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  • photos: Farshad Palideh & Ehsan Mohammadi
  • January 2009
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Gaza: Shame on the World (photos)

Posted by Parsin on January 11, 2009

ولا تحسبن الذين قتلوا في سبيل الله أمواتا بل أحياء عند ربهم يرزقون






10 Responses to “Gaza: Shame on the World (photos)”

  1. Faramin said

    Thanks Parsin for doing this. We need as many voices as posible to speak out agianst Israeli criminals.

    Just a little suggestion: Many people are not comfortable giving out their email addresses. If this is a requirements for posting, as it appears to be, then many may decide not to comment.

    Thanks and appreciate for your suggestion. I removed email requirement from comments.

  2. susanne430 said

    Oh …. I am speechless.

  3. shanawaz said

    it is the big shame for entire muslim countries that they have not done anything to stop this they would have done it,its my message to people across the world what will be your first impression after looking this images.for me i thought i take a weapon in my hand kill all the israelis. this the why suffered people are taking guns in theeir hand u cant tell everyone as a terrorist,just think you all people are in the same situation what will you do……………..

  4. Parsin said

    It is a very silly world. It seems the real world is full of racists and fascists, and we only see them when the veil drops down and the face of these so called modern governments is revealed. Shame on all Arab governments that cooperate on these crimes with Israel and US!

  5. noor said

    Its a rediculous & shame on the arab neighbouring countries to see this horibble death game & they didn’t take action aganist that fucker country & that UNO that is only for the small countries to give the orders and human rights also sleep

  6. […] Gaza: Shame on the World (photos) […]

  7. moein said

    Shame on the unite nations for not doing anything. i am iranian and i’m proud of my government that keeps on helping hemaas.
    The world needs to change, i was doing a research about The Holocaust for my history class, but i did a resaerch on the second holocaust instead.

  8. I’d like you all know Azerbaijani cause it’s difficult for me to express my opinion in English, I can’t find riht words for that. Am a Moslem girl and am trying to behave like that, pray, dress up like a Moslem woman is supposed to. But in my country it is like a crime. If you’re in Hijab they dont give you a job. there is no law against being in hijab. Most people are used to getting haram, eating haram. Now tell me how can my country or its citizens defend Palestine, stop that violence towards the Palestenians? Only the Prime Minister of Turkey performed against Israil President. The others tried to shut him up. WHY? Did he act wrong? No, he didnt. they can’t accept the truth. Nobody approved of his speech.

    People, dont worry. you must know that ALLAH will never leave it like this. It’s just a test for Moslems.

  9. Novruz is coming soon. its considered to be a Moslem holiday. Am an English teacher in Azerbaijan. My students are going to celebrate this holiday and we want to make a role play. But our skit is not going to be about Novruz. We are going to show other students from other schools how Israil killed Palestinians. And there’s a song composed by an American singer Michael Heart “We will not go down”. my students are going to sing that song. Hope everything will be as we plan…

  10. Parsin said

    Thanks for expressing your feelings about Palestinians, Hijab, and Islam. I am also a proud Azeri from Iran. I wish that you have more freedom and right to do your religious traditions. Ilham Aliov is going in a very wrong direction. He should respect his peoples’ right and give them their freedom.

    I truly admire Turkeys’ Prim minister, Ardogan for his brave action against Zionists.

    God Bless You and all of my dear Azeri friends in the Republic of Azerbaijan,

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