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  • photos: Farshad Palideh & Ehsan Mohammadi
  • June 2009
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People Protest the Election Fraud in Iran (photos)

Posted by Parsin on June 15, 2009

We are asking help from the Human Rights groups. Please ask your governments not to recognize the government of Ahmadinejad until a new election is held!








5 Responses to “People Protest the Election Fraud in Iran (photos)”

  1. Peace said

    Salam alaykom
    i am sure that there is no fraud in Iranian elections and Sudan election too, why people don’t say where is my vote in USA? since most of racist Americans hate obama!!! Those who say that in Iran are paid from isrel and usa.
    It is very easy to creat troubles in arab and Muslim countires but , where are american againt BP? the tornado dammages…
    ALLAH bless Islam and true Muslims enshaALLAH, and bless you!

  2. Anonymous said

    I can show you many many picture about human rights violation in England and Europe.
    I can show you many many picture about human rights violation in Afghanistan
    and Irak.

  3. فرشته ایرانی said

    That’s an issue between palestinians and isralians. That’s not an issue that consider iranian people. We have our own considerations in Iran.

  4. Kafiya said

    I don’t think this election was rigged. The evidence for this accusations are weak.I was suspicious of the results when Mousavi confidently claimed that fraud had happened. I thought that confidence meant that he had some undeniable evidence and I was waiting for him to release his documentation. Mousavi’s claims have been generally answered by Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Guardian Council. If you buy Mousavi’s speculations about fraud, you should also pay attention to election authorities’ explanations to be fair. While they could be lying, I think their clarifications were satisfactory, and to be impartial, it’s not possible to say for sure who’s lying here. If you were a supporter of Mousavi, it’s natural to believe him and disbelieve the authorities’ explanations. But from an impartial point of view, you cannot ignore one side and embrace the other without reason.

    As a final note, you know that hundreds of thousands of people, most of them being voluteers and ordinary people who aren’t employees of MOI, are involved in the election process and are present at the polling stations during voting and counting the votes. If you read the election law of Iran, you see that there are many checks and balances to assure overally healthy results. Some of these people may be malicious and try to rig the votes but the bureaucracy prevents a centrally coordinated rigging. Even if such rigging took place at the MOI central building, it could easily be uncovered by the detailed polling stations results. Remember that releasing these numbers is not mandatory, and MOI has publicly released them for the first time in IRI elections history. If their hands were dirty, they wouldn’t do that!

  5. Hojat2222 said

    مرگ بر امریکا انگلیس صهیونیست

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