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Wearing of the Veil

Posted by Parsin on July 14, 2008

The following article is written by Mr A. Bazargan. It should be mentioned that what Mr. Bazargan says about Hijab (Veil) is his views and there are more moderate as well as conservative views on Hijab in Islam (or I should say at least in Shia). Some believe that covering the hair is not part of the Hijab meant by the God. They give sound reasoning for their claim and site many historical views in support of this viewpoint. On the other hand, some conservatives take harder views and believe that Hijab is more restricted than what some practice.

Among Shias, almost no one believes on covering the face, as it is practiced in some Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia today. On the contrary, they mention that this is against what Islam meant. They highly forbidden face covering.

Except some politicians, almost everyone in Iran believe that Hijab, regardless of our viewpoints, is not mandatory. People should be free to choose it or not to choose it. Actually, this moderate view is based on Quran where God calls on the freedom of choice in believing in religion. They believe that freedom is the cornerstone of any faith. Based on this view, what the governments of some Muslim countries are doing (forcing women to wear veil), has nothing to do with the true Islam as it was addressed by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)!

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