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  • December 2008
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Palestine: Brutal Mass Killings By Israel (photos)

Posted by Parsin on December 27, 2008

Call for Help from free people of the world!

14 Responses to “Palestine: Brutal Mass Killings By Israel (photos)”

  1. Shahrzad said

    Ya allah……… 😦

  2. susanne430 said

    My heart is so sad for this crime. 😦

  3. Israel will only be satisfied when every last Palestinian is killed or ethnically cleansed! Their religion is that of terror; actually, they have no religion, conscience or even the least bit of mercy.

    May theirs suffer 10 times what they inflict on ours.


  4. Syed Murtuza Hussain said

    Israil has no religion, they all are bastards, ass hole,,
    they are the broker of their own mothers,,, blody pimps..
    if i get chance to kill israil’s i will make mince of their body,, blody f….,,

  5. greek said

    They are bastards but they rule the world
    nobody tries to stop them
    even the arabs stay silent

  6. Deniz turk said

    First of all saudi, the biggest wankers of them all to allow this to happen then all the other muslim countries. If we all got together we could crush the animals but some so called muslim leaders enjoy being f[…] up the arse by America to much.

    I totally agree with you. The problem is much from inside Muslim societies. Israel is as small as one of Irans’ or Turkeys’ provinces. It is a cancer in the heart of Muslim nations and must be vanished and wiped out of earth map.

  7. Ahsan Iqbal said

    I dont know wht to say… whether cry or…. Its hurt me inside…but… I think they are paying for their leaders’ deeds as we all islamic countries’ nation are… that is barbarium to kill children and women in the feild… none of the charter…. ehe.. charter…. america is sending anthor pile of weapons to Isreal… use of P bombs …. sows the total killing of Palistanians…. I think Hitlar was right…. to kill these jews …. ehe… I dont know…. may be that holocast make them non-human….

  8. Parsin said

    I totally agree with you on most of political leaders in Muslim countries. However, Hamas are the elected political leaders of Palestinian people. Even international observers confirmed that it was one of the fairest elections in the region. However, since everything is viewed by double standards, US opposed Palestinian election results. Hamas has done nothing but to defend Palestinians rights.

  9. Artra said

    My friend Greek (5 above) it is not arabs silence, it is some arabs economic contribution to israelian state, to this very shoa.

    What does Hamas has done, what do Gazans palestinians have done, that Saudis and Egytpian’s oligarchs join to this butcherie?

    In General, What does make human beings become so degraded?


  10. I hate Israel governers, they lack mercy, humanity. They never had religion. Most of the Prophets were sent for them to turn to ALLAH, but they never did. They think only of this life, but they don’t know what’s waiting for them after their deaths, in the gravE And on the day of the end of the world. OOhhh! I’d like to see, actually am eager to see how they are burned. The only hope we have is ti PRAY.

  11. abdullah said

    ya raab

  12. Gowhar khan said

    I am very much disturbed from since i have opened my eyes in this world.. born in kashmir and being a muslim i have always been surrounded by the blood spots spilled by the brutal dictators of time… but inshAllah time is not far when the flages of islam will wave all around the world and those who have fought for islam will inshAllah be on the top heavens..

  13. Gowhar khan said

    keep the flage of islam waving above in the sky all kashmiris and palestineans and all muslims will meet their cause..

  14. Thomas said


    Freedom for Palestyna-send polish family

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