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  • June 2009
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Iran, girl killed in the demonstration (video)+18

Posted by Parsin on June 21, 2009

17 Responses to “Iran, girl killed in the demonstration (video)+18”

  1. Mythos said

    This breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes.

    ~ Mythos

  2. susanne430 said


  3. Juan said

    Por dios!!:(:(:(

  4. mushtaque Ahmed said

    it is not good to kill the innocent person

  5. aidin said

    Islam is cruel,we,Persians, don’t want Islam.
    only who didn’t read the Islamic regulations support it.
    It is completely devilish.
    In your name!
    please read Islamic books!

  6. Parsin said

    Killing an innocent girl in the street by some criminal government supporters (or forces) has nothing to do with Islam. They are misusing everything.
    As you may know many top Islamic leaders including Montazeri and Sanei condemned these killings. Islam is the religion of forgiveness and peace.
    And please don’t speak in behalf of all “Persians”. Express only your own opinion. Majority of Persians are Muslim and they love their religion.
    And, yes I also recommend you read Islamic books, in specific those by Ali Shariati!

  7. BEHZAD said

    خسته نباشید
    جالب است
    وقتی وارد وب لاگ شدم یه حس آشنایی بهم گفت که کل سایت رو بگردم و یه نطق هم بکنم
    خیلی جالب چیده شده است مطالب.
    عکس ها.لینک ها . موضوعات.
    من زرتشتیم.
    خوشحال می شوم بیشتر ارتباط داشته باشیم.
    در چت
    Do not tired
    It is interesting
    When I enter the blogs that I feel familiar to each main site and explore it I do lecture time
    Align is very interesting subjects.
    Photos. Links. Threads.
    I am Zarathustra
    I happy to have more communication.

  8. My God, oh my god.
    خدایا، آمد حق و رفت باطل.


    چندی پیش به فیلم های خشونت ها در آفریقا نگاه می کردم.. امروز همان ها را در کشور کوروش می بینم، کجایی داریوش یه زبان و گوش و بینی شان را ببری؟

  9. از فارسین به خاطر قرار دادن این عکس ها و نشان دادن آن به مردم دیگر زبان ممنونیم.
    بسیار ممنونیم

  10. Askar said

    hi hi

  11. Daniyal said

    Salam dostan manam bikhabi zad besaram sar azinja darovordam daneyal_skitkish2005 yeki mano azbikari darbiyare

  12. milad said

    donbale chi budam koja umadam.
    sighe koja inja koja?

  13. Regina said

    Algum dia tudo vai mudar. Já começou,infelizmente a custa do martírio de alguns.

  14. jalebe

  15. alireza said


  16. Anonymous said

    I am one of the viwer of this video and i blame those who did such criminal and wild action on an inoccent girl thats not depend to islam i am opposite of those who say this was islam action islam is peace i am muslim and read about that. thanks

  17. mojtaba9999 said

    hi people!when you see something you should think about it first!!!this movie is right….but sometimes,something seem good and in another situations seem bad!this movie doesnt say that iranian people are bad people,or islam is bad…i wanna say that this story is not that like you think

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