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Supplication in Asking for the Best

Posted by Parsin on May 26, 2008

Sahife Sajjadia
By Imam Zain-al-Abideen

I ask from Thee the best in Thy knowledge,
so bless Muhammad and his Household
and decree for me the best!


I ask from Thee the best in Thy knowledge,
so bless Muhammad and his Household
and decree for me the best!

Inspire us with knowledge to chose the best
and make that a means to
being pleased with what Thou hast decreed for us
and submitting to what Thou hast decided!
Banish from us the doubt of misgiving
and confirm us with the certainty of the sincere!

Visit us not with incapacity
to know what Thou hast chosen, lest we
despise Thy measuring out,
dislike the place of Thy good pleasure,
and incline toward that which is
further from good outcome
and nearer to the opposite of well-being!

Make us love what we dislike
in Thy decree
and make easy for us what we find difficult
in Thy decision!

Inspire us to yield
to that which Thou bringest upon us by Thy will,
lest we
love the delay of what Thou hast hastened
and the hastening of what Thou hast delayed,
dislike what Thou lovest,
and choose what Thou dislikest!

Seal us with that which is most praised in outcome
and most generous in issue!
Surely Thou givest generous gain,
bestowest the immense,
dost what Thou wilt,
and Thou art powerful over everything.


2 Responses to “Supplication in Asking for the Best”

  1. cordieb said

    Good evening Parson. Have you heard from our friend Glenn Lately. He never returned the email.

  2. Parsin said

    I guess it is past midnight in US while we are in afternoon here in Iran.
    I am very much worried about Glenn. I wish we could contact him somehow.

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