is set to share what is common among the cultures not the differences.
    As long as you are a good Christian, with good intentions and loving others, working toward peace, you are a good human. And the purpose of all religions is to make a good human!

  5. Glenn said

    This is just more evidence that this world is full with many spiritually sick and bankrupt souls.

  6. Parsin said

    Most people are brainwashed and they raised that way. The media has the major rule in doing that. In fact the media is a powerful tool in the hands of politicians with unjust intentions.
    Also, there are two major views in the world. A view that believes in the clash among civilizations and the one that believes in the dialogue.
    Unfortunately, the voice of first group from both sides is dominant, and this is very dangerous. They are pushing the whole world into a big war. Our duty is to advocate the dialogue and peace.
    Unfortunately, Bush administration is overwhelmingly calling for clash and war. McCain is more dangerous to the world peace than Bush. And with the news we hear from Hillary Clinton, she worries all of us.

  7. Glenn said


    In my country, it’s our parents and teachers that influence us most when we are children. They pass down unworkable values from generation to generation.

    I want to personally apologize for Hillary Clinton’s comments the other day. I found them appalling and have not watched the news since. I hope you realize that the vast majority of Americans do not agree with her. We are looking for a president that is less aggressive with other nations.

    But I firmly believe Obama will win it all. And he is cool!

  8. Parsin said

    I also hope that Obama wins the election and changes the current trend in US foreign and domestic policy. Bush destroyed US both inside and outside.

  9. lizi said

    hi, i´m mexican, in some parts of my country religion is something considered very important. in my life..well…i have doubts bout it…i´m supposed to be catholic but…i´ve had long fights with my family bout the non-acceptance of other beliefs.

    i belive there´s only one God who´d like everyone of us to be good humans, to express love and take care of the people around us (healthy way of course).

    catholic religion is really closed to other beliefs, at least in my experience.

    i appreciate you gave me the opportunity to know the many names God has, each one with a wonderful meaning =)


    Religion has been the core of all human civilizations…. Unfortunately, some religions and should say the cleric organizations of that religion, make it hard for the new generations by introducing nonsense ideas into the religion. In essence, most religions are similar, or at least should be the same!

    I am glad you liked the names of God. As you mentioned each name has a great meaning.

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