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Sign the Petition: The dismantling of Israel

Posted by Parsin on March 3, 2009

Please sign the petition:

The dismantling of Israel Document: Israel is an outlawed entity

13 Responses to “Sign the Petition: The dismantling of Israel”

  1. jonolan said

    Um…that would be a no. Do you have another petition for the eradication of Iran perhaps?

  2. susanne430 said

    These photos are so sad.

  3. Parsin said

    Iran is a country with more than 5000 years of civilization. A peaceful country that supports different cultures and has never attacked its neighbors in last 250 years or so.
    On the other hand, Israel is a illegitimate regime, a bastard production of Hitler and British government. They have occupied another nation’s land and since then used torture, terror, and massacre of innocent people including many children, women and elders to stay in power.
    For the sake of humanity, freedom, and justice, we must help the eradication of this cancer tumor from the earths’ surface!

  4. jonolan said

    Sure…right after we obliterate Iran, we can think about removing Israel.

    See, it’s really quite easy to call for the destruction of a nation. All one has to do is find some reason to dislike it. With any Muslim country that’s incredibly easy; one need only reference the atrocities within Shari’a law. You claim Israel has “used torture, terror, and massacre of innocent people including many children, women and elders,” but ignore that Iran has done the same – to its own populations over the years.

    So apparently this cancer has already metastasized and spread out through the Middle-East. How broad of a currettement should we perform?

    In other words, be careful what you wish for – things, once started, tend to grow out of control…

  5. Parsin said

    you know how sick you are! If you have any comment on defense of the Zionist regime write it down. Otherwise, just shut your mouth!!

  6. jonolan said

    Sick? You call for the destruction and when I counter, based on the cold hard facts of both historical and modern practices, you call me sick?

    Indeed, I pointed these things out to show you that calling for the removal of a nation is easy, but it tends t out of of hand. It’s a bad precedent to have “on the books” as it were.

    BTW: How are those Baha’is and those homosexuals doing? Maybe you need to look closer to home for sources of moral outrage. 😉

  7. Parsin said

    You still didn’t get the point! There is a great difference between Israel and any other country in this whole world!
    We are asking its dismantle based on 60 years of state terrorism and the fact that the land belongs to Palestinian nations!
    You better wash your eyes to see the facts.
    If I were to call the dismantle of any other nation, it could have been the US! But I didn’t, because even though the US government has been a part of many crimes around the world, but it is a legitimate anyway. Try to understand it. . .!!

    BTW: You better think of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, massacring American Indians, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, and most recently killing innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq. . . .
    BTW: We don’t have homosexuals in Iran! you better look somewhere else!

  8. jonolan said

    After your very last comment, I have fully realized that there’s no point in further discussion with you. Eat, drink and be merry, for soon it will all end in blood, fires, plagues, and tears.

  9. Parsin said

    I am glad you realized it. Please also realize that there is already bloods, tears, murders, . . . as a result of Israeli existence.
    You better listen some to your former president Jimmy Carter. Read his recent book and views about Israel and don’t forget that Carter was the person who initiated a big process of negotiations between Israel and Egypt.
    And see what this UK Jewish MP says about Israel.

  10. nawaranegm said

    thank you very much persian, it is very brave of you

  11. Mythos said

    Parsin my friend, it is of no use to debate with people such as Jonolan.

    Why speak when their ears are closed?
    Why show evidence of Israeli atrocities when their eyes are closed?
    Why bring logic to them when their minds are closed?

    Some people will never listen because they have been bought off by the enemy through propaganda and the repeating of lies. Even Adolf Hitler said that if you repeat a lie long enough the people will begin to believe it. It is of no use arguing with someone like Jonolan. The truth is wasted on people such as that.

    Peace to you my friend,

    ~ Mythos

  12. Parsin said

    Thanks, You are completely right. There are many types of people in the web.
    Some of my replies are not just for the person making those comments. There are many others who read these comments and should see my replies too.

    Peace and Love

  13. Barbara said

    Consider the petition signed by me anyhow.

    Defence Minister Moishe Dayan said, “Israel must be like a mad dog,too dangerous to bother.”

    I am not sure what you do to mad dogs in Persia, but where I grew up you put a bullet through their head, immediately before it attacked another being.

    What is sad about that young woman above is she has no idea of how Israel thinks of America and their ultimate plans for the goyim. Goyim includes more than Arabs, and these Zionists have hidden the history, rewritten it actually, so that news of the many many millions of Christians they brutally slaughtered is almost lost in time ~ and they will do it again when and if they are given the opportunity. These are the orders of their Talmud.

    Just a look at her image should show her depression and possibly her inability to face facts.

    I look forward to exploring your blog. It was sent to me by a dear friend in Dubai because he knows I write of the Holocaust on mine. Cheers.

    Thanks for your enlightening comment. I couldn’t express it better than you did.


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