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How to Stop Israel

Posted by Parsin on January 8, 2009

While 13 days pass since Israel invading Gaza and killing more than 700 Gazans, of which, 50 percent are civilians and more than 30 percent are only kinds, Israel officials, in harmony with outgoing and incoming US presidents, are pushing further into populated areas and there is no signs that these massacre will end any soon under current situations. It seems clear now that the sole goal of Israel and US is to

1. punish Gazans for their supports and election votes in favor of Hamas and turn them away from their will.

2. eliminate Hamas from Gaza and replace it with Fatah (Abbass) forces that are now moderate sects in favor of the west, Israel, and have good ties with puppet regimes such as Egyptian Mubarak and Saudi King. In fact as Israeli officials have repeated many times the attack on Gaza was coordinated by some of these regimes that feel existence of Hamas is a real threat to their monarchy.

Under this circumstances and the facts that

1. there is no real will among most Arab countries to force for an immediate ceasefire

2. the efforts made by some countries in UN Security Council and the European Union are all vetoed by US

There remains only the solutions that are in the hands of loyal forces to Gazans including Syrian and Lebanese (excluding Fouad Seniora) governments, and people of West Bank and Hizbullah in Lebanon. At this moment, it would be the best for Syrian Army to line up in Golan Heights and Lebanese Army (although no hope for this one as long as Seniora, a close ally of west, is in power) in their border with Israel, even doing nothing. This will distract Israelis attention from Gaza and will be a great threat to them that are acting all of these crimes to gain more votes in a limited election inside Israel which is to be held in the next month, and that were assuming of a limited fight inside Gaza. It seems politicians in Israel will not take the risk to loose their position in the election by opening other fronts. On the other hand, todays’ rocket attack from inside Lebanon is sign that the war will spread around if Israel continues to go deeper into Gaza doing more killings of innocent civilians.

2 Responses to “How to Stop Israel”

  1. samer85 said

    I agree with every single word you mentioned in your article. I wish the Syrians would do something to show the Israelis that we will not tolerate their crimes in Gaza!

  2. Parsin said

    As you know Israel had initiated a dialog with Syria before the Gaza crises. They were making a trap for Syria. Hopefully, it didn’t happen. I hope with supports from some other countries like Turkey and Iran, Syria would be encouraged to do something!

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