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  • July 2018
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I am from Iran. Persia was the international name used for Iran until, I guess, last century when they wrongly changed it.

I have spent more than a decade of my life in US and have enjoyed being there. I found American people and their culture one of the most wonderful in the world. However, I feel that as in most of other countries, including ours, US people are being played by their government under the name of democracy, freedom, fighting terrorism , etc. Fortunately, many Americans know this very well.

Today, US government is mainly in the hands of Jewish lobby. A presidential candidate must prove his/her loyalty to them and to Israel to get allowed to run for presidency! They control most media around the world and inside the US and when necessary use their propaganda machines to prepare for massacres around the world. We saw it in Iraq, in Palestine; inside the occupied territories, . . .

I believe in peace, in diversity of cultures, languages, religions, skin colors, and the right of each nation to decide for itself. Diversity is like colors in our life. Whoever, thinks that one idea, one race, one nation should dominate the others is very false and sooner or later will be isolated and diminished. This is the rule of nature set by the God.

I am using this blog for two purposes; first to enjoy communicating with people around the world including my friends from US, and second, to express and share what I believe in variety of things.

About The Logo

The picture belongs to Dr Ali Shariati, the most influential intellectual in Iran in current century and probably throughout its long history. Shariati is a socialist Shia muslim. In his books and speeches he advocates freedom, socialism, spirituality, democracy, equality, and bright belief in God. Shariati stood in front of  Marxism and Materialism when it was directed and supported in most third world countries, including Iran, as means of USSR domination in more than half century until it was diminished by the collapse of USSR.

In the mean time, Shariati was a voice of returning to the true Islam, the Islam as Mohammad (PBUH) and Ali Ibn Abi Talib (Shia) described. The Islam of freedom, spirituality, love, and equality.

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  1. Abu Zaynab said


    I will put a link to your site on my blogroll. If you do the same for my site that would be great!

  2. Persia said

    Hi Abu Zaynab:
    Thanks, I have already put a link to your site under “wordpress neighbors”.
    Where are you from?

  3. My dear,

    I do respect your feeling, but I do agree with you at all. I was born Jewish, although now I am a Humanist.

    In this country, the Jewish population is not even 10 percent, as Christians — and their philosophy — dominate American culture. In fact, up until the Holocaust in Europe,Jews were often persecuted here. As a child, my parents got beat up in school. My grandfather was told to move because he was Jewish in the early 30’s. He refused to, and was murdered in cold blood.

    As far as your native Persia is concerned (and I love Persian cooking and do have two friends living there that plan to move to Canada soon) I believe there has been a long hatred between the Jews and all Muslims in the Middle-East for over 5,000 years. It began with the Egyptians turning the Hebrews into slaves, and hasn’t gotten too much better since.

    Israel has proven they are willing to make peace with any Muslim neighbor that can accept them as a free state. So far, Egypt, Jordon, and the Saudis have. But most have not. The Jews and Palastinians could have had peace long ago, but the radical terrorists keep blowing up bombs in Israel, so the Jews retaliate.

    Most of the Muslims want peace with Israel, but the Islamic radicals do not. And through their terroristic acts, the wars will continue because Israel will not just sit there and die!

    I hate war. And I espe

  4. There are many Muslims living here in South Florida, and we all get along great. Many of them live in the same complex I do and own businesses. When I come in to see them, they give me a nice discount. And they know I am a Jew by birth.

    It is the Islamic Radical Terrorists, and Hitler, and Radical Christians from earlier generations. But it is not true. The Jews just want to live in peace.

    I have met many Holocaust survivors in my life. Their minds are all screwed up. So I am very sensitive to anyone in this world — and I mean anyone — being oppressed.

    Persia, I would like to continue communicating with you. I posted my email address, so please email me, and perhaps we can speak on the phone.

    شهر ماي يبارك إلهة أنت وأسرتك!

  5. Persia said

    My Dear Jewish Friend;

    If you read my comments, there is nothing about ordinary Jewish people. I have tried to make it clear that the problem is not because some one is Jewish or Moslem, and I have attached the word “Zionist” to describe a group of Jewish following a very dangerous idea. The same is true with some Moslems such as Bin Ladan and his followers.

    I believe in brotherhood of all human beings regardless of their belief. We all are creature of God. This is my religion!

    Hitler was as bad as Israeli regime is by killing innocent Palestinian people. And I know about the Holocaust. I believe in it, although I also believe that it was and has been used by some Jewish people (Zionists) for their unjust actions. If Hitler and Europeans made that murder and were the cause of Holocaust, then why some Arabs must pay for that?!

    My friend, part of the problems for Jewish community throughout the history comes from radical thoughts within this belief. I don’t believe that God can put difference between a Jew and a Moslem or a Buddhist! If a group calls itself chosen people of God, that means racism!

    I would be very glad to hear from you again. I am not living in US, and I prefer to continue our communication through the blog!
    I am very sorry for your grandfather! Hitler was a real criminal! Hitler is gone and we can do nothing about those people right now, but now all of us as human being should try to avoid other Holocausts! It does not matter by whom!!

  6. Thank you for your quick response Persia. I guess I didn’t understand the scope of your entry.

    I, myself, am not a proponent of Zionism. As a matter of fact, I do not support eliteism in any form, and this world unfortunately has seen more than its share.

    Although I am quite spiritual, I have a problem with organized religion. History clearly reveals it as the perpetrater behind the vast majority of the wars ever fought.

    To me it seems each believe their doctrine is the only correct one. I’ve heard this from Jewish Rabbis, Muslims, Christians and Hindus. This mindset can only create division among people, as it clearly has for over 5,000 years.

    John Lennon, the late Beatle, wrote a song in 1971 that speaks to peace among all men. Please allow me to quote this verse from “Imagine”:

    “Imagine there’s no countries.
    It isn’t hard to do.
    Nothing to kill or die for,
    And no religion too.
    Imagine all the people, living life in peace.”

    This has become my credo! I try real hard to look at people without ethnic or religious labels. It makes my life a great deal easier.

  7. Persia said

    I agree with you that a trace of religion could be seen in most wars in the history, but I would discuss whether religion was the cause of these wars or not! I am putting a post that is mainly in response to you question.

  8. Persia:

    Just did a little research. To better amplify the element of religion in so many wars, I suggest you check out this page from WIKEPEDIA. It is pretty extensive and enlightning!

  9. Abu Zaynab said


    Thank you for adding the link. I am American married to an Iranian.

  10. Parsin said

    Very interesting! I also had American friends who were married to Moslem (Moslim, I don’t know which spelling is correct!)ladies. They were really nice people. I have missed them!
    I saw your other site about Malcolm X, He was a great person. I have some material about him and will post them in the future.

  11. I have always found Persian women to be very warm, kind and quite intelligent. They are also some of the most attractive women I ever laid my eyes on.

    It amazes me how so many beautiful American women — with all their power, freedom and equality to men — can be so nasty and egocentric. I guess this is why I have been involved with so many females from other parts of the world.

    I once really connected with a Persian lady, but she was married — which I respect. Then I was later told by the man married to her that they divorced. But I could never locate her ever again. What a shame!

  12. Persia:

    I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to express my gratitude for the privilege of posting on this Islam-based blog, especially as someone with Jewish heritage — although I never really embraced Judaism or the Bible.

    Most Americans would have a difficult time with the perspectives on this blog. Then again, most Americans struggle with any opposing views to their own beliefs. It is something that has annoyed me for many years.

    Personally, I would truly like to know what you people — my brothers and sisters on the other side of the globe — think. I relish the opportunity to put myself in your shoes and read from your perspective.

    You have treated me with the utmost of respect and compassion. I can feel your love through your words, and I hope I’m projecting the same thing your way.

    It pains me that Iran and the U.S. can’t be the best of friends. It also bothers me in retrospect how my country supported the Shah for so many years. I have mentioned in earlier posts how I have met some wonderful Iranian nationals here in the U.S. They have told me horrifying first-hand experiences about terror during his reign that very much reminded me of the stories I heard of how Czar Nicholas II persecuted my relatives in Russia prior to their escape here in 1905.

    I look forward to our future exchanges and have no doubt they will bring us closer together.

    With All My Love,

  13. Parsin said

    Thanks a lot for all of your comments. I personally could not view and judge people based on their “color”, “belief”, “race” , etc.
    For me, diversity is intentionally set by the God.
    In Islam God does not ask those who believe in Jesus or Moses (religions of the time) to convert into Islam. Rather, Quran asks them to follow the true message of those prophets. This doesn’t mean that there is no difference between these religions.

    Mohammad’s focus was on those groups who believed in man made Gods (Idols) and those who were using those Idols to convince their social status among others. They were using their Idols to explain racism, slavery, etc.

    I would be glad to see more comments and discussion from you.
    My Best Wishes

  14. Shahrzad said

    Parsin, It’s interesting blog you have here. When i opened your blog and noticed the foto of Cyrus the great, i thought you’re also kind of Iranians who misuse the statue of Cyrus to insult muslims. (I meet them so much in my blog.) Anyway i was wrong.
    I liked how you raised against injustice. That’s what our world needs. We really need the truth..

    politicalscribe, It’s very good you’re trying to “learn” about other side the world. It happens just for people who dont believe all what they hear. We all have to learn about together. It was what i did with westerners and their culture too.

    P.S: I am an Iranian woman married to a Westerner man. 🙂

  15. Parsin said

    Thanks for your kind comments. That’s true, Cyrus and our national civilization heritage, when denied after the revolution have bee misused by others to humiliate Islam.

    My purpose in this blog was not that much political discussions but I was kind of pushed to discuss some these issues!

    politicalscribe and I had long discussion about political issues mainly related to Israel and Jewish lobby. He is a bright gentleman.

  16. Glenn said


    I responded to a couple of your posts last night (on my side of the globe)and they disappeared. Do you know what happened?

  17. Parsin said

    My friend Glenn,
    I had some comments from you and I approved them!
    If they are not there, please post them again.

  18. Parsin said

    I saw some of your comments you sent yesterday and they are there, under “Criminals vs victims”

  19. Glenn said

    Parsin my brother,

    I have connected with a young female Jewish college student in California. She feels very much like I do about peace with all. I told her about your blog and she would like to join. I hope you don’t mind, but I gave her the hyperlink for it.

    I found her on a site called She wrote this:

    “I’m an 18 year old college student living in northern California. I’m on here because I have been hearing a LOT of negative things about Islamic views of Judaism and would like to start some dialogue with willing muslims & muslimas. I myself have researched Islam and have found it to be a beautiful religion, although not my preference, and I would really like to meet muslims who accept other faiths. Just normal people, not how the media portrays them at all. There are so many sites on the internet dedicated to bashing Islam and I hate intolerance. I would love a world where Christians, Jews, and Muslims peacefully coexisted and share the Holy Land. I met a good friend of mine in my PSYCH 1A class and she is a beautiful Palestinian Muslima and we talked a lot about politics in Israel and we found we had more in common than one would expect. I would like to create friendships with open-minded Islamic people. So viewers of all faiths, feel free to add me! But come with love in your heart. I strongly dislike intolerance.”

    On, she goes by the name Missywissy! So please let me know what you think. I believe it is up to people like us to change the world — and we can!


    “Most people look at how the world is and ask why? I look at how the world could be and ask why not?”

    -The Late U.S. Senator Bobby Kennedy in 1968

  20. Parsin said

    Thanks a lot for your trust. I feel the same about you. I would be glad to have her join us in the discussions.

    Did you check my new posts about the New year and 13th of Spring in Iran?
    Very beautiful phrase!

    Take Care,

  21. Glenn said

    I haven’t had a chance yet to check your new posts, but I will sometime today and respond!

    Namaste (In Sanskrit, that means, “The spirit in me greets the spirit in you.” It’s like the Hindu’s version of “يحيّي الكحول في ي الكحول في أنت.”

  22. Thank you for visiting my blog. I strive to reach others with a perspective that is not a product of systemic psychological programming as it exists in the U.S. A U.S.-led war in Iran is imminent in my belief. I want to counter-act this international law violation and human rights violation through an information campaign.

    Given your background, I know you have insight that I can not access. Would you be willing to write a brief article from a Persian (Iranian) perspective? I will post on my site with attribution to you and your blog. I know much of the lies in our media regarding Iran, but I do not have the credibility given that I am an American.

  23. Parsin said

    johnnypeepers ,

    I checked the link of the guy who warned you about your writings. It seems to me the site he has put belongs to neocon type of people.

    Why do you believe that the war against Iran is imminent? Do you think US is in a position to take such an action? Or you think Bush is much ignorant than to calculate the outcome of his action, as he didn’t in Iraq.

    But anyway, You are doing a great humanitarian work. I will help as much as I can. I will try to prepare a brief article in a few days as you mentioned.

    What do you think about the influence of Jewish lobby in US foreign policy? It seems to me that as some of the American high rank politicians have realized, Jewish lobby is pushing US into war with Iran. And under their pressure US may attack Iran, although this will hurt US itself more than any other country. And God knows what will happen after that.

  24. Parsin said

    Thanks, It seems as Arabic to me! But I don’t understand it. The meaning is great. Thanks

  25. I know many who read and comment are sympathetic the the Neo-Con narrative. Most have been brainwashed by the MSM campaigns of disinformation. I tolerate them on my site because I believe in robust free speech. Only by engaging closed minds will you affect change in them.

    I believe the war will occur in the next 1-2 years. The Neo-Cons, PNAC, AEI, and other think-tanks have pushed very strongly for this action. The words coming out of the politician’s mouths give them away. The U.N. sanctions were put into place to provoke the Iranians. BY sowing civil unrest (due to skyrocketing inflation and food scarcity), the people will be more willing to embrace their “liberators.” From what I have read and studied, I know these people mean business when they say Iran must be attacked. Listen to John Bolton, Dick Cheney, or Bill Kristol if you do not believe me. The goal is to control the Caspian pipeline that runs through Iran. The Nuclear weapons program is the justification to invade (as was the false WMD claim in Iraq).

    The Neo-Cons are constituted primarily of dual U.S.-Israeli citizens (with the exception of Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bill Bennett, and John Bolton). The “lobby” wields an incredible amount of power and influence. $3,000,000,000 is given to Israel in the form of subsidies and direct payments. The book “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” by Mearsheimer and Walt documents their political influence and ability to direct U.S. foreign policy, even when it is detrimental to a sound geo-political strategy.

    I would very much appreciate your article. You may write about whatever you wish. My only hope is that it provides Americans with a perspective about the Iranian people and culture that they are denied in their media.

  26. Glenn said

    Parsin: I just wanted to let you know I have switched both my message boards over here to WordPress. It is more convenient, and they will get more exposure. I have posted your blog on the front page of both and would appreciate it if you could do the same for me.

    They are:


    Spiritual Perspectives

    Thank you my brother. Just let me know you got this!

  27. Parsin said

    Glenn, Very good, actually I was also going to suggest the same. Anyway, welcome to neighborhood. Thanks for linking me in you blog, I will do the same for you.

  28. Glenn said


    I don’t know if you ever saw this video on your side of the world, but is both sad and funny. I can’t believe the man on the video is actually running for president in the fall. But he will lose badly because he is an old fool. Check it out:

  29. Parsin said


    Thanks, I will watch it.
    It will be a disaster for the whole world if this mad guy (McCain) gets into power!

  30. Glenn said

    johnnypeepers wrote:
    April 1, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    I know many who read and comment are sympathetic the the Neo-Con narrative. Most have been brainwashed by the MSM campaigns of disinformation. I tolerate them on my site because I believe in robust free speech. Only by engaging closed minds will you affect change in them.

    I believe the war will occur in the next 1-2 years. The Neo-Cons, PNAC, AEI, and other think-tanks have pushed very strongly for this action. The words coming out of the politician’s mouths give them away. The U.N. sanctions were put into place to provoke the Iranians. BY sowing civil unrest (due to skyrocketing inflation and food scarcity), the people will be more willing to embrace their “liberators.” From what I have read and studied, I know these people mean business when they say Iran must be attacked. Listen to John Bolton, Dick Cheney, or Bill Kristol if you do not believe me. The goal is to control the Caspian pipeline that runs through Iran. The Nuclear weapons program is the justification to invade (as was the false WMD claim in Iraq).



    I disagree with you, although there are many Americans that are frightened by this prospect.

    But we will have a Democratic President and a much larger Democratic majority in Congress by next year, at which time we will begin our redeployment of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan to directly go after AL-Qaeda.

    Beside, we don’t have any troops left to send to Iran. They are all in Iraq. And without a draft — which I don’t believe we have to worry about — this will not change.

    I firmly believe Obama will reverse the horror of the past eight fascist years of Bush/Cheney/Rove,etc.

  31. Our goal was never to eliminate al Qaeda or to catch OBL. In fact, OBL died in Dec. of 2001. Many intelligence leaders from the U.S., Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Israel have said as such. Benazir Bhutto indicated that OBL had been murdered in a BBC interview shortly before she was taken out by the CIA/ISI.

    Obama has been continually back-pedaling on his claim that he will take U.S. troops out of Iraq. His early dovish stance was only a front to appease the anti-war left. You will see Obama take stronger positions on securing Iraq’s security and that we cannot leave the country to crumble.

    The reason we are in Afghanistan and Iraq is to secure the Caspian pipeline that runs into Israel. Read about Wolfowit’z need for a “New Pearl Harbor” to convince the Americans to support defense build-ups and the need for the “Clash of Civilizations” by Bernard Lewis. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the U.S. needed a new enemy to defense itself. All powerful nations do. They have to have an enemy who defines their morality and goodness. Radical Islam is the poster-child since there are no more reds under the bed. This is the Hegelian dialectic (thesis-antithesis-resolution) at play.

    We may not have the troops to invade Iran, but that is not the only arrow in the pentagon’s quiver. Tactical nuke strikes, aerial bombing,ship-launched missile strikes, and covert operations are effective tools to attack Iran. I pray that this does not happen, but there are powerful men who have staked their careers on achieving this violence.

  32. Glenn said

    Johnnypeppers wrote:

    The reason we are in Afghanistan and Iraq is to secure the Caspian pipeline that runs into Israel. Read about Wolfowit’z need for a “New Pearl Harbor” to convince the Americans to support defense build-ups and the need for the “Clash of Civilizations” by Bernard Lewis. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the U.S. needed a new enemy to defense itself. All powerful nations do. They have to have an enemy who defines their morality and goodness. Radical Islam is the poster-child since there are no more reds under the bed. This is the Hegelian dialectic (thesis-antithesis-resolution) at play.

    We may not have the troops to invade Iran, but that is not the only arrow in the pentagon’s quiver. Tactical nuke strikes, aerial bombing,ship-launched missile strikes, and covert operations are effective tools to attack Iran. I pray that this does not happen, but there are powerful men who have staked their careers on achieving this violence.


    John my man, I hear where you’re coming from, but it sounds a little too much like a conspiracy theory to me.

    Although I agree Bush/Cheney’s motives for the current war were suspect from the very start, I don’t believe they are insane enough to use tactical weapons on Iran without telling Congress first. I have several friends who share your fear, and we have spoken about this for hours at a time.

    If the White House ever pulled a stunt like that, they would be prosecuted as civilians after Jan. 20 by both our Justice Department and the newly-formed International Criminal Court (ICC) as war criminals.

    I wouldn’t worry about Obama. As a political science major in college and a long-time political journalist, I have learned not to even follow the campaign trail. All candidates flip-flop and the electorate buys it. Instead, I just research their congressional, state legislative, gubernatorial, mayoral or prosecutorial track records. This is where the truth lies.

    BTW: I am a clearly-defined, bona-fide Liberal Dem. I have never even given a Republican a decent look due their penchant for Conservatism — which I call Preservatism, as they are terrified of moving forward.

  33. Glenn said


    Your blog looks fine to me. Perhaps it was just a temporary glitch. I mean, anything is possible in Cyberspace.

    The important thing is it looks quite normal now. Does it look normal to you?

  34. Parsin said

    The problem was on my dashboard! Later, I found out that the wordpress team has made some changes on dashboards. You should have noticed it too.

  35. Americans are not subject to the jurisdiction of the ICC. Though Clinton was instrumental in drafting the ICC’s charter, he refused to sign it, or present it to Congress.

    The U.S. war criminals cannot be prosecuted by Justice for discretionary acts within the Executive’s constitutional authority. Bush can initiate an attack on Iran under Art. 2 and the War Powers Act. First he needs a false flag provocation (i.e., Gulf of Tonking, USS Maine, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, etc.) It almost occurred with the supposed Iranian speed boat attacks. The warning to the U.S. vessel was found to be a fraud. It will not be difficult to manufacture the triggering event. The CIA are experts at this type of operation.

  36. Glenn said


    You are exactly right. You did your homework, and I depended on my knowledge from college — 28 years ago. I believe the president needs congressional approval only after a military presence for 90 days. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’d rather be smart than prideful.


    You are also correct. I saw the new dashboard yesterday when I put up a new post on my political blog. But misread your comment. I had just woke up and thought the problem was with look of your front page.

    It seems computer-related entities today are always messing around with something that alread works and was more simple to use. If they wanted to make any changes, they might have considered giving us better format options, like print size!

  37. Glenn said


    I thought you might like to post this. I found it online. The hyperlink for the photo is at the bottom.

    Peace My Brother,

    Suleiman the Magnificent was the tenth and longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, ruling from 1520 to 1566. Suleiman became the pre-eminent monarch of 16th century Europe, presiding over the apogee of the Ottoman Empire’s military, political and economic power. Suleiman personally led Ottoman armies to conquer the Christian strongholds of Belgrade, Rhodes, and most of Hungary before his conquests were checked at the Siege of Vienna in 1529. He annexed most of the Middle East in his conflict with the Persians and large swathes of North Africa as far west as Algeria. Under his rule, the Ottoman fleet dominated the seas from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. At the helm of an expanding empire, Suleiman personally instituted legislative changes relating to society, education, taxation and criminal law. His canonical law fixed the form of the empire for centuries after his death. Not only was Suleiman a distinguished poet and goldsmith in his own right; he also became a great patron of culture, overseeing the golden age of the Ottoman Empire’s artistic, literary and architectural development. In a break with Ottoman tradition, Suleiman married a harem girl who became Hurrem Sultan, whose intrigues in the court and power over the Sultan have become as famous as Suleiman himself. Their son, Selim II, succeeded Suleiman following his death in 1566 after 46 years of rule.

    Thanks for the information. I am busy with a project these days and I have not been able to visit the blogs as usual. This will be over in less than a few days.
    Take Care,

  38. Marissa said

    Muslims really do believe that Jews and Christians are righteous as long as they follow what their religion truly teaches and are fair and kind.


    “Verily, they who believe (Muslims), and they who follow the Jewish religion, and the Christians, and the Sabeites-whoever of these believeth in God and the last day, and doeth that which is right, shall have their reward with their Lord: fear shall not come upon them, neither shall they be grieved.”

    Not even the Jewish or Christian religions can admit that fellow monotheistic religions can be correct and righteous. In a way, Islam really is the MOST accepting religion, because it states that others outside of Islam will be rewarded by God. The Quran makes it quite clear that Islam is a religion that accepts all human-kind and values all human rights and beliefs.

    “Your God is one God: there is no God but He, the Compassionate, the Merciful.”

  39. Parsin said

    My sister Marissa,

    I am sure that if it was not because of many clergymen who have abused the religion and words of the God, all true religions, including Jewish and Christianity would have admitted others. Because we all are from the same God, ‘there is no God but He’. God has made the earth a place for all people even for those who do not believe on him. Because all of us are created by him.

  40. Marissa said

    I wish my family would be able to understand the true beauty of Islam. I live with my father, a very strict Jewish Doctor. And he saw that I bought a Quran and several books on Islam and was very upset. I only calmed him by showing that I had also bought Jewish books too. My father believes that Islam views women as inferior and encourages spousal abuse and mistreatment of women. I told him that I was going to friday services at the local mosque, and he was okay with it, as long as I didn’t wear the Hi’Jab, which I obviously wasn’t okay with. I wanted to respect the holiness of the mosque and wanted to be reverent in the presence of my Muslims friends. So I told him I was borrowing one of my friends Hi’Jab’s. And we had quite an argument about it. My father sees the Hi’Jab as a barbaric practice that is repressing women. Whereas I see the Hi’Jab as a wonderful way to stay modest and respectful in the house of the Lord. In the end, I got my way. I am a legal adult after all. My my father is still extremely tense whenever he sees me reading the Quran. He has told me that if I were to actually convert, or as I call it revert, he would kick me out of the house and would stop paying for my education. I have to admit, I feel more drawn to Islam by the day. But I know if I ever wanted to revert I would have to wait until I finish college and am financially independent. I keep praying God will show me the way, and if Islam is the true religion he will manifest it to me in some sort of way. So Parsin, please pray to Allah for me!

    I also feel if I reverted I would shame Islam in some ways, I don’t know if I am truly capable of following every commandment, and I would rather stay a righteous Jew than shame the name of Islam. That is such a great fear for me. I know God is proud of me no matter what for being such a good person, and I have a wonderful prayer life. I have such a close relationship to God. And I am so grateful that I met my Palestinian friend who opened me up to the world of Islam. Because even if I don’t decide to revert I know my life is forever altered by the beauty of Islam. I am actually meeting with some Muslima sisters from San Francisco to discuss Islam and I am nervous but excited at the same time. It will be a wonderful experience.
    Please respect your father as much as possible. I am sure in other religions similar to Islam, respecting your parents is very important.
    You are a very bright and kind lady and I am sure, you will be an honor to any religion, including Islam. You and many youth all over the world are so innocent and close to the God that none of the so called clergymen could reach there. I wish you much success in continuing your way.
    I am very pleased to meet you in this blog. And I am sure with the desire that you have for the truth, God also will help you in your spiritual journey.
    God Bless You

  41. Marissa said

    By the way, I have a collection of Poetry by Rumi. And I absolutely ADORE it. It is so uplifting, and there is a poem for every occasion. I read it before I sleep at night and I always have pleasant dreams. 🙂

  42. Parsin said


    I couldn’t imagine that you have his poetry or even you know about him. There are groups in Turkey that almost worship him, he was a very spiritual poet. Although all of his poems are in Persian but since he lived and died in Turkey, they respect him very much. Plus, nowadays, his poems are translated to many live languages of the world.
    Did you see couple of his poems in the blog!?

  43. Marissa said

    Yes I did. And they are absolutely lovely.

  44. Glenn said


    Is your father Orthodox? I’m fortunate I grew up in a Conservative Jewish home. All my parents asked was that I attend Hebrew School and get Bar Mitzvahed.

    I believe I mentioned in an earlier email to you that I identify much more with Eastern Mysticism and Humanism nowadays. Fortunately, this has never bugged my family.

    However, I had Orthodox friends growing up in good old Jewish Brooklyn, NY. I remember their parents always giving them a rough time about theology and demanding they adhere without question.


    My parents receive my love unconditionally, but they have had to show respect for my values in order to earn my respect. When I was Marissa’s age, there was much dissension in my home and I had to move out. My parents didn’t agree with my participation in the cultural revolution of the ’60s and early ’70s and were outright obnoxious. Eventually, they saw the error of their ways a few years later, but only because I took a stand for I believed in and refused to budge an inch.

    I believe it is a good thing to question authority, as there is always ego involved in it.

  45. Parsin said

    I only say that we have to understand the limitations of views our parents have. It is not only because of the things that Marissa mentioned, but you see, most of the new generations are so far from primary human values, and I think it is a product of our own society, that they are not tolerable for any one.
    Marissa,has mentioned in one of her comments that the new generation has lost good morals and spirituality. . . . And I guess there is a good relationship between these and the rate of crimes we see in developed countries. . .school shootings !!

  46. Marissa said

    No. My father is as liberal as they come. He goes to a reform synagogue (rarely though). He’s more of a Jew in culture rather than in religion.

    My father in just brain-washed. He will believe anything he hears on the News. He truly believes that Islam is a religion of terror. And he specifically doesn’t want me to be a Muslima because he says the Quran promotes the abuse and degredation of women. Obviously he has never read the Quran, or else he would have found the passages about how truly righteous men treat their wives like queens. The Quran is very pro-women actually, and yes it encourages modesty (which i consider to be a good thing), but we have to remember it encourages modesty in men too. In actions and in dress. The Quran doesn’t ever have a double-standard. Which is something I like about it.
    Nice to have you back. I hope you illness is over by now.
    I am always fascinated by your comments about Quran. What your father says is probably true about some closed societies of middle-east countries. Islam believes in equality of man and woman, black and white, poor and rich, . . . . Only those who do good things and keep themselves (in action) clean, are better than others. This is the only ranking in Islam. Islam also eliminated clergymen as the middleman between people and the God. However, unfortunately somehow they also appeared in Muslim societies. One of Ali Shariati’s works was to return to Quran and to show that clergymen in Islamic societies are in contrast to the Quran’s message.
    I am sure when you read Quran you notice how much it emphasizes on “thinking”. Some people have said that Quran is a book that encourages “free thinking”. In Shia Islam, faith is not accepted if you just follow your parents because they are Muslims. You must accept it (Islam) based on your own knowledge. You cannot follow others. You cannot say I accept it because some one who I love also accepts it.

  47. Glenn said


    Didn’t even realize you were sick. Would just like to echo Brother Parsin’s wishes for a speedy recovery, if you haven’t thus far.

    Your father’s prejudice against Islam stems from the same ignorance as the so many others in this country. Of course, it has been perpetuated by the Bush Administration — whom I absolutely detest, bigtime!

    And there is a major difference between Islam and what is practiced in many Arab nations, which is a major distortion of it. It’s the same way with fundamentalist Christians in our country who bomb abortion clinics, judge gays, minorities, Jews, etc. They, in no way, resemble our founding fathers.

    If your old man is a Liberal, perhaps he might be open to just reading the Koran. I don’t believe it is wrong to ask. Just tell him you want him to better understand the distinction between Islam and the abusers of it. And use the Evangelical Christian/Jerry Falwell analogy.


    I’m here to tell you the American crime increase is not because of today’s youth. It is a product of increased poverty, a product of Bush and the Republicans distaste for the needy and the cuts in funding them they have made.

    Remember: The level of crime is always proportional to the rate of poverty. That is why Capitalism, as the great Karl Marx once wrote, is digging its own grave. It’s only a matter of time before the middle-class refuses to take any more abuse and joins forces with the poor and rebel.

    In actuality, parental abuse in my society ran rampant for a couple of centuries and was accepted only until to the last 15 years. For the first time, we are taking a look at it and punishing parents that are violent with their children or who sexually abuse them. We are also removing kids from homes where addiction reigns supreme or where there is major neglect.

    Frankly, these kids today are far smarter than ever and if allowed to just go through the motions of childhood, they will make great parents. Unfortunately, when I was growing up, parents would criticize and punish children for, well, acting like children. How crazy!

    The Koran’s message on thinking and not just accepting Islam from others is similar to what the Buddha preached. He also encouraged his followers to test his teachings, not to accept his word for it.

  48. Parsin said

    Thanks a lot again for your kind and enlightening comments.
    Prophet Mohammad says “where there is poverty, good morals disappear”, also Imam Ali (first spiritual leader of Shia Muslims) says “as poverty comes in from one door, faith goes out from the other door” and “beside each palace that is raised, many huts are destroyed”.

    You are right! poverty plays a big role in crimes and social unrests. However, I also believe that cultural poverty could be a major source of crimes, as it is related to the social poverty beside other factors. When a society becomes empty of meaning, life becomes meaningless and you would expect many problems to show up.
    School shootings are not just accidents! They are a trend and end-result of other things going on in US society.

    Glenn, Buddha was a great man too. And I am sure great people have great messages for all of us.

  49. Glenn said


    In a bizarre way, the school shootings has made my society take a deeper look at bullies, who were accepted by society up until recent years.

    When I was growing up, the mentality was “boys will be boys.” Personally, I always thought that was bullshit!

    When bullies beat up on a kid constantly, that kid lives in a world of agony, terrified to go to out every day. Eventually, that kid could commit suicide or get into drugs to dull the pain, which was the route I chose. As a short, skinny kid, the bullies made my life miserable.

    In fact, I often say, “If I didn’t start smoking pot when I was 17, I would have committed suicide by 19. And it is true. It has taken a great deal of therapy and spiritual work for me to heal and let go of intoxicants.


    BTW: another question for you: why do Sunnis and Shiites have so much hatred for one another. Isn’t a Muslim a Muslim?

    Let me answer your last question. There is no hatred between them. However, there are sects in both sides that we call them extremists. You could find them every where. In fact, I found more commons between some sunnies and shias than among some shias or some sunnies themselves. However, there are differences in some issues. After prophet Mohammad died, mainly Sonni became the religion of powers and rulers and Shia stayed with people and in it’s long history was mainly the religion of oppressed people. However, as I mentioned there are extremists in both sites.
    In Iraq, Shias and Sonnies have been living together for nearly 14 centuries and they never had a problem. Unfortunately, US invasion brought this problem into Iraq. Still, the fight is not between Shia and Sonni, it is between agents of some foreign government and Iraqis. I personally believe it is mainly directed by Saudi Kingdom. They spend a lots of money to destabilize Iraq.

  50. Marissa said

    Yes I was quite ill for awhile. But I’m feeling better now.

    And Parsin I totally understand what you’re saying about the Qu’ran being a “thinking” book. I love how Islam in general wants people to really consider and really get to know what their faith is about. There are so many Jewish and Christian kids out there who know absolutely nothing about the Holy Scriptures of their religion. But my Muslim friends are incredibly well informed and can quote scripture of the top of their head’s easily. My Muslim friends are also very involved with their studies in school. Education is very important to the Islamic community, much like it is to the Jews.

    Islam is full of wisdom. Every time I read the Qu’ran I learn something new. I’ve also been researching how the Qu’ran is backed by science. Scientists say there is no way the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) could have foretold the prophecies he did without truly receiving divine relevation from Allah. It’s all fascinating.

    Dear Marissa,
    I am glad that you are better now.
    There are also Muslims who don’t know much about Islam. There are many who know it in a wrong way. An example would be the terrorist group of Bin Laden. They are thoroughly ignorant.
    I believe the level of any faith is measured by each person. What I mean is that those who are educated and talented understand it in much higher level and those who are ignorant pull it down to their ignorance. The way scientists understand the God is not equal to the way ordinary people understand it.
    Yes, you are right Islam encourages learning knowledge very much. As you might also know, there are mathematical and logical relations recently discovered in Quran that shows it is impossible for a human to put these words in such an order. I will try to find some of them in English for you and may be for a post.

  51. Farzad said

    “politicalscribe” says in his/her comment:
    “Israel has proven they are willing to make peace with any Muslim neighbor…”

    Right! Like what they did to Lebanon was really peaceful?!

  52. IRan said

    I jus saw your website that you mentioned, changing the name from Persia to Iran was wrong.
    But,I think Iranis better coice for calling the land because it means land of Arya,that is included all of ethnics:Kurd,Lor,Afghan,Gilak,Talesh,…
    Rather than Persia which means land of persian peaple
    So I feel better when I say I’m Persian-Iranian or kurd-Iranian …
    If western people confused by that, we should explain it for them
    don’t you think?
    Nice to see you visiting here! Do you know, sometimes a name goes behind its meaning and becomes a symbol and contains vast definition. Persia is certainly one of those. It resembles the whole nation with a long history and culture. All ethnics are inside this name. I am an Azeri and not a Fars by origin and there is no reason we think that Persia means only Fars people! We are Fars, Azeri, Kurd , . . . within a nation called Persia or today we call it Iran!

  53. turgayevren said

    I happened to come across your blog while I was searching about Shariati. I see that you try to combine enlightenment with piety in your pursuit of Islam as Shariati urged. I am from Turkey and as you can guess, Shariati is also very popular with Turkish readers. Most of his works have been translated into Turkish though many still lack a true understanding of his works.

  54. shalom,

    i’m Aqil from Malaysia.

    nice discussion. I’m follow bit by bit and feel happy and proud with all of you. This discussion show me how Muslim, Jews and others actually have no border. we are same; love humanity.

    religion, actually is no border us but make it we become more tolerance. i believed that interpretation, and surely Shari’ati also address more of humanity value in his books.

  55. Parsin said


    Thank you! As you mentioned religion removes the man-made borders to make humans more closer to each other. As you may know Ali Ibn Abi Talib says: “people are either your brother in faith or human like you”.
    And as we know, Mohammad (PBUH) challenged the powerful tribal ties and borders in his time that made people classified and separated based on their tribe’s status. Fighting idols was essentially for the same purpose. People were using their Idols to distinguish them and to separate them from others. Mohammad said all of you, either black or white, slave or free, from any tribe and nation, are created by the same God.
    Shariati was a humanist Muslim and I believe as we get back to his teaching we will get closer to what I call true Islam.
    I hope you can get his book in Malaysian otherwise there are many translations into English.

  56. Hello dear
    i enjoy so much , Tanx a lot about your OPINION and explainations
    Have time of your life
    GoodBye with best wishes

    Salaam and thank you for your warm comment.
    Also wish the best for you!

  57. […] Me […]

  58. […] trata de un iraní, que usa como nombre en la blogosfera “Parsin”, y que expuso esas imagenes en ….  El artículo apareció el 19 de enero de 2009, y el revuelo causado ha sido tal, que en pocos […]

  59. Groz said

    I hate Israel. Infidels burn in hell. I like your crossed-out waving Israeli flag.

  60. eni said

    Mamulan yek linke Mail dar safahat mizarand baraye tamas..ama shoma nagozashtid.bad har dobare sar khaham zad ta mail bardashteva maili be shoma bezanam.

  61. Parsin said

    Leave your comment and I will read it anyway!
    BTW, your email is fake!

  62. eni said

    Tx “Persia”

    mikhastam behetun begam ke Sahebe site hastam hamchenin site &

    mikhastam begam aya mayelid ke ba ham peyvand tarnema bezanim..ya na
    in pishnahade tejari nist

    Gah Nik
    با تشكر از بازديد تان وبلاگ و سايتهاي بسيار خوبي داريد. البته من بيشتر مراجعه كنندگان به وبلاگم خارجي هستند و فارسي بلد نيستند
    ولي بهرحال طبق درخواست شما وبلاگهايتان را لينك ميكنم
    موفق باشيد

  63. John Paul Todd said

    Salaam and Greetings of Peace from America.
    Don’t know if you are still receiving notifications from WordPress via e-mail of any new comments, but hopefully you are.
    I send you best wishes for a joyful celebration of the Festival of Sacrifice which no doubt among your fellow Iranians will hold special meaning this year.
    Also because this year it coincides so closely with the American holdiay of Thanksgiving, I have posted about it at E4Unity blog. I was struck by the similiarities for example the charity for the poor and unfortunate. It is also a wonderful opportunity to point out the civil religion function in American tradition which is not the same as Christianity.
    I am very grateful to Allah for the privilege of knowing you through your blog and the beauty of the Persian people and culture that you have helped me to see and celebrate.

    I pray for you and your family safety and health even as we thank God for His abundant goodness.

    John Paul Todd

  64. I have put your site on my blogroll, would you do the same with mine?

  65. Assalam aleykum, it is really good your blog, especially the mosques .. It’s true he was a good Dr Shariati.Peace has its soul..So still no religion in order.see you soon inshallah..

  66. KoryHallmarki said

    howdy, i’m now fresh to the message board. Thrilled to sign up for this amazing great message board on this site.

  67. Parsin said


  68. MAHYAR said


  69. Parsin said

    سلام مهيار عزيز
    خدا پشت و پناه شما هم باشه و هميشه سربلند و سلامت باشيد

  70. nice blog , hope to c free Iran soon 🙂

  71. Amir Rostam said

    I like all of your site and your ideals except for your admiration of the charlatan Shariati. Iranians are suffering today because of demagogues like him. Wake up.

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