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The Meaning of Islam

Posted by Parsin on June 20, 2008


Basic meaning: Islam has taken its root from the word Selm. Selm means being without any physical and spiritual , bodily and mental, outward and inward disorder.

Islam: The word Selm changes its form to Islam in chapter “Efa’ l”. Chapter Efa’ l is always used to make words transitive. So we can define the word Islam in this way:

“Keep yourself and the others from any outward and inward disease or from physical Or spiritual disorders.”

Salam : The person who is purred and freed from any deficiency or disorder. This word has been brought up as one of God’s names. In peoples meeting saying salam [Hello] in fact is a kind of health wish for the other.

Moslem: A person who tries to retire himself and others from physical and spiritual Deficiency in his relation with others.

Taslim: The person who becomes danger less in his relation with the others and doesn’t harm or injure anybody.

With reference to word Islam in Quaran’s texts in “Al – e – Imran ” ‘s surah in 91st Versus it is said that:

” ا ن الدین عند ا لله الا سلام ”

“Truly, the perfect Religion in the sight of Allah is Islam”

In the 79th versus in the same surah it is said that:

” قل آ منا با لله و ما انزل علی ابراهیم و اسماعیل و اسحا ق و یعقوب و الاسباط و

ما اوتی موسی و عیسی و النبیو ن من ربهم ، لا نفرق بین احدِ منهم و نحن له مسلمون ”

“Say [o, Messengers] we believe in Allah and in what has been sent down To us and what was sent down to Abraham, Ishmael, Isshaq, Yaqub and The sons of Yaqub , and what was given to Mussa , Issa and to other Messengers from their creator and Nurturer, we consider no Discrimination between one and another among them and to Allah we are Submitted. “

You can read the rest from Ali Tahmasbi’s site

8 Responses to “The Meaning of Islam”

  1. Marissa said

    This is lovely. 🙂



  2. Shahrzad said

    Good information. Do muslims understand it really?

  3. Glenn said

    Well Parsin my brother, this was a beautiful lesson for me, especially given I come from this side of the globe. These are the things I need to learn to pursue my quest for a life with continuous education.

    Thanks Glenn!
    All of us need to learn.

  4. hoda said

    hi parsin your article was great ,
    i want to know if i can publish it in one of the magazines that i know with adress of your site?
    please let me know.
    all the best
    Thanks, sure! you are welcome to do it.


  5. ahmad said

    Islam is the most beautifull religion in the world, so cool if you know that, i love Islam!!…

  6. Curious said

    1- In Etymology one can always fix varieties of interpretations! a good example:
    Zalm or Zelm, an avestan term for Semitic and acording to Avesta sons of Zalm…
    The “Z” in Avestan Zalm changed to “H” and late Sasani era “Heal” or “hal” was the word. Heal or Hal, hol, means HEALTH. In Scandinavian languages Helse is the word.
    The Avestan ZALM means “A one who seeks imunity. A story about eldest Son of King Fereidun who name was Zelm ( Zal in later modern persian ) who is indeed offspring of all semitic folk groups is such: He was smart and inteligent! He would often make his own enemy dependant on protecting his “imunity” so when ones enemy is ones imunity protector and his life is owing to exist because of this protection, who else could pose danger to Zalm?

    Such a good smart trick by Zalm associated his name to both health, imunity and smartness!
    Even to this day we can see Arabs and jewish well being is protected by their worse enemy!

    The story of Islam is not new associated with sem, chem, sam , zalm, and so on……
    Can you make 1% muslims understand what you interpret? you have done a good deed to humanity!

  7. Curious said

    And by the have you heard Christians sing “HEAL” the WORLD? and many other cultures and languages too, this HEAL is well connected to christian term when nearly half of middle east were christians and were not turned into islam by beduines and their sward and varies forms of forcing……THINK DEEPER !

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