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  • June 2008
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The Life of a Chemical War Victim (photos)

Posted by Parsin on June 29, 2008

This deadly weapon was sent to Saddam by western countries. It was revealed later that the Germany was the place where the chemicals were shipped to Saddam’s Iraq to use it on Iranian soldiers.

Nowadays, once in while you hear one of these victims dies after many years of struggle for life. There is no escape. . . Only death is able to end the intolerable pain.

14 Responses to “The Life of a Chemical War Victim (photos)”

  1. Shahrzad said

    It’s really wonderful job you did to share all these fotos. So heart breaking. I hope they dont make another problem for us.. I hate when they talk about attacking Iran. 😦
    Result of war is just murdering innocent civilians and many longterm disturbance like pain of these victims..

  2. Parsin said

    I don’t like people who oppose the western countries just because they are western, but once I think of the double standard policies the western countries including the US government have on the developing counties like Iran, I can’t help myself, I also hate them for purposely hiding their own crimes and magnifying others mistakes.
    As you know chemical weapons were massively used by Saddam against Iranians and Iraqis people, but at the time no one condemned him. They stayed silent and watched the massacre of innocents. The western media followed the same route.

  3. Marissa said

    Chemical weapons are the scariest kind for me. I would rather die by a bomb than live through a lifetime of pain.

    I hope nothing like this ever happens again. My sympathies go out to the victims of these horrible

    Thanks Marissa!

  4. Marissa said

    I had the most horrific dream a few nights ago. I dreamt that I was visiting Iran and was wearing the Hi’Jab (spelling?) and that the US began attacking Iran with Chemical Warfare and that I was burnt by some kind of horrible chemical and horribly disfigured. I dreamt that the US was bombing civilians at a street market. It was so horrible. I remember carrying the body of a young boy who was in danger of dieing and was burnt all over his body.

    I hope with all my heart that the US never attacks Iran. It would break my heart to see innocent people suffer so much from US ignorance.

  5. Parsin said


    I wish you dream about the nice photos of Iran rather than nightmares. These days Israel is threatening to attack Iran. I don’t know how serious is it but they are some crazy criminals and doing crime has become part of their daily life. You hear them killing innocent civilians each day. I am afraid one day they will put the whole world on fire.

    Actually, your dream is no far from the reality, US has bombed many civilians throughout the world. Actually, yesterday was the anniversary of US killing the passengers of a whole airplane flying from Iran to one of the Persian Gulf countries. This happened in 1988 when US government did it in support of Saddam Hussein of Iraq!!! Do you believe it! Once US was the big supporter of Saddam in Iran-Iraq war!

    I hope you can visit Iran and see how Iranians “treat” others!

  6. marissamae said

    Israel is threatening to attack Iran? Are they crazy? For such a small country they are awfully interested in the countries surrounding them. It seems like they are seeking to expand their territories by force. If I were the Prime Minister of Israel I would be concerned with my own country instead of the countries around me.

    I hope nobody ever bombs Iran. And I wish the horrors would stop in Palestine. I wish Israel would leave everyone alone and keep to themselves!


    I just found 3 of your recent comments among spams!!, filtered by wordpress. Anyway, sorry. And thanks for your informative comments.

  7. laiconna said

    This is a very eye opening article and pictures. If people could see the results of chemical warfare, I think they would find a solution to their differences. My heart goes out to those who are suffering from exposure to chemicals. Many Americans who went over for Desert Storm came back with neuromuscular problems and respiratory problems that the government says were caused by something other than exposure to chemical weapons.

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  9. Imran said

    if the whole world against terrorists it will take only less than 1 month to annihilate all terrorists from earth…
    why western countries help them by selling chemical weapons and other weapons ? ? ? ?
    I hate ISrael

  10. ahmad said

    the weaopon are very destroying like chemical weapons ,biologic weapon or nuclear weapon, so we must eliminated that weapon form whole the world!!, just keep your spirit to go you live..

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