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Israeli troops fired at from Syria

Posted by Parsin on January 11, 2009

This was just an incident. I believe Syria must show up in its border with Israel to put more pressure on Israel to stop massacring innocent Gazans. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan are with Israel. Among them, Egypt is directly cooperating in the massacre.


Israeli troops along the northern border with Syria have come under fire from the Syrian side of the border, military sources claim.

“A person opened fire at a group of soldiers and civilians repairing the fence along the border with Syria,” a senior Israeli military official told AFP Sunday.

The incident, which took place near the Israeli occupied Golan Heights, did not result in any casualties.

The official added that “UN forces are currently conducting searches along the Syrian side of the border.”

The development came as Israel continues its 16-day long offensive against the Gaza Strip, killing at least 888 people including women and children.

Operation Cast Lead, which provoked international outrage, has also left another 3,800 people wounded since it was launched on December 27.


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