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  • January 2009
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Holocaust Survivors from Wold War II Make Holocaust in GAZA (photos)

Posted by Parsin on January 19, 2009

The grand children of holocaust survivors from World War II are doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them by Nazi Germany!




























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Israel Killing Children in Gaza (Photos +18 )

186 Responses to “Holocaust Survivors from Wold War II Make Holocaust in GAZA (photos)”

  1. ransom33 said

    I know, it is absolutely impossible to stomach and even more to comprehend.

    I pray that God will bring justice and peace upon this conflict, and I pray the eyes of all those who are committing such attrocities on both sides will be opened, and their hearts of stone made hearts of flesh so that they can finally see the reality of what they are doing for what it really is.


    ransom33 @

  2. Parsin said

    Thanks for these kind words. “Justice” and “peace” + “love” are things that we are missing.

  3. AmSE said

    It’s awesome… I don’t comprehend this stupid war… there is something in the sionists heads?

    I’m writing a big article about this war, and this information, this photos, will serve me a lot. Thanks.

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  5. Dani said

    Those pictures make me cry… poor innocent children killed by the no-reason. Israel lost of my respect (if it had any before), they claim they were persecuted during holocaust and they do exactly the same now… when are we (human race) gonna learn, I think we are a corrupted race which will be extinguised.

  6. entrar said

    its all of this war? and… there isn’t photoshop?

  7. bactrio said

    fucking sionazis!

    where are you from? irani hasti?

  8. Josema said

    Nunca había visto una página tan manipuladora y simplista como esta.

  9. a said

    Godwin law

  10. rela genocide said

    The reality is this!

  11. andrea said

    No me parece justo, ni el pasado que tubieron, ni lo q estan haciendo ahora…
    Pero bueno es cierto que me parece triste que vendan su pasado como una tortura que recibieron para escudarse y justificar actos atroces como los q estan cometiendo…
    Y encima el que opines que lo q haces no es precisamente humanitario, te señalan de antisemita ¡¡¡HAHAHAHHAHA vaya ironia de la vida!!! ¡¡¡¡¡EL PASADO DE UNO NO JUSTIFICA SUS ACTOS ESO ES EGOISMO E EGOCENTRISMO!!!!!
    La libertad de uno termina donde empieza la del otro ^^ ale besos!!!!

  12. bactrio said

    Josema said
    January 19, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    Nunca había visto una página tan manipuladora y simplista como esta.

    Bobo, ésta es una página de habla inglesa, acaso no te has percatado?

    Y antes de soltar memeces, refuta las imágenes, que son muy reveladoras, por cierto!

  13. jeremy K said

    This is stupid you are taking these pictures way out of context. It angers me how ignorant people can be that they are comparing a conflict over middle east that was instigated by the Palestinians to the worst atrocity of modern times. This is not a genocide it is a conflict where both sides are taking casualties. I usually am not one to post comments on sites such as these but the stupidity of whoever tried to compare this situation to the holocaust is so stupid that I feel the need to waste my own time to tell you all that this offensive and you should be very ashamed. I am not saying that what is currently going on is not a tragedy but both sides must take measures to protect themselves even if that means using force or barriers. Get informed and stop being ignorant that’s it.
    You can lose your eyes on reality. Please check this one!

  14. No comment said

    Wow! What a scoop! War is horrible!
    I didn’t know
    /end of sarcasm

    The comparison is just not fair! As said by Josema, this is the most manipulating web page I have seen on the topic (and I do not trust the rigor of photo comparison since some photos are taken from movies!!)
    For what I know Jewish Israeli do not detain sytematically all the Muslims in Israel and neighbour countries and put them in extermination camps to starve them to death (and killing, then burning their corpses) such as the Nazis did to Jewish (and Tziganes, and gays and every person they thought as “inferior”)!

    This is war, what do you expect? Shiny happy children playing the Wii? Come on… You can see the same kind of pictures (or worse) in any war in Africa for example! (and there are quite a lot of them in this part of the world as well)

    more than 500 children were massacred by Israelis according to UN 30% are just children, 50% innocent people! What did Israel get of killing them??!!

  15. jose ramon said

    Creo que estas imagenes deverían verlas todos los Israelíes,cuanto mas daño se le haga a los Palestinos mas crecerá el odio contra los Israelies.Ahora, cuando celebren el dia del Olocausto, que se acuerden de esto.Es una verguenza y si es verdad que hay un diós,este no debería de dejar entrar a su reino a aquel que haya tenido algo que ver en la muerte de alguna persona.

  16. Anonymous said

    It _IS_ genocide and ethnic cleansing. The hews were rewarded for the horror done to them, and how do they pay? Doing the same damn thing (Yes, in a different context, but equally horrible).

    Those who support Israel because you’re jewish, just _cannot_ recognize you’re scum for doing so.
    Get some balls and straightforward say all you want is the money, hippocrites.

  17. Gamba said

    It _IS_ genocide and ethnic cleansing. The jews were rewarded for the horror done to them, and how do they pay? Doing the same damn thing (Yes, in a different context, but equally horrible).

    Those who support Israel because you’re jewish, just _cannot_ recognize you’re scum for doing so.
    Get some balls and straightforward say all you want is the money, the land, you hippocrites. By always putting up excuses you show just *how* jewish and pussy you are.

  18. PARA JOSEMA said

    JOSEMA, serian simplistas estas imagenes, si uno de los niños exterminados fuera tu hijo ó tu hermano?.
    Seguramente clamarías contra el que lo hizo. Piensa antes de escribir. Estas hablando de inocentes.

  19. Mark said

    But the difference here is that they never did anything to the Nazis to warrant what they did to them. Hamaas (or however you spell it) is a terrorist organization that attacks Israel with rocket barrages. Are they supposed to do nothing in retaliation?
    Religion is evil incarnate. When there are disagreements because of it, there is going to be civilian casualties, horrendous acts of violence and atrocities committed on other humans. It is what it is. It’s what it’s been for hundreds, if not thousands of years.
    Frankly, I’d like to see both sides wipe each other off the face of the planet and make the world a much better place for the rest of us.

  20. AUX said

    Los cobardes genocidas israelitas del presente son los nazis del pasado, esta visto se picaron con los Nazis y quieren superarlos ….

    The genocidal Israelite cowards of the present sound the Nazi of the past, I dress this one they were punctured by the Nazi and they want to overcome them

  21. Anonymous said

    thomethings i think that deserve them in IIWW fuck Israel Fuck jewish !!! They are similiar to Nazis

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  23. neurotype said

    The more people compare this to the Holocaust, the more it trivializes what the Palestinians are going through. Anyone remember how the Europeans thought it was better to appease Hitler than go straight for him? The Western world has a history of ignoring genocide.

  24. pcicertification said

    With the slightest gain in power, the oppressed will quickly become the oppressor. -M.E.

    Israel should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

  25. DJ Khaled said


  26. pcicertification said

    This is not a war, anyone who knows anything about the conflict knows that it is not a war. Israel is a NEW country. We gave the jews this land, unjustly, because of the nazi genocide. You can’t just throw a bunch of jews in middle of a land of muslims and expect there not to be conflict. Israel has no right to fight for more land than they were rightfully given. Give back the gaza strip! It’s not yours! America has a lovely way or perpetuating wars around the world, and we no doubt started, and fuel this one.

  27. dnendza said

    To compare Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to the genocide perpetrated by Nazis is superficial. It does not hold up unless you are just trying to incite more hatred by comparing the terrible things that happen in any conflict to Nazi policy. Hamas has an avowed goal of wiping Israel off the earth. Israel has no such policy, stated or de facto against the Palestinians. Hamas soldiers ply their trade among civilians in an effort to keep Israel from targeting them. Guess what, Israel got tired of this dirty trick and decided to demonstrate to the Palestinians that Hamas is using them as shields. Yes, there are glaring injustices all over that region. No one can dispute that. And the biggest cause of injustice there is religion and religious history. Ditch the religious fervor on both sides and you might get rational people talking about mutual respect and problem solving. Get rid of religion and you get a Jerusalem that can be shared without insane people ranting about who had what temple or mosque there. The Palestinians of Gaza invited Hamas into their house and now the bloody outcome of Hamas policies has their children’s blood on the walls.

  28. Piplup_U said

    Oh My Gosh… I Hate Jewish People Now…… Those Pics…Are…Disturbing… Muslims Will Take Over!

  29. caixeiroviajante said

    crimes against the humankind.
    what should we do?

    don’t tell me to pray.
    We need new Liverpool guys to keep our minds fighting.
    ‘couse this won’t be the last conflict, the victim always turn opressor.

  30. celebrit1 said

    This is wrongful you are taking these pictures out of context. This conflict was instigated by Hamas firing rockets on civilians, schools, women, children, hospitals in Israel. Please get informed and stop being ignorant. Hamas must end its violence and learn to live in peace!!!

  31. Thank you for this picture. I’m frenche and a take your picture please.

  32. caixeiroviajante said

    “Oh My Gosh… I Hate Jewish People Now…… Those Pics…Are…Disturbing… Muslims Will Take Over!”

    u see?

  33. teemue said

    I know you are not going to let this comment be published. I am not jewish, but I just wonder if all of these images are actually from there – and if the wrongdoings are actually the work of israelis. – just for the sake of good journalism, could you state somewhere the origins of these pictures?

  34. dknights said

    I missed the part where during WWII, the jews of eastern europe were lobbing rockets into non-jewish neighborhoods. THAT explains that whole Hitler thing, I guess.

  35. Akiva said

    Hey guys,

    tell me, how can it be that the palestinens are the only population wordwide which increase rapidly although the cruel and bloodthirsty Zionists and their imperialist warmongers abroad, are doing the same things like the Germans do during WW II? By the way, where are the starves people, the concentrations camps and the law that muslims forbids to marry jews, forbids to work, forbids to elect…

  36. This is a ridiculous comparison. Were Jews firing missiles at the Nazis? Was there anything done by the Jews to the Nazis to justify violence of any kind? These pictures are incendiary and do not promote peace but rather fuel the fire. I do not know if the pictures displayed above are “real,” but I do not think they should be portrayed as 100% fact. Also I think it is foolish to say this is being done by Holocaust survivors, Olmert was born after WWII was over and Ehud Barak was 3 when it ended. Obviously all of the soldiers were born at least 30 years later.
    I am not on one side or the other, I wish there was no violence at all. However I think it is wildly inaccurate to compare this to the Holocaust. There were about 25 times more people killed in the Holocaust than there are residents of Gaza. Of course, not all the victims were Jewish, something you seem to have forgotten

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  38. Marianne said

    Hamas started the war….It always does.

    Israel is the victim.

  39. […] The Land Of First Human Rights Charter For the full story and the horrible images. […]

  40. willeja said

    This is Hamas’s fault they start the wars and then when Israel responds to this rocket fire they act surprised. Israel’s foreign policy is simple, any terrorist activity will be dealt with harshly and they do. The fact that innocent women and children die is terrible but it is Hamas propaganda, they start these wars and then use the innocent women and children as human sheilds to protect themselves and in doing so innocent people die and once again Hamas, a terrorist group, gains public popularity even when they started the war because of pictures like these. Stop the lies and stop the violence on both sides because above all else we are all humans, its the 21 century, wouldnt you think that by now we would be more civilized. Apparently not and radical religious beliefs and regimes are too blame for all this hate and wrong in this world. These atrocities and events make me sick.

  41. john david said

    I want to mention that the very same were not those that were contested upon for nothing more than their race, were they, during Naziism times?

    Weren’t all of God’s at stake during that war over a weaponry developing which some had sought to find more favorable terms in the world rather than outright disclosing it? Thus, many of some group were cast asunder as a response from Hitler.

    Yet, Prophesied regarding Eve and all of her children was it that The Dragon was seeking their destruction, but they were delivered upon the wings of eagles. Next, comes the final war of the time of the testing of the trial of the mark of the number of the name of the false prophet who along with a covenant with 10 leaders will come to rule over the whole earth in restricted commerce affairs. Not unlike what some are about, at times past, are they?

    There will be a period of 3 1/2 years coming during which the appearance of the council of the elect Martyrs and elders of God will come and Testify to all of the earth. 144,000 are they from among all of the nations, races, and peoples as the Prophet Isaiah Prophesied as well.

  42. weamone said

    Thanks for increasing awareness. This mutual killing of two neighboring cultures has to stop.

  43. […] Holocaust Survivors from Wold War II Make Holocaust in GAZA (photos) The grand children of holocaust survivors from World War II are doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them […] […]

  44. AE. said

    thank you for this post.i’m gonna shed a tear for all the lost people on both sides.

  45. saeed said

    For those of you blaming Hamas, the Occupation and brutalization has been going on for decades. This is not a problem that started with the election of Hamas.

    Israel broke the ceasefire. It’s been proven clearly.

    Who was the aggressor? And the timing — Nov 4 2008 — the US election day, was far from accidental. And guess what, they’ll be out of Gaza by the inauguration. How convenient. And most likely in a few weeks they’ll be back to “defend” themselves against more unarmed women and children.

    Also for those of you who say that the Jews didn’t do anything to bring the wrath of the Nazis on to them, then ask yourself what the hundreds of children killed and maimed in Gaza did to bring this onto them. A school was bombed. A hospital was bombed. A UN depot was bombed. These are not “errors”. The Israeli’s are proud to publish videos on YouTube about their “pinpoint” bombings. Well you can’t have it both ways. And its been proven Hamas was not firing from these locations.

    1300 hundred dead, 5000+ wounded in 3 weeks. Most of them civilians.

    The issue here is not that the Nazis did much worse — they absolutely did. The issue here is the irony that having survived a horrific genocide 60 years ago, there are too many similarities in actions that the informed observer can’t notice them.

    In 8 years of rockets, 20 Israeli’s were killed. In 8 hours of attacks, that many Palestinians were killed. Everyone has the right to defend themselves. but if someone is throwing rocks at you, it doesn’t give you the right to kill them, their family and neighbours and destroy their entire neighbourhood.

    Where is the human decency here. Killing babies and children with high tech weapons and somehow it is defensible? Absolutely not.

  46. labqim said

    Now Palestine….

    What next?

    The world is really in danger, these devils won’t stop man…

  47. Georges L. said

    There is a gut wrenching dishonesty between these photo comparisons. One which denies the treachery of its own souls so that it might claim the villainies of its enemy the Jews. Yet if the Jew here seems as if he is as foul as the nazi beasts then what of that prophet whose followers slew countless in the name of their prophet and continue to do so to this day, .. and not merely against Jews. Dawn and dusk appear the same but the fruit of each is veritably distinguishable!

  48. i wish they would just stop. whoever does it, violating the most basic of human rights is always a crime

  49. torch said


  50. Mr. Shear said

    Your ignorance knows no bounds. The Nazis built walls to keep the Jews shut away, and then to send them on to concentration camps. Jews were then used by the Nazis as slave labor (i.e, I.G. Farben, makers of Bayer aspirin.) Is that what’s going on in Gaza? The walls Israelis build are designed to keep terrorists out. Thus, your comparison is not only heinous, but false. If Hamas and other Arabs accepted both the State of Israel and a separate Palestinian State — not to mention a state of peace — none of this would happen. Israel did not set out to occupy the West Bank and Gaza. The Arabs — 60 million strong — attacked Israel (population 3 million) in 1948, 1967 and 1973, losing the West Bank and Gaza in the process, a brilliant pan-Arab strategy. So, do we trade land for peace? Why not? Or maybe you should ask Hamas, why not? But, then, what’s to discuss with fanatics?

  51. Cenna said

    I got this pictures from an email. I agree with your goal and the concept you want to portrait. But at the same time I recommend not to get emotional and just compare things with the sake of just vilifying one side. I remember Ahmadinejad said there was no Holocaust at all…
    Getting emotional and acting based on feeling will make the whole problem worse. We should think and prevent extremist fanatics like Hamas as well as right wing Israel take control of situation.
    Israel indeed is responsible for all of those sufferings, but problem will not be solved if we say Israel is evil, “lets wipe it up from the map”…

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  53. War is horrible..

    Obama please you take action about what happen in Gaza. We stand for “Change”

  54. charls said

    Jews copy acts everywhere they go. Jews extract blood from hosts. They’re only copying what they suffered.

    HE, was right.

  55. Alasdair said

    For those telling people to get educated and that this conflict was started by hamas firing rockets … get a grip, this conflict has been going on for decades. There are many rights and wrongs on either side, and also on the sidelines too.

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  57. justinburke said

    Hi I’ve just came back from filming in Auschwitz.. Your photo selection is quite moving and does reflect the current state of situations that are happening today, How can this kind of thing happen in the 20th century… We need to ban and destroy every and any kind of weapons used to kill people.
    Some power is to much for one man!! I will be posting up my video in the next week.

  58. llanero said

    God???? oh yeah… God loves us….

  59. Nonsense said

    … when Muslims and Israeli people start thinking that peace is not with hands of victory, something will change…

    Hamas sent 8000 rockets and missiles … in 8 years… even though Muslims are far from what is going on…

    and killing kids it´s not in the Grace of any God… neither Israel´s or Muslims…

    for muslims the dead is the best part of their lifes!! That´s why they are controlled in Checkpoints, instead, the Hamas crazy people will still be pounding Israel with Self Murder Attacks!! Stop manipulating and stop givin food to the Media!!

  60. Noscere said

    Not all Westeners have their eyes closed to genecide. Not all Westeners agree with what is happening in your homelands.
    If I am honest I dont know alot of what is going on, or in truth why it is happeneng, but I can say that what is happening is wrong. Very wrong on so many levels. Regardless whether this is a holocaust or not (I think “at this time” I would say it is not.. At this time) the pictures you have taken are horific and get the point across very well.

    Regardless what people say, dont give up, it is in the nature of humans to destroy what they cant understand or comprehend. I will keep an eye on your blog and come back… Often.

  61. creeping said

    Noscere says he’s not blind to what goes on, but he doesn’t know a lot of what’s going on…that’s very typical – if he did know what’s going on he would understand it is Persia/Iran that is actually planning the next real holocaust to wipe Israel off the map, and then the US – but he’s just following Muhammid’s example of being a good Muslim jihadist…two words for Noscere – sharia law…what would you do noscere if someone were launching rockets into your neighborhood on a regular basis trying to kill your kids, friends, family, and neighbors?

    two words for you – Black September – Jordan killed more Palestinians in one month than Israel has in 60 years…not to mention entire cities have been built during that time (UAE)

  62. apartment1d said

    I’m pretty sure that everyone would agree that the most horrific acts of the Nazi Regime (systematic genocide of Jews, gypsies, gays, the handicapped, and blacks) are not being employed by the Israelis.

    Extreme care is taken not to simply raze the towns of Gaza, and the simple fact that a ground invasion was made shows that Israelis value innocent civilians lives. If they simply wanted to kill all Gazans, they would just stick to the airstrikes, and start blowing up entire towns.

    There have been an insane amount of Palestinians who have been killed, with hundreds of them being completely innocent. This is something to be mourned by everyone in the world, Israelis included. It is not, however, a signal of Nazi-like behavior.

    What we need are people calling for peace on the Palestinian side, instead of people rallying for revenge. I want to hear Palestinian leaders calling for the recognition of the state of Israel, and a two-state solution.

  63. Chris Taylor said

    Wow, I’m pretty sure I could dig up similar pictures on the US occupation of countries and provinces through history and put them side by side with the holocaust and they would look eerily similar.

    Wow….so much for context.

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  66. Viktor said

    Es sorprendente el parecido que tienen.

    Que quede claro, porque en mi pais (España) aun no lo tienen muy claro: esto SI es genocidio.

  67. Zionis surely an evil,,1300 people dead in palestine, like live of a human is no mean anymore for zionis,,even medical help is attacked!!

  68. tarsischwald said

    “This is stupid you are taking these pictures way out of context.”

    No. Is the SAME context. Its a SHAME! I´m married with a jew, and here in Brazil, even the Jews condemn this disproportionate war!

    The Directors of the ASA – Scholem Aleichem Association for Culture and Recreation, declared: “There is no military solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians!”

    Link is here (only avaible in portuguese):

    Congratulations for this blog!

    greetings from Brazil

  69. Christian said

    Actually, this is happening in more than one country in the whole World. It seems that human being has learnt nothing with the time of history. We seem to be socially the same when we were primitives, probably worst.

    I only see one exit, the development of the spirit and love.

    God help us.

  70. Noscere said

    Sorry, Creeping, not going to get into a debate on another persons blog post, its not an open forum 🙂 But erm I need to point out Im not being a good Muslim jihadist and I dont know sharia law because Im not Muslim.

  71. Jen said

    Hamas started the war….It always does.

    Israel is the victim. Am Israel Jai

  72. reasons for anti-semitism in germany said

    for all those wondering why Germans starting hating Zionists all of a sudden – google Balfour declaration.

  73. El Sevi said

    Se ha hablado mucho de quiénes empezaron…de que si es o no lo mismo que los Nazis…que si es manipulación…que si es guerra…que si es genocidio…que si en otras partes se mata igual…que si esas fotos no son reales (o sí)..

    El hecho es que no para de morir gente. Tanto por atentados terroristas como por militares. ESTO DEBE PARAR!!!

    Solo pido a Dios (el de los cristianos, el de los musulmanes, el de los judíos) que esto pare pronto, que se acabe ya tanto odio y tanta muerte y maldad. QUE ALGUIEN HAGA ALGO

  74. This is really stupid. It’s not hard to play photo match up. How about Palestinians take the punishment for pissing off a hornets nest for 200 years.

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  76. Parsin said

    I would like to thank all of you participating in the discussion. Those of you that think Israel is defending itself please take a look at the following links from western media:
    1. Amnesty International accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza
    2. Israel accused of Gaza war crimes
    3. Israel fights off war crimes charges in Gaza
    4. U.N. rights chief calls for Gaza war crimes probe
    5. UN: Women, children main victims in Gaza
    6. Is Israel’s Gaza War a New War Crime?
    7. Gaza: Israeli Attack on UN School

    8. also see the following posts:
    Israeli War Crimes on Gaza (video)
    Gassing Gazans
    Palestinian Holocaust: Information on Child Victims in Gaza
    Gaza: recent photos (+18 )
    Might Does Not Make Wrong Right
    Israel Killing Children in Gaza (Photos +18 )

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  79. Of course the obvious correlation is that the Palestinians are like the Nazi’s. They too wish to exterminate the Jewish people and drive them into the sea. Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and all the rest merely seek to finish what Hitler started. Israel has the right to exist and the right to destroy those who seek its destruction. War is harsh, nasty, bloody and brutal, but sometimes it is just. The Israelis have vowed “never again” will they allow themselves to be brutalized and exterminated. Hamas is paying the price for it’s cult of death. True peace will come to the middle east when the Arabs decide to love their children more than they hate the Jews.

  80. dave the sage - u are actually the satan said

    dave the sage – u are actually the satan.

  81. dave the sage - u are actually the satan said

    ponder yourselves over the possible reasons as to why you and people who think like you are actually satans. As long as there are people like you existing there wont be peace on earth. your failure to distinguish between the oppressed and the oppressor is one reason for starters. think over and you will find many more. But i am sure that even if every living soul in palestine is dead you wud still say that “poor innocent israel” just defended herself. Jesus wud be so proud of you!

  82. Gamba said

    Wow, so Israel did not push the palestinians into concentration camps, or straight into ovens… so it ain’t that bad right?

    Let me tell you something, I don’t give a fuck that most jews are rich, own businesses or their families do, and basically stick together, with all their money, beacuse I live fairly well here in Europe. But if you’d come to where a live, push me out, then later push me and my people even more out, I would do exactly as Hamas does: terrorize you. That is, kill jews. There is no diplomatic way. It’s that simple. The only thing palestinians have left to do. Any form of pacific protest is quickly dissolved, any kind of attempt of taking the power of a village back peacefully is destroyed by you. It’s called ethnic cleansing, or genocide.

    Now, I got a question for you jews: either you do actually believe that money is your god, or you will definately go to some sort of hell, for massacering young, innocent childs, killing their families and STEALING THE LAND THEY LIVE ON. Or supporting those actions.


  83. Adam said

    Sweet! Looking good, keep up the work Israel!

  84. Adam said

    Additionally, lets examine those photos of “Israel doing bad things” Look a bit dated don’t they, not to mention the Asian kids half way down the page. More BS from a group that is based on BS.

  85. CC said

    If you have any comment just write it down, you are not allowed to use abusive or foul language in here!

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  87. […] Survivours of WWII do to the palestinians what was done unto them. [Photo Essay | Warning: images are graphic] […]

  88. dawgydan said

    Yeah, everything is written in the Bible. All nations will fight each other. Not only Israel. Every nation. That’s the consequence of human politics. Basically, human can not lead other human, because human can not predict what will happen in the future… Only Jehovah can.

  89. Seriously, I think Israel is doing what they have to do. I didn’t see the Jews firing rockets at the Nazi’s back in WWII, they were victims. However, the Palestinians can’t expect to be babied if they keep harming Israeli’s. They will do what they have to do to eliminate the terrorist threat.

    Anyhow, Check out my blog!

  90. ShAheen said

    You’re so ignorant of numbers apparently. Thousands versus millions. There is no comparison. During WWII the Jews were minding their own business. They were civilians. Israel is simply sick and tired of being bombed by rockets. They have ever right to go after the perpetrators of Hamas. Good thing I’m not head of Israel otherwise I would not be discerning to only bomb a target here and there. WWII was such a different thing. It’s obvious that some are so bent on hatred that they will let your own people suffer terribly just so that they can try and bend any PR opportunity to their favor. That’s why so many people are starting to defend Israel. In college students are appalled that people would even begin to defend the Palestinians after what has taken place. And this is in a secular generally pro Palestinian community. Since Israel went in after Hamas, Israel has gained that much more popularity. It’s so obvious that Israel cares about human life compared many who encourage your own people to blow yourselves up. It’s disgusting how lives have been trashed simply because of hate. It’s such a pitty, Gaza could have been wonderful if it wasn’t for the hatred of it’s own people. I know many Persians that share my same sentiments. It is an embarrassment to be closely entwined with such people. This madness must stop and it must stop with us. That’s why one of Hamas himself, Mosab Hassan Yousef, turned away from the bloodthirsty regime.

  91. justice for all said

    These pictures look horrible. I think the comparison of the jews to the nazis is correct. However, I want to mention an important point about WW2. Wars can not be fought with enormous financial support. Than the question rises who supported Hitler. The funding for Hitlers war machine came from Wallstreet and the City of London. The material support came from companies such as Rockefeller standard oil which transfered many crucial patens to the Nazis. The banking industry is controlled by a group of Jewish families, the Rothschilds are one of them. My point is that without support of these very powerfull jewish banking families, there would have been no WW2. No finance, no war. In my opinion the killing of so many jews in WW2 was in many ways a self inflicted wound. Than after WW2 the jews politcally exploited their suffering for founding their state in Palestine. This raises the question if they planned the extermination of so many of their own for founding Israel.

  92. labqim said

    Gamba, I’m SO AGREE with you bro….

  93. Ghatozkat said

    Israel will one day have to pay for this.
    You go and invade someone else’s country and then do what you have been doing at the support of another similar disgusting nation, the U.S is not right.

  94. jjbot said

    First of all, half of the commenters above have either no understanding of the actual situation in Israel and the Middle East, no understanding of English, or both. To say that the Jews “planned the extermination of so many of their own for founding Israel,” as Justice for All claims is pure lunacy, and is rooted in the most basic of anti-semitic tenets. Secondly, the comparisons between the Holocaust and Gaza is an uneducated one generally made as a thinly veiled anti-semitic rather than anti-Israel remark. The situation in Gaza could change TOMORROW if they were to stop hurling rockets and sending suicide bombers to Israel. Instead of using the land left by the abandoned Israeli settlements for industry, the Gazans used them as launching grounds. As Golda Meir said “, Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

    So, Parsin, good job using basic photo manipulation to come to an ends that makes no sense by using logic that is not present.

  95. Amir Obeid said

    Those who say they shouldn’t be comparing the two are the ones who are ignorant. People who shoot rockets at Israel and do suicide bombings are wrong too. I agree with this. At the same time though they do those things because of the similarities you see above and because of the atrocities committed by Israel against Palestinians. They are defending themselves improperly by putting Israeli civilians in danger, but at the same time they are defending themselves even if they do it the wrong way. These people are extremists because extreme prejudice was taken against them. Most grow up with no education, have family killed by Israel and are very susceptible to extremism themselves as a result. If Israel stops the extremism on their part, the extremism will stop on the other side as well.

  96. Miri said

    Compare the precision targeting of Israeli retaliatory fire to American and British Carpet bombing in their wars last century, and you will notice that this is not a common war. There has been no war like it, and no other nation has tried to look after the noncombatant population the way Israel has. Equally, no other nation has tried to involve innocents and kill noncombatants the way the Arab Hamas has ever- because they think you, the readers, are stupid enough to blame the Israelis for the deaths, when they are responsible.
    Are you?

  97. peace now said

    It is not justified to compare holocaust and then the agression of Israel towards Palestine. Those who claim holocaust are clearly ignorant.

    The pictures are taken out of context and although I too find the pictures numbing and disturbing, it is not justified comparing two very separate issues.

    If Israel stops its agressions, Hamas/Palestine will still not cease their extremism. The extremism and bigotry towards jews is built in Hamas’ political ideology. Peace is not a priority for them.

    How about addressing that? How about the palestinian agressions towards its jewish people BEFORE Israel became a state? How about pictures of arab children holding anti-jewish banners and chanting anti-jewish slogans like “Back to the oven”?

    Or we should call every conflict in this world a holocaust. What about Dafur? Kashmir? The thousands of people Saddam and his regime put into mass graves, imprisoned, torturred? Rwanda? Congo?

    The situation and context of Palestine versus Israel has nothing to do with the Holocaust whatsoever. It is an uncalled for aggression at the hands of Israel at best.

  98. fred said

    Fucking jews…

  99. wordymouth said

    I kind of agree with ‘Peace Now’ although it is very clear that Israel has over stepped over the line, and it doesn’t seem a coincidence that it stopped just before Obama became president.

  100. suny said

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. I can’t believe some of these comments trying to justify such horrible crimes by Israelis.
    What kind of crimes make you believe that a holocaust has happened and is going on in occupied Palestinian lands!?
    I think Israel is pushing the whole world into a war. They are doing crime since 1948 they entered in Palestine.
    Israel is a cancer in Middle-East and on earth.

  101. delmundo42 said

    thanks for this information pal!

  102. Anne said

    Hitler should have finished the job.

    The state of Israel SHOULD have been made in the USA and not in the Middle East period!!!

    Zionist bastards!

    Move the whole fucking lot of them to Texas with their friend BUSH as a neighbour!

    Evil, warped,greedy, moneygrabbing, killing, God hating, Jesus killing bastards!!

  103. Anne said

    Yeah Israel is a cancer.
    Next stop will be when they start on Iran! Watch out America. Your next 9/11 is just around the corner.

    They need to be pushed the whole fucking lot of them into the sea and drowned.

  104. rautakyy said

    If Hamas is just a group of few insurgent fanatics, then Israel is killing flies whith a cannon. This attack on Gaza seems to have been put up just for israeli inner politics. In that way it indeed resembles the holocaust for wich the nazis had no other reason than deluding their own people, that they are being protected from a threat. The jews hardly were a threat to the german population, but neither are most of palestinians. Those are who have lost kin in an attack such as this on Gaza.

    What is frightening is that this policy of terror by Israel will only create more hatred. As the organised state they should have the power to stop the violence, but bombing schools and hospitals is no police act. Of cource Israelis have the right to live in their own country and defend themselves, but what is happening in Gaza is only for short term political gain, that will result in more violence. In that respect the result will be exatly opposite to protecting the Israeli people or gaining international (and arab) acceptance to the existance of the state of Israel. Same goes for building defence walls checkpoints, treating even their own citisens as A and B class according to their ethnic bacround and denying the arab parties from the elections. It is facism and apartheid. Nothing more, nothing less. This way Hamas and even more radical elements will win and gain more support and volunteers. To gain political influence by religious or racial bigotry has the tendency to escalate out of control. The nazis came up whith the “ultimate solution” as they went on from bad to worse. Hamas has allready reached that point. Is Israel aiming for the same? They really have not made it easy for the less radicall palestinian movements to press peace.

  105. […] Desi sunt constienta de exagerarea acestei comparatii, nu pot sa nu ma ingrozesc cand si in ziua de astazi se mai intampla asemenea lucruri. […]

  106. Yousuf said

    Asalaamu Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You), whilst we abhor the atrocities committed by the Israeli government, let us not blame every jewish person. We must not get caught up in painting everyone with the same brush.

    God says in the Quran : “O ye who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to Piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.” [Chapter Al-Maidah 5:8]

  107. monchito said

    jews all of them are carrion eaters and nazi sionist state of israel is the world’s largest dunghill crowded of sluts and shit

  108. Al said

    GAZA is the 21 century Auschwitz!!!

  109. Manu said

    Los judíos solo me agradan de una forma: en jabones.

  110. Artra said

    I used to say this Universe is as beautiful as horrible, but in these last days I don’t see it like that in this spot called earth.

    I take the pictures and the answears to face where we are immersed in.

    This is a reflection of what happens all over, conspiracies that a few years back were hidden and to day emerge. Hate in words, hate in actions, hate in trades, hate in many relations

    To this article it is lacking what is behind all this, since 1920’s from Irgun and Haganah:

    all this for a supposed promised land.

    There was a king Josiah (by 650 BCE), son of Amon -a pagan-, who ordered to Create the Penthateuch , gathering tales, thoughts, costumes, legends…, to consolidate his new kingdom ….and hell, how many crimes have been commited in its sacred named!!!

    Thank you Parsin.

  111. David said

    Sorry for my bad English, I’m Mexican.

    I can’t understand a lot of things. One must be a stupid to justify the Gaza invasion, to kill innocent citizens, women, children. I think that is so stupid (to justify and the war too). how much one Israeli life in comparison with Palestinian lives?. Is Gaza a threat to Israel?

    Ehud Olmert: The Palestinians have more capacity to resist pain than the Israelis, for this reason, we have to put more pressure on Gaza (I can’t remember the exact phrase, but it was the idea, moreover, I read the news in Spanish).

    How can Israel say that they are in their right to defend them selves? Israel is foreign country in Palestine. U.N. declared two countries in region of Palestine: Palestine and Israel. The Palestinians want their own country (some Palestinians want to destroy Israel too). Israel blocks Gaza because the Palestinians voted wrong. The Palestinians want freedom.

    There is something wrong: Gaza war is not the same of WWII and holocaust, ¿why?, mainly for the amount of dead people and others details. But the evilness and the intolerance to other people for racial and religion issues there still exist, and it there will be forever.

    The power and ambition corrupt everything, because we’re men. But we have else love and compassion. The answer is the knowledge, the knowledge is power, the power to understand. We have to read, to learn, to travel, to know other people, to see the diversity of cultures, religions, customs. We have to learn how to respect and to love other people.

  112. Anne said


    let us not forget that the jew’s were the nation who sentenced one of Allah’s holy prophets to die Jesus. They deny he is a prophet.
    They encourage homosexuality. Over 90% of them are in support of the holocaust in Gaza.Throughout history they have brought shame on the human race. Go right back in history and witness this Godless people.
    The prophets gave up on them. They are the scum of the earth and how they can sit and watch and how they can let their daughter write messages of hate on the rocket shells ( above) proves what ‘beasts. they are.

  113. justice for all said

    Here I agree with Anne. The written messages (from Israel with love) on the bombs destined for Lebanese children in 2006 says it all. This is pure disrespect for human life. We do not need to look further to understand the jewish mindset than this picture: We are gods choosen people and we can kill the goyim like we kill ants.

  114. Yousuf said

    Dear Anne, I know the history as well. I know how many of their scholars have fabricated the stories against the messengers of Allah, and committed evil against many of the prophets. May Allah’s curse be upon them. They will surely get their recompense in the bottom of the hell fire, and that time is coming.

    I just dont want us to get into the mindset that everyone is evil. Many of us have committed a lot of wrong. Perhaps we should also be introspective and look at ourselves (I start with myself). Perhaps this is the only empowering position we have.

  115. […] Ara ja és una nació com tantes altres, d’aquelles que guanyen batalles i perden la guerra. Col·lecció de fotos de situacions comparables entre el que va passar a la segona guerra mundial i … […]

  116. Patricia said

    si estas fotos son verdaderas, entonces el holocausto de hoy es mucho peor que el de ayer

  117. Tony Marar said

    An appeal to United Nations, to adopt a new policy before any Country can join United Nations. The worlds Leaders and Military Generals to sit down for a mental evaluations exam before they can lead! Killing innocent children or any person is not a normal behavior. Medical researchers confirmed that any normal human beings or abused people and the abusive person (s) can turn into a killing machines. Elections and democracy is not enough to secure people lives, justice is not enough to punish murderers, mentally ill people must not lead people! Violence does effect normal children more than adults, the Nazi’s theory and equation was missing an important eliments when they made hand soap out of innocent people in front of their children, and the suds had spread all over the world! We need to act now and evaluate all human beings! God has been watching us for millions of years, God knows who is good and who’s sick in the head, God knew punishment is not the answer otherwise God can make decisions before we can. God knew we’re sick humans and God’s giving us the chance to straight out our act and become a loving human beings, you can choose your destiny; heaven or hell and don’t blame me for it. If you know that you’re sick in the head, don’t tell anyone, just go visit your doctor for help!

  118. Euskaldunzarra said

    Los judíos son el cáncer de la sociedad. Su usura no tiene límites. Su amor por el dinero no tiene límites. Su afición por el asesinato no tiene límites. Su crueldad con la tortura no tiene límites. Su victimismo no tiene límites. Han pasado muchos años desde que los nazis mataron a muchos de sus antepasados y Hollywood, auténtico “noticiero” propagandístico projudío continúa haciendo películas donde se ve cómo sufrieron los judíos en aquella época. De este modo intentan que la gente mire hacia el pasado para que no vean el vergonzoso presente.
    ¿Para cuando podremos ver en la pantalla películas sobre este otro holocausto?
    ¿Cuándo podremos ver la realidad que supone un campo de concentración llamado Gaza?
    ¿Cuándo veremos películas en que la realidad de este genocidio salga a la luz?
    El día en que los EEUU consideren que ya no les conviene seguir tendiendo la mano a los judíos, como pasó con Panamá, como pasó con Afganistán, como pasó con Irak, y como ha pasado y pasa con muchos países, entonces los judíos se tendrán que enfrentar solos a todo el odio que han sembrado.
    Entonces se comenzarán a realizar películas donde se vea la crueldad de los judíos y el martirio de los palestinos.
    Entonces, cuando estén solos, será el fin de este cáncer.
    Porque todo el odio que han sembrado ya habrá crecido tanto que supondrá su fin.
    Quien a hierro mata a hierro muere.
    Y créanme que morirán.
    Y créanme que será una muerte dolorosa.

  119. Tony Marar said

    To the young and old people in the world!

    We can’t change history. United Nations took the dignity of all people of all nations in the world.

    There was no such Country by the name of Transjordan, Southern Syria or Israel! I have series of rare documents 1924-1948 showing Jerusalem, PALESTINE…..

    Golda Mire signature on a rare Palestenians Court documents 1936-1939. جولدا مائير and world’s Leaders recognized Palestine was a Country!

    Visit Al’ Uzaizat Modern History to see picture of the original documents. Enter my name above for the link.

  120. cerote said

    i have taken your story to use it in my blog. I known about your article inside an email sent to me, and i didnt know who was his property, so i didnt said in my article. Im writing a new article explaining that you’re the real author.

    Good Luck Palestine from Spain!

  121. Tony Marar said

    Dear Cerote,

    Thanks for the understanding!

    I learned to tell the truth from a mother and not from any mother a “PALESTANIAN Mother” and from a dedicated father from Madaba, Jordan!

    Al’ Uzaizat Tribe lived through out the old and modern history and since 629 A.D. our ancestors have passed their integrity and honesty to their children and grandchildren to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

    United Nations and the world leaders can’t twist the truth, because lies never last! Al’ Uzaizat rely on documented history and we can proof it to the world!

    These rare documents 1924-1948 at the time it may not be of importance to anyone, and my father kept the rare documents to show to the world that you may take my land by force and kill my babbies, but the aggressors will never take my pride!

    Kind Regards,

    Al’ Uzaizat Groups©
    Al’ Uzaizat Mall on-line©
    Al’ Uzaizat Modern History©
    Al’ Uzaizat Stay in touch and with the family…with love!©

    Al’ Uzaizat Tribe related families:
    العزيزات في مادبا والعالم ترحب بكم

    Visit Al’ Uzaizat website for 90 realted families name list.

  122. abril said

    siento que todos los que nos conmueve ver esta carnicerias de hermanos contra hermanos, no estamos haciendo lo necesario para contribuir a luchar por la paz…….solo nos entristece y luego no pasa nada, QUE PUEDO HACER PARA LUCHAR POR QUE HAYA PAZ EN EL MUNDO Y PODAMOS VIVIR:
    UNA SOLA RELIGION__________> DIOS.

  123. The Truth said

    I read some comments but i think most of the replyers dont know the truth, some they think palistinean and israelian fighting for some teretories this for me and this is for you.No this is not he truth, the truth is the full land was given as a gift from england to israel and the palestinian was living their. please read history before any bad comments. you have to read the real history from any country you like to read and the gift was after the WWII. because england felt that jewish was killed in bulk quantity.
    At the end you will understand that England didnt mean that,they meant that to keap controlling the middle east and steal all what is under and over ground in that area by keeping conflect every where speially in palestine.and i want the readers to keep in mind that palestine is not for palestenian only it is for all the people living in indonesia and some of china till spain including 75% of africa and 15% of europ immagine how much the “conflict” England kept in the area do you think this can end?? “how you can remove palestenian from their land, and i wonder ome people they are still telling why they are fighting.

  124. The Truth said

    I read some comments but i think most of the replyers dont know the truth, some they think palistinean and israelian fighting for some teretories this is for me and this is for you.No this is not he truth, the truth is the full land was given as a gift from england to israelian”Homeless” and the palestinian was living their. please read history before any bad comments. you have to read the real history from any country you like to read and the gift was after the WWII. because england felt that jewish was killed in bulk quantity.
    At the end you will understand that England didnt mean that,they meant that to keep controlling the middle east and steal all what is under and over ground in that area by keeping conflect every where speially in palestine.and i want the readers to keep in mind that palestine is not for palestenian only it is for all the people living in indonesia and some of china till spain including 75% of africa and 15% of europ immagine how much the “conflict” England kept in the area do you think this will end?? “how you can remove palestenian from their land, and i wonder some people they are still telling why they are fighting.

  125. Tony Marar said

    Who is telling the truth, What do you think!

    I received this link from a friend and its very convensing!

    It reads:

    The military invasion of the Gaza Strip by Israeli Forces bears a direct relation to the control and ownership of strategic offshore gas reserves.

  126. Yousuf said

    Show No Mercy to Gaza: Army Rabbis

  127. cerote said

    Hello again,

    the pictures from germany were taken by your father or i poorly understood?

    who’ss the author of the pictures taken in palestine?

    and who’s is the author of the photomontage?

    i need the answews to explain in my blog



    All these come from a friend! Feel free to use them as you like.

  128. cerote said

    Another important question: what do you do? student, journalist?

    Thak you very much!

    Nice question! . . . I am only a blogger!

    Take Care,

  129. Juan José Milego Fernández said

    Parece increible que en un mundo teoricamente civilizado puedan seguir ocurriendo estas matanzas miserables. Tan miserables como los paises que las apoyan, miran para otro lado o se benifician de esta situación vendiendo armas, etc, etc.
    Todos debemos arrimar el hombro y cooperar de algun modo u otro, cualquier granito de arena contribuira a mejorar la situación, se necesitan medios, manos, ideas, todo es necesario, pero mas lo es la repulsa hacia estos hechos, es hora que digamos basta ya a esta masacre injustificada.

    El que perdona restaura
    aunque solo parezca serlo en pequeña escala,
    la integridad de ser…

    La historia de cada persona
    sin duda parte de la historia mundial,
    es historia mundial.

    En otras palabras,
    cualquier cosa que un hombre o una mujer hace,
    aunque fuera en secreto, toca,
    más aún, modela a la humanidad completa.

  130. Zigor said

    El problema es que la gente que ahora mata ya no se acuerda de lo que les hicieron a sus abuelos y padres. Un poquito de aquello les haria reflexionar sobre lo que estan haciendo.
    Por cierto, por mucho que se saque de contexto, una foto refleja un hecho. Un niño muerto es un niño muerto, y un soldado apuntando con su arma a una “amenaza” de 4 años no deja de ser lo que se ve, sea cual sea el contexto.

    Luego se quejarán de lo que les pase…

  131. […] trata de un iraní, que usa como nombre en la blogosfera “Parsin”, y que expuso esas imagenes en ….  El artículo apareció el 19 de enero de 2009, y el revuelo causado ha sido tal, que en pocos […]

  132. […] Sin Futuro y Sin Un Duro me encontré con este interesante blog y en especial con el post titulado Holocaust survivors from World War II make holocaust in Gaza, al ver las imágenes (que por cierto ya han dado la vuelta al mundo) comparadas entre lo que […]

  133. Faramin said

    Sad but great comparisons! Yes, Victims of yesterday are the victimizers of today.

  134. […] genocido cometido contra el pueblo de Palestina  por Israel ha sido comparable solo con el olocausto del Partido Nazi en 1939 a […]

  135. Hanan said

    Comparing Gaza to Holocaust of the jews under WWII is making a mockery of holocaust. It is showing ignorance of history and meaning behind holocaust.

    We can agree that this attack on Gaza was wrong and unjust. The suffering and consequences unjustified.

    But this is not holocaust and people who suggest otherwise, are ridiculing real life holocaust and their vitcims. This shows how some people are eager to exagerate a situation and are ignorant of history.

    Israel does not claim to want to remove Arabs/Muslims from the face of the earth, as Hitler did with the Jews. Yes, Israel does not like Palestine, and Palestine does not like Israel. Obviously. That is a conflict and hopefully this can be overcome and there are people on both sides wanting peace without the political drama and agendas.

    But still it is not and never will be holocaust or else we might as well call every attack on muslims only for holocaust. That is just unacceptable. Call it for what it is. A conflict between two countries and the common denominator being power driving both Hamas and the Israeli military.

    Gaza is not victim of Holocaust no matter how many pictures are put up out of context or the context distorted.

    Without underestimating the pain of Gaza, it is important to remember that there are many such or worse conflicts going on it the world. Far exceeding 1400 vitcims, and 4000 injured as in the case of Gaza, far more cruel and far more void of any compassion or empathy, far more violent and far more consequences. Darfur being the one sticking most in my memory. Should we call them all holocaust? Why is Gaza being made an exception and superceeding all the other equally or worse humanitarian crises as consequences of war, conflicts?

    Gaza is not holocaust and using that word can not be justified. Not in this instance. This is nothing to do with enthnicity or race or religion. This is war which has been ongoing for more than 5 decades. A war I hope can end soon.

  136. MANOLI said

    Un terrorista es cualquiera que mata a una persona. Israel califica a Hammas de grupo terrorista mientras que ellos multiplican por cien el número de víctimas palestinas por cada israelí muerto. Esta vez dicen que la tregua la han roto los palestinos, pero ¿recordais que la segunda intifada comenzó justo cuando se iba a crear el estado Palestino en vida de Arafat y que la inició Sharon entrando de manera provocativa en la explanada de las mezquitas?
    Cualquier excusa es buena para cargar contra el pueblo palestino.

  137. Parsin said

    I see your points. I never hope that you were in that situation just for an hour to see what Israel did and is doing and will continue to do on these innocent people.
    50% of victims according to UN (a source we may agree upon) were women and children. Read what Amnesty International said about Israel! I don’t want to argue about whether this was a holocaust or there was a real holocaust in Word War II or not. The fact is that Israelis intentionally were killing the children and women to put pressure on Gazans! They did it by the most brutal way.
    This problem will not be solved until all residents of this occupied land (Palestine), including Jews, Muslims, and Christians come together and make their own democratic government. The idea of two states has failed!
    Israelis have taken more than 80% of Palestinian lands and are not willing to let Palestinians live in the remaining of their lands.

  138. Yousuf said

    Hi Parsin, good points. I think it is semantics whether we call this a holocaust or genocide or a massacre. The fact is that these people were using some of the most horrific weapons that have ever been developed on the civilians on Gaza. Imagine an F16 with their so-called precision guided weaponary or white phrosporous which burns you down to the bone reigning down on your family.

    Not only, did they kill the people, but also destroyed their schools, places of worship, hospitals. Imagine, lying next to your dead brother or sister for 24 hours and not being able to move due to injury or fear from these people.

    The Qur’an speaks clearly: “whoever kills an innocent soul is as if has killed the entire humanity; and whoever saves an innocent soul is as if he has saved the entire humanity.” (Al-Ma’idah 5: 32) – According to the Quran, this message applies to everyone whether they are a Muslim or non-Muslim.

    One last thing, lets let our spanish brothers and sister keep writing their message in spanish. We can use google translate.


    Thanks, I removed my last comment on language.

  139. Yousuf said

    Gaza father finds out child survived

  140. Hanan said


    Although agreeing with your points on the human suffering in this matter, it is clear that it can not be irrelevant whether we call this genocide, warfare or holocaust, mainly because you have used holocaust to make this thread and it is embedded in the title (holocaust-survivors-from-wold-war-ii-make-holocaust-in-gaza)of the thread and now you deem this irrelevant. Self contradictory.

    Israel has been unjust and the consequences of their used weapons (certain chemical weapons forbidden even under international conventions) are still to come. The settlements (Is that the right word?) must cease yes. Be removed. Gaza must be freed and the people must be given other options for their lives other than constant blood shed and Hamas, who have only their anti-semitism and hate towards jews as a priority.

    Still, it is not Holocaust. And I hope you never have to go through holocaust which happened in the WWII, although I get the impression from your post that you slightly doubt Holocausts existance (“whether this was a holocaust or there was a real holocaust in Word War II or not”). Read history and the historical accounts of the real and actual holocaust to see what happened then and the ideology underlying Hitlers persecution of a people. Pictures taken out of context do not help the matter. In both Israel and Palestine, people want peace.

    But it was not and is not Holocaust what we saw in Gaza. A Massacre at best. It is a political conflict which has been ongoing, with people suffering both sides albeit the palestinians are the most vulnerable ones in all this. There is a huge difference between a political conflict like Gaza, in which the palestinian people are taken hostages. Deliberate killing does not constitute holocaust and using this classification is mocking the actual holocaust victims. Deliberate killings, 1400 in Gaza or 500.000 in Darfur take place almost always spurred on by political tensions and political innuendos. Who loses? The civilians and people. So the legitimate objection is why we dont classify every single ongoing or past deliberate killing a holocaust. Number of dead is clearly not the criteria. Call it for what it is – unjustified and unlawful people of which the majority was civilians. I have no sympathy for Hamas for obvious reasons. Amnesty has also reported about Hamas use of human shields.

    Israel will not admit they deliberately killed anybody and the fact they refused to persecute soldiers who has killed or attacked civilians is beyond me. Unbelievable.

    I would be more critical of of the muslim people as a whole and especially most the leaders who have stayed silent doing absolutely nothing.

    Unlike you, however, I want a two state solution. I fear there will be ongoing attacks on both sides, if this is made into one state. There seem to be no clear answers but this has to stop. This war. Seeing as it is not realistic that the land can be returned to the Palestinians as a whole then some alternative must be considered. I think it would take too long time on both sides due to extremist groups to make peace happen between the 2-3 people. At least from a political point of view. but maybe. I would like to believe that miracles can happen.


    Those who created this cancer (Israel) in Middle East 60 years ago knew very well of the outcomes. Israel and Palestinians problem has no simple solution. The cancer must be taken out. I am not talking about Jews, and no one is against them. In fact, as you know, as Muslims we have high respects for Prophet Moses and Jewish religion. But Israel is an illegitimate government made by Europeans in the heart of Muslims’ lands to cause suffering for all of us. I can see signs of awareness among top ranking western leaders including President Jimmy Carter, the founder of Arab-Israeli talks! He justly called Israel an Apartheid regime. The world is becoming aware of the truth and brutalities by Israel.

  141. Hanan said


    The verse you quoted from the Quran is incomplete and does in fact not apply to all people. Here is the full verse:

    (5:32) On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our messengers with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.

    I am pretty sure we can not call ourselves as children of Israel. The verse was revealed in a specific context which is why it can be misleading to pull a verse out of its context (The context being Moses, his people and the 40 years walk. You will see the context, if you read the proceeding 31 verses.

  142. Yousuf said

    Salaam Hanan, thanks you for your point, however, it is known from the principles of Tafseer that one can take a generality of the meaning from the specifics of the text. This will apply to all of humanity. I have consulted my Shaykh regarding this.

    He referred to Ibn Abbas (May Allah be Pleased with him) which is documented in the narratation from Ibn Kathir (part 1 509). Ibn Abbas believes this can be taken to apply to all people.

    The reasons why the narratives of the people of the Book are in the Quran, is not necessarity to point the finger at them, however, it is their to understand the lesson. So, many muslims will fall into the architype of the people of Book.

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) us reported to have said ‘Surely, you will follow the ways of those before you….’

  143. Yousuf said

    Hanan, Actually, we can call it a holocaust and we will…you seem to be trying to point the 1400 people killed in 2 weeks. I think we are referring to the ethnic cleansing that has been going on for 60 years. The systematic destruction of the people farms, their livelyhood, the education establishments, the ‘walls’…

  144. Yousuf said

    Hanan, one last thing….Seems like everyone is calling is a Holocaust, including the Israelis. Perhaps you should go debate with them….

    Israel threatens to unleash ‘holocaust’ in Gaza

    Israel threatens to unleash ‘holocaust’ in Gaza
    (Pavel Wolberg/EPA)

    Israeli soldiers in Gaza: 32 Palestinians have been killed in the last two days
    Image :1 of 2

    James Hider in Jerusalem
    An Israeli minister gave warning yesterday that the Gaza faces a “holocaust” if Islamist militants there do not end their daily barrages of home-made Qassam rockets, and their increasing use of Iranian-built Grad missiles.



    Thank you for your comments. You are helping me a lot. Unfortunately, I am very busy these days and unable to spend much time on discussions.

  145. newholocaust said

    It is my first time to see an Iranian blog though I know Iranian bloggers are very active, I am glad to see your blog, it is a great one, I am an Egyptian blogger. Wish you the best.

    My Egyptian Brother,

    Thank you. I also wish you the best.

  146. […] A Culla com a bon historiador que és, li retem a un joc, que busquin les 7 diferències en aquestes fotos de l’Holocaust de la II Guerra Mundial vs Holocaust a Gaza (clicka aquí) […]

  147. Hanan said


    I regret to inform you that just become some Shaykh says something does not make it right or universal. Tafsirs are interpretations and interpretations are individual. There are different interpretations and it can not be taken as a rule of thumb or to mean general application when God is addressing “children of Israel”. That defies logic. There are many verses, which are specific to a context, time and people. Including the Prophet Muhammad pbuh and his respective wives. These do not all as a matter of of course apply to all Muslims or even all mankind.

    Or else you might as well go and borrow inspiration from the Torah, the Bible as well. Seeing as we are talking of the Quran, and shaykhs are known to disagree on many matters, then it does only apply to Israeli but yes there is no harm in your taking your inspiration from this verse though. I also find inspiration in many things and many people. However, you should also know that you can not in the Quran take verses out of context to mean whatever you think they should. That is like taking out a paragraph midways from a book, a chapter and then making a conclusion. Makes no sense at all.

    As for the Holocaust, well there is not an ethnic cleansing taking place. Or else ALL arab countries should be in danger. They are not. So you can not argue ethnic cleansing or other characteristics of Holocaust to be applicable. These are massacres, which are and have taken place over the past 60 years so your insistance on it being Holocaust is not simply showing little regard to history and the origin of Holocaust. You are making a mockery of Holocaust. Why not call DARFUR Holocaust? KASHMIR? BOSNIA in the 1990s? SOUTH AFRICA under apartheid? Why not call every single deliberate killing holocaust? This is not holocaust and never will be (hopefully).

    I suggest you study Holocaust before making assumptions. If Israel wanted to – they could easily have deleted Palestine and declared war each country of the Middleeast. I assume, but ethnic cleansing you mean that of all arabs, as Palestinians are arabs by origin. This is how strong Israel is militarily. I have read somewhere that they have the worlds most advanced and extensive technology with regards to military weapons and such. That is a scary thought.

    The article your linked to, I have read already. You should prehaps read it too because you are repeating your previous mistake, by dragging 2 sentences out of the full context:

    “As Israeli media relayed his controversial comments, Mr Vilnai’s spokesman was forced to issue a clarification. “The minister used the Hebrew term ‘shoah’ which means ‘catastrophe’ and in this context does not refer to the ‘the Shoah’ – the Holocaust,” he said. ”

    So no I would not need to debate with Israelis about Holocaust although I have spent time debating the illegitemacy of this 60 year old war with both Christians and Jews.

    So there is a difference between the word “Holocaust” and “Catastrophe”. Holocaust is what Iran is promising by wanting to eliminate Israel from the face of the planet.

    I think we should call it for what it is. An illegitmate war on a people in the region of Palestine by the state of Israel (which I do not recognize). I believe if you occupy a land belonging to other people then you must be prepared there will be blood. However, I want peace. 60 years of blood on both sides, but in excess on the Arab side, has shown now solution. No end. I want peace. And peace will not come by exageration, aggressions, silence or other.

    I can not support Israel. I can not support Hamas either because they are just as vile and evil, as the counterparty. Their hands are too soiled in the blood of the Palestinian children, women and men. `See it for what it is. It is a war based on ideology and politics. My sympathies with jews when persecuted by Nazis under WWI and for Holocaust, but I do not believe giving them Palestine was the solution. Seeing as this situation can not be reversed, I am supporting a two state solution.

  148. Hanan said


    I agree with you on your last statement which you edited into my reply. But I think you should show caution when referring to Palestine as a “muslim” land. It is exactly the religious pretext, that Israel has used to build Israel where it is today. It would historically also be inaccurate to call the land muslims. So let us leave religion out of this. There are both jews, christians and muslims and the place remains holy to all three parties. We can however talk about a country belonging to Palestinians.

    I would also like you to consider that Hamas is not exactly the good guys in this. They have contributed a lot to destoying Gaza. I am not talking about rakets or such. I am talking about using their own people as human shields in their hate war against Israel and jews. Their official charter is worth reading through. They mention how it is their sole purpose to eliminate Israel and jews from this earth. So anti-semitism is their ideology and this wont get them far.

    Israel has lost this war and the more they remain stubborn, the more the world leaders will distance themselves. But you know what? What did the world do? No intervention. No political sanctions and no nothing. Osama bin Laden = Afganistan and Iraq were bombed beyond recognition. Israel versus Gaza = nothing. Yes, many loud words. But you know what they say – actions speak louder than words.

    I hope there can be peace. The irony is that majority of the people on both sides actually want peace, love and harmony. But we have extremists and nationalist militant groups on both sides eager to fight and promote their own ideology of hate. Like you said the jews are not the cancer, but the politics are.

    Muslim or not, injustice and oppression of anybody should never be accepted.

  149. Yousuf said

    Germany-1933 vs. Israel-2009

    By Khalid Amayreh

    Journalist — Occupied Palestine

    Editor’s note: The rise of the rightwing in Israel through the recent Knesset elections that was preceded by the bloody war on Gaza, that left more than 1,300 dead most of them are women and children, has aroused a lot of criticism among Palestinians. Khalid Amayreh opines about the rise of Lieberman.

    “The ‘main surprise’ of the recent Israeli elections Avigdor Lieberman is a man who really has much in common with Adolph Hitler.”

    In the early 1930s, many in Germany saw the Nazis as the wave for the future. Thousands of new members joined the Nazi party, giving absolute allegiance to the Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler. In the spring of 1932, with six million unemployed, chaos in Berlin, starvation and ruin as well as the threat of Marxism, and a very uncertain future, the masses turned to Hitler by the millions.
    In the German presidential elections, which took place on March 13, 1932, Hitler received over 11 million votes or 30 percent of the total. His opponent, President Hindenburg, received more than 18 million votes or 49 percent.

    With Hindenburg failing to get the absolute majority he needed, Hitler seized the opportunity and immediately embarked on a frantic campaign, arousing national feelings and promising something for everyone. In the Third Reich, he said, every German girl would find a husband.

    Eventually, on a dark, rainy Sunday, April 10, 1932, the people voted, giving Hitler nearly 13.5 million votes, or 36 percent of the total, with Hindenburg receiving 19.3 million votes. After some political changes, in January 1933, Hitler took the reins of the German republic, being appointed as Chancellor.

    We all know the rest of the story.

    Now, a similar story is being worked out in Israel, with Nazi-minded Israeli leaders, triumphing in the recent elections which came at the heel of a genocidal blitzkrieg that destroyed the bulk of the Gaza Strip and killed and maimed thousands of innocent Palestinians, including hundreds of children.

    Towards Full-fledged Fascism

    Lieberman combines the ruthlessness of Joseph Stalin and the jingoism of the Nazi Fuhrer.
    The outcome of the elections, which took place on February 10, proves beyond doubt that the Israeli Jewish society is drifting toward full-fledged fascism.
    True, Zionism has always been inherently fascist since it embodies racism in its ugliest forms. However, the new breed of Zionist leaders are quite unapologetic about their genocidal propensities.

    Take for example, Avigdor Lieberman, the “main surprise,” of the recent elections. This is a man who really has much in common with Adolph Hitler. He is ambitious, calculating, and very manipulative. He is also racist to the core, anti-democratic, and especially genocidal in his views and political thoughts. He combines the ruthlessness of Joseph Stalin and the jingoism of the Nazi Fuhrer.

    During the recent murderous onslaught on Gaza, Lieberman proposed dropping a nuclear bomb on Gaza. He was not speaking facetiously; he says what he means and he means what he says.

    Lieberman’s other ideas include flooding Egypt by bombing the Aswan Dam, blanket-bombing Palestinian population centers, throwing thousands of Palestinian prisoners into the Dead Sea, and destroying Tehran with nuclear bombs.

    Now Lieberman, whose manifestly fascist party has become the third largest in Israel, is the rising star of Israeli politics very much as Adolph Hitler was the rising star of German politics in the late 1920s and 1930s.

    And as German political leaders sought to endear themselves to Hitler, most Israeli politicians on the right and left (the Israeli left is actually more right-wing than the most right-wing party in the Western world) are now currying favor with Lieberman and imploring him to join them in a coalition government.

    But Lieberman’s ambitions go far beyond becoming merely an important component of the Israeli political system. His eyes are focused on one thing: Becoming leader of Israel.

    Not the Black Sheep of Israeli Politics

    Unlike the Germans, many of whom did not really know where they were being led to, most Israelis seem quite aware that fascism, or more correctly, Jewish Nazism, represents the modus operandi in Israel today.
    Despite his repulsive notoriety, Lieberman is not really the black sheep of Israeli politics. In fact, Lieberman, notwithstanding his Nazi propensity, the former Moldovan immigrant may be considered “moderate” when compared against a plethora of other fascist parties in Israel such as Ichud Leumi (National Union), Habayit Hayehudi (the Jewish Home) which advocates or stops short of advocating biblical-style genocidal annihilation of all Palestinians “because God says so.”
    However, Lieberman’s pubic appeal and ability to arouse the rabble makes him far more dangerous than any other political party in Israel. He is a man who is capable of leading Israelis to the same destination that Adolph Hitler took Germans to nearly 80 years ago.

    But, unlike the Germans, many of whom did not really know where they were being led to, most Israelis seem quite aware that fascism, or more correctly, Jewish Nazism, represents the modus operandi in Israel today.

    On Thursday, February 12, the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz quoted Rabi Dr. Michael Ben-Ari as saying that the outcome of the Israeli elections proved that Israelis in general accepted the racist views of Rabbi Meir Kahane.

    “Rabbi Kahane made long inroads and I think the Israeli public in these elections gave an unequivocal answer as to where it is turning,” Ben-Ari said in an interview with Galli Tzahal, the Israeli Army Radio.

    Kahane advocated the genocidal ethnic cleansing of non-Jews in Israel-Palestine. He put his evil ideas into a book entitled “They Must Go.”

    Ben-Ari, a self-confessed Kahane disciple, had declared that Palestinians in Israel-Palestine should be expelled to places like Venezuela and Turkey.

    He declared that he would want to be Interior Security Minister, presumably in order to ethnically cleanse non-Jews in Israel.

    “Someone has to create order with regard to a few matters!!. And I wouldn’t object to filling those shoes.”

    Committing the Unthinkable

    The gloomy portents coming from Israel these days must be taken seriously.
    The gloomy portents coming from Israel these days must be taken seriously, or else humanity would allow the repetition of the events that led to the massive atrocities of the Second World War.
    The criminal, psychotic, and megalomaniac political class in Israel is simply capable of committing the unthinkable.

    They are armed to the teeth, nearly immune from external pressure, and firmly confide
    nt that the Jewish lobby or lobbies is in tight control of America from California to New York and that all America’s leaders, from Nancy Pelosi to Barack Obama are deep in the Jewish pockets.

    Hence, the world must not allow this menacing bellicosity to go unchecked.

    I know that some of those languishing under the influence of Zionist hasbara, especially in Europe and North America, may dismiss my warnings as far-fetched or highly exaggerated.

    Well, those I want to ask a simple question: Who would have thought in 1933 that Hitler would ever do what he did?


    Khalid Amayreh is a journalist living in Palestine. He obtained his MA in journalism from the University of Southern Illinois in 1983. Since the 1990s, Mr. Amayreh has been working and writing for several news outlets among which is, Al-Ahram Weekly, Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), and Middle East International. He can be reached through

  150. Anonymous said

    ambos lados son atroces, reflejan la locura de dos paises gobernados por un grupo de personas trastornadas por el poder y sedientos de sangre salga de donde salga, brote del cuerpo que quiera brotar, no importa. gobiernos asesinos, locos de remate apoyados por otros grupos que se esconden en la selva..son los vampiros humanos que se deleitan con estas imagenes, que son hechos de sangre, muerte de inocentes esfumados de la vida cuan soplo brota de bocas criminales delirantes de euforia por sus logros bestiales. es verdad se sigue repitiendo la historia y solo por el maldito poder, mal de los seres humanos, enfermedad incurable de la humanidad?. no. hay formas de conseguir un mundo mejor a traves de elementos de valores humanos como el respeto a la vida a la cultura de los paises entre otros. Nazis asesinos, Gobierno ISRAELÍ igual, gobiernos ca`pitalistas engerendro del mal y muerte..en lugar de matar a niños inocentes porque no los alimentan? en lugar de bombardear conj misiles porque no lanzan frutas, alimentos?

  151. caballo loco trochero said

    ambos lados son atroces, reflejan la locura de dos paises gobernados por un grupo de personas trastornadas por el poder y sedientos de sangre salga de donde salga, brote del cuerpo que quiera brotar, no importa. gobiernos asesinos, locos de remate apoyados por otros grupos que se esconden en la selva..son los vampiros humanos que se deleitan con estas imagenes, que son hechos de sangre, muerte de inocentes esfumados de la vida cuan soplo brota de bocas criminales delirantes de euforia por sus logros bestiales. es verdad se sigue repitiendo la historia y solo por el maldito poder, mal de los seres humanos, enfermedad incurable de la humanidad?. no. hay formas de conseguir un mundo mejor a traves de elementos de valores humanos como el respeto a la vida a la cultura de los paises entre otros. Nazis asesinos, Gobierno ISRAELÍ igual, gobiernos ca`pitalistas engerendro del mal y muerte..en lugar de matar a niños inocentes porque no los alimentan? en lugar de bombardear conj misiles porque no lanzan frutas, alimentos?

  152. Nazmi said

    Los judíos de origen semita o sea los auténticos hebreos (judíos árabes y sefarditas), son los que convivieron con las poblaciones de la región de Oriente Próximo y con los árabes en España. Durante largos años ha habido una coexistencia pacífica y muy productiva cultural y socialmente. Las pruebas están en la misma historia. Ahora estos judíos semitas forman el 5 % del total de los judíos del mundo, el resto son principalmente de origen Asquenazí descendientes del sur de Rusia, y concretamente de Khazar.
    El problema actual es que los sionistas, y no entremos en detalles del holocausto y el rechazo europeo a todo judío, consiguieron trasladar a más de 4-5 millones de judíos que no tienen nada que ver con el ligado judío de Palestina, y con el pretexto de salvarlos del odio y rechazo europeo y a la vez negando el derecho de los ciudadanos palestinos de esta tierra que llevan siglos viviendo y cultivando sus campos.
    Si llegaran los israelíes a respetar esos derechos y a convivir pacíficamente en la región, es absolutamente seguro que serían bienvenidos. Quien niega esto le invito que lea la historia imparcial y saque sus propias conclusiones.

  153. Nazmi said

    فيوليت داغر

    إسرائيل كما هي لا مستقبل لها، بالرغم من كل (والأغلب بسبب) ما اقترفته من آثام بحق الشعب الفلسطيني، فمنذ 60 سنة وهي تمعن في هذه الأرض تقطيعاً وضماً واستيطاناً، وبإنسانها تنكيلاً وقتلاً وتشتيتاً.
    جبت أرجاءها لأقف على عملية تقطيع أوصالها بجدار الفصل العنصري وبمئات الحواجز الثابتة والنقالة، لشل حركة الفلسطينيين واغتيال قدرتهم على العيش والعمل، وعلى تسليط سيف الاجتياحات فوق رؤوسهم ليلاً نهاراً وحرمانهم الشعور بالأمن والأمان في بلدهم.

  154. Nazmi said

    Muchos judíos están engañados por los sionistas que tienen sus pretensiones puramente colonialistas. y ¿por qué?

    – Los palestino son árabes, y éstos son canaaneos dueños y habitantes de la tierra conocida como la de Canaan mucho antes de la llegada de Abrahan guiado desde mesopotamia.
    – Hacia el año 2000 a.c., Abraham abandonó Mesopotamia y condujo su pueblo a Canaán en busca de mejores pastos para sus rebaños, (Génesis, XII, 5). “No es seguro que Abraham existiera realmente; su nombre pudo crearse para dotar a ese pueblo un antepasado mítico”( Los orígenes de los hebreos. Historia del Mundo, Larousse – Tomo I, El Amanecer de la Civilización, 129
    – Siete siglos más tarde volvieron, procedentes de Egipto al mando de Moisés.

    – Arthur Koestler autor de Thirteenth Tribe, “La tribu decimotercera” publicado 1976, menciona que los judíos de Europa no son descendientes de los hebreos, sino que son los nietos de los Khazar, aquellos que se convirtieron y profesaron el judaísmo entre los siglos 7º y 10º de la era cristiana en la región Cáucasa, después de que su emperador decidió cambiar su pagana religión primitiva. Koestler confirma también, que las tribus bíblicas (hebreas) nunca fueron de la pureza étnica que se le refiere. Las tribus israelíes desde el principio eran mezcla de varios elementos étnicos ya que en aquel tiempo varias poblaciones vivieron en Asia Menor, Siria, y Palestina como los Asmoneos, Hititas, entre otros.

    -Los hebreos se mezclaron con todas estas poblaciones tal como lo confirma la Biblia:
    – así leemos que Abraham se casó de segunda con Agar, la egipcia (madre de Ismael, predecesor de los musulmanes);
    – Yusuf se casó con la hija de un clero faraónico;
    – Moisés con Débora, oriunda árabe nativa de la ciudad de Médien al norte de la Península Arábiga;
    – Sansón conocido como el héroe judío era un palestino, o sea un filisteo;
    – la madre del rey David era de Moab –sur de la actual Jordania – y él mismo se casó de una princesa de la tribu de los Guishor;
    – el rey Salomón, cuya madre era hitita, tenía muchas amantes que eran de Moab, Ammon, Edom, Zidon y del país de los Hititas (Asia Menor) y el Faraón le otorgó su hija en matrimonio. Además era natural que la gente en aquel tiempo imitara a sus reyes y líderes, lo que apoya esa impureza de la población hebrea.
    El reino de Israel en Judea y Samaria duró tan sólo 70 años y jamás llegó a tener sus fronteras hasta el mar.
    Y por último Israel ocupa Palestina desde hace más de 50 años y con toda su frenética búsqueda arqueológica, no ha encontrado ningún indicio de su reinado ni del Templo de Salomon.

  155. The guilty Zionist aggressive gang of Israel achieved the world’s dislike.
    And I say it really you, Israel has to perish soon.
    They say it about themselves, that they the god’s selected folk?
    These the selected and designate folk of the Satan! Was born for the evil beings in the world.
    The world has to join forces against the evil though. Let a Zionist lose on all of them!!!

  156. Nazmi said

    The Biblical and historical pretensions in which the Zionism vindicates the legitimacy of the installation of the State of Israel in the Palestinian territory and considers it as the Promised Land for the Jewish people, or what the propaganda tries to spread of their ethnically pure race are groundless for several reasons:
    1. The only Hebrew state in Palestine, and according to the same Jewish history, did not live more than 70-80 years and finished in the ruin. It extended in central region around and north of Jerusalem and had no borders on the sea. That is, the supposed capital established in Jerusalem could not last more than 100 years. These are not the thousands of years that the Israelis affirm. The Israeli’s vindication of Jerusalem is as if the Greeks demanded Afghanistan, simply because Alexander Magno conquered it the year 335 B.C or the Arabs demanded Toledo, Cordova or Granada where they stayed several centuries. The archaeological excavations, some under the position of the prestigious archaeologist Israel Finklestein, have never found some track of interest in the subsoil of the present Jerusalem. The only thing they found was the ruins of an Omeye palace. This is Arabic presence. The previous p.m., Isaac Rabin wanted to recover it but the members of the Kenest rose against him. In conclusion the supposed Hebrew Jerusalem does not lie underneath the present one, “Ursalem”. The Jewish kingdoms of David and Salomón that lasted 73 years, are a stage of many periods of the history of old Palestine and is not exclusively Jewish.
    Historical events in Al-Qods have been recorded in history books with different names of the holy city. A Canaanian tribe the Jebuseos, reconstructed Al-Qods more than 5000 years ago and named the city “Ursalim”. “City of Salim” is attributed to Shalim meaning “peace” and ‘Ur” meaning “city”. The name was also taken to other nations. The Jews called it “Yerushalayim”, the Greek and Romans called the city “Hero Solima” and the westerners called it Jerusalem.
    2. Towards year 2000 B.C. Abraham left Mesopotamia and led his people (included the grandfathers of Hebrews and Arab Muslims) to Canaan in search of better grass for his flocks, (Génesis, XII, 5). “It is not certain that Abraham really existed; his name could be created to equip to that people a mythical ancestor”. Seven centuries later the Hebrews returned from Egypt under the control of Moses. “The Israelites dispossessed the Canaanites of the land that God had given them as their heritage in Jerusalem and the surrounding region, as it had been explained to them through Moses. The nations of the Philistines (Palestines), the Canaanites, the Armenians, the Edomites, the Ammonites, and the Moabites fought against them.

  157. Nazmi said


    3.Arthur Koestler author of Thirteenth Tribe, published in 1976, mentions that the Jews of Europe are not descending of the Hebrews, but they are the grandsons of the Khazar tribe, those that became and professed the Judaism between the centuries 7º and 10º of the Christian era in the Caucasian region, after its emperor decided to change his pagan primitive religion.
    Koestler also affirms that the Biblical tribes (Hebrew) were never of the ethnic purity as it is referred to. The Israeli tribes from the beginning were mixture of several ethnic elements since in that time several populations lived in Asia Minor, Syria, and Palestine like the Asmoneos, Hittites, among others.
    4. The Hebrews mixed themselves with all these populations as the Bible confirms :
    – we read that Abraham married the second time with Agar, the Egyptian (mother of Ismael, predecessor of the Muslims);
    – Yusuf (Abraham’s son) married with the daughter of a Pharaonic clergy;
    – Moses did it to Débora, Arab native of the city of Median in the north of the Arabic Peninsula;
    – Sansón known like the Jewish hero was a Palestinian who concretely is a filisteo;
    – The mother of King David was from Moab, South of present Jordan and he himself married of a princess of the tribe of the Guishor;
    – King Solomon, whose mother was Hittite, had many lovers who were of Moab, Ammon, Edom, Zidon and of the country of the Hittites (Minor Asia) and the Pharaoh granted his daughter to him in marriage. In addition it was natural that people in that time imitated their kings and leaders. All these proofs support the impurity of the Hebrew population.
    5. In another text “Old history of the Iraqian Jews” the writer Ahmad Sousa thinks that the Jews of the Arabic Peninsula were Arabs who turned to the Judaism against the opinion that affirms that they were emigrants Jewish fled from Palestine. In conclusion, the Jewish religion was not exclusive to the Hebrews which they followed Moses, but Judaism spread as religion between the different populations and races that professed it in their corresponding distant countries without being related to Palestine, such as the Jews of the Caucasus, the Jews of the central Europe and the Jews of the Moghreb who were of Barbarian origin like Yerawa that inhabits mountains of Ouras, Nafusa, Mendilawa, Madyula, Bahlula and Ghiyata. Ibn Khaldun Abed Al Rahmán (1332-1406) mentions this in his book “Kitab al Ïbar and Diwan al Mubtada ual Khabar”.
    6. Wellington in his book “History of the Jews in the Arab countries” mentions that the Jewish religion was the official of the Arab countries of the South Yemen, during the reign of Saba from 400 to 525 of the Christian era. Also many tribes professed the Judaism when they were transferred by the Assyrian from several places of their extensive empire to Palestine to replace the Jews that were taken from there to Iran, Medo and to Kurdistan.

    IV. The Myth of Israel as the Only Democracy in the Region.
    There are founded reasons to consider Israel as a theocratic republic in which the Zionist ideology considers the religious orthodoxies like a fundamental question that defines the character of “chosen people of the Jews”. The legislation of this “artificial” state demonstrates the following facts:
    1. The “Law on citizenship”, approved in 1971, allows any Jew of any country, that “when expressing his desire to settle in Israel”, becomes automatically Israeli citizen. However, the true Arab inhabitants are considered like residents of second category.
    2. “Law for Acquisition of Equities of the Absentees”, that classifies the Arab equities and lands, whose owners had left temporarily their places escaping from the war or because their lands were declared zones of security by the Zionist military.
    3. Or the Article 125 of the “Defence’s Law” that prevents the Arabs of returning to their lands if these lands have been designated by the Occupation’s forces for the establishment of a Jewish settlement.

  158. Nazmi said

    In summary, this is the kind of the Jewish bourgeoisie that benefits of the endorsement of European and American imperialism that lately originated a colonialist movement to:
    a) Confine the poorest of Jews in Holy Land, separating them from the classe’s struggle in Europe and from the Left parties; most of the first Jewish emigrants were of the poor class coming from Europe and Russia. Jacob Schiff was the organizing accomplice.
    b) Free the West of the anti-semitic fury that was growing. Remember the acts of the Nazis and the English anti-Semitic Parties
    c) Place a gendarme in Middle East close to the petroleum reserves and
    d) Safeguard the British imperialistic interests at that moment and the United States’ at the present time.

  159. Nazmi said

    Again this confirms that the Balfour Declaration was considered like the “alliance of wedding” between the Zionism and English imperialism. Why is that imperialism? The reason is that the British saw in Palestine colonization the possibility of having a strategic enclave that allowed them to controlling the Suez Channel and facilitating the commerce with India and the most fundamental accessing the Iraqi Oil. Besides they saw in that colonization a powerful weapon to restrain the Arab nationalism whose resurgence they perceived during World War One.
    As we read before the Zionists political plans focused their attention on their primary target; the events between the two world wars. And after assuring their objectives in Germany, the conspirators directed their attention publicly towards Palestine, to make of this strategic place as their future operations centre.
    So behind the new mask, “the political Zionism”, the Zionists began the execution of these two main targets that they granted with the western interests in general and the British in particular: the
    1. Forcing of the recognition of a Jewish state on Palestinian ground that can become the centre of the global conspiracy to prepare the future world-wide conflicts.
    2. To extend the hand easily on the wealth of the natural resources in the region.
    The first step was the commitment of the great European countries to support futures plans of the conspirators: the declaration of Balfour, reason why the old USSR, USA, France and England were committed to support the foundation of the State of Israel soon after it has been declared.

  160. […] pretén provocar-nos la nàusea i/o enfortir la nostra visió del món (són pitjors algunes pàgines sobre Palestina o les mateixes notícies de la TV). Motivant la pregunta, què és el que acabo de veure, si jo […]

  161. rahil said

    BUT holocaust has not proved!!!

  162. Groz said

    This is proof. The Jew is a most vile aprehensible organism for beating and to kill. Jews from camps would have better finished there then set free.

  163. englishman said

    …. !!! how can you compare the slaughter of 6 million jews to the problems in palestine!!,

    Slaughtering is bad and condemned, it doesn’t matter whether they are Jews killed by Hitler or Palestinians slaughtered by Zionist troops! More than 400 Palestinian kids were massacred in just Israelis recent attacks.

  164. karla said

    how can you freaking compare what did to the jews to this?
    People they freaking KILLED them in gas chambers, they STARVED them to death they killed children babies, made them lived in Crappyy places.
    the holocaust was a horrible thing.. thats not an excuse to what they are doing.Or supposedly doing.. but still you just CANT compare the holocaust to this…

  165. down with isreal said

    ha ha ya u can compare this to the holocaust because isreal is trying to get revenge and just kill the arabs in what they think is their land but it actually is the arabs land. the executed are now the executors. they are commiting genocide. isreal wont stand a chance against iran because isreal would fall in an instant. the jews need to find their own land than just trying to be the baby of the world and just let the world leaders feel sad for you and give you a piece of land that wasnt theirs. isreal should move down to australia where they wont have any conflicts. down with isreal.

  166. Yousuf said

    I would agree with the last poster. Perhaps what has happened so far isnt on the same scale as the holocaust in Germany, but the EVIL is still the same.

    And given the chance they would do the same.

  167. Momin said

    What happened in Gaza is not Holocaust. Never will be. Do remember over 1 million arab muslims reside within the borders of Israel and they probably have better facilities and options than those of their brethern across the border overall. If this was holocaust, Israel could with their weapons and advanced technology wipe out every palestinian and the world would stay silent. They need not do that to just 1400 people. They could take all overnight. That is how strong they are – unfortunately.

    Or else I am waiting for the same people to call Darfur, Kashmir, Bosnia and well every possible killing of a person holocaust. No matter if it is one person dead or several.

    300.000 people have been killed in Darfur if not more. The number has been cited as high as 450.000 – why has nobody condemned that? Or does solidarity only apply to the cause of Palestine? What about other muslims brothers and sisters? How about Gujerat? Anybody willing to call that Holocaust?

    Gaza is not holocaust. Israel was wrong in attacking Gaza – no doubt. But that does not make it holocaust. Any by calling it holocaust, you are making a mockery of holocaust and showing lack of comprehension of the background and understanding of what Holocaust is. And no I do not believe holocaust is a jew thing only. But Gaza is not holocaust. No matter how many quotes you get from public speakers or theologists.

    This is a bad habit of making things worse than they are. Maybe we should then call muslims who advocated anti-semitism for being nazis then?

    If you are going to go with on far out absurd extreme then you might as consider the opposite extreme too.

    Evil is evil. It knows no creed, race, nationality, religion, tribe, culture, polictics or anything.

    And I hold the world responsible for staying silent when there are so many atrocities going on ad beyond Gaza with far more people being killed, women being raped, children being recruited as child soldiers and so on. Yet nobody in the muslim community talks against that. Is condemnation dependent on being arab versus non-arab? Are arab muslims then racist? Many questions come to mind when the focus is stolen from other equally pressing and urgent matters as Gaza. Yet nobody speaks. Nobody even makes a blog thread about it. No condemnation from the arab or muslim world.

    America must stop supplying weapons to Israel. Or else there can not be any serious of truthful peace negotiations.

    By generalizing every israeli jew as being nazi the battle is lost before begun. Would one like it if all muslims were classified as being terrorists and persona non grata? No. Then surely the same distinction should be shown to the jews residing in Israel. Many jews oppose the occupation of Palestine and want a solution. Some even question the legitmacy of the state of Israel in the heart of Palestine. But no distinction is made.

    Hate is not the way. It is blind and it tends to give more problems than solutions.

    Demonizing each israeli/jew will not solve anything. Just like demonizing each palestinian/arab won’t do much good.

  168. Abbas said

    Palestine – An Israeli Holocaust (Palestine vs Nazi Germany)

    Content taken from pictures above

  169. Meryricejeony said

    For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, “Look mate, don’t ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!”

  170. S. Goldberg said

    I am sure some of those pictures are fake and may be from previous times. I am also sure that there were attacks by Palestinian terrorists against civilian Israeli targets. I am also sure that not as many Palestinians were killed by Israel as were Jews by Hitler. None of those reason are good enough to justify Israel’s actions.
    When Israel continue behaving like the terrorists it is trying to fight, it becomes morally equivalent to those terrorists. And by Jews continuing to, blindly and completely support Israel’s actions no matter how criminal, it makes us more likely to face hate and crime in the future. Well, not in my name I am Jewish and I support a home land for Jews in Israel, but I don’t support Israel’s killing of Palestinian, treating them like animals by caging them and restricting their movement, and treating them like there where the children of a lesser mother. Let’s face it, a Palestinian mother will grieve for her child just as deeply and painfully as a Jewish mother will. Israel has the upper hand and should be held to a higher standard, after all it is the only, although be it partially, democracy in the region.

  171. Anonymous said

    This is so sad, to think that those little children are dead, just because of land, and Jesus says that heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words never will. Wow, I value my childrens lives, and would gladly give up my land, for my precious childs life.

  172. […] […]

  173. Nissrin said

    Me parce razonable Said, que pensemos antes de escribir, son inocentes, es más, piensa que eres tú mismo, porque en cada uno de nosotros hay un niño muy sensible frágil, y indefenso.
    Ahora……podemos opinar,estar deacuerdo…. habrá que hacer algo…pero….¿quien es capaz de mover un solo dedo???

  174. Anonymous said

    i feal sad for all of those victims and the baby who lost it’s head i wish this world was not sp cruel and people will find peace in o say before the world ends !!!! 😦

  175. JP said

    Ransom33: Considering your praying tendency, I presume you are from USA. In this case you’d do better to pray that your government stops feeding money from your pocket into this conflict. Eventually directly demand your government to do so.

  176. mariana said

    que mala suerte aui deveria haver mas justicia y mucha mas hermandad pr que en las fotos veo mucha tristeza y yo no quiero que haya mas racismo por que la jente no hizonada y los matan y los pegan que injusticia

  177. FREDY said


  178. sharpinchitown said

    @Jeremy, how cute, you clearly don’t know the history of the Zionists do you?

    They had a partnership with the Nazis from 1933 thru the Holocaust with a mutual goal of a homeland in Palestine. (read 51 Documents by Lenni Brenner

    Theodor Herzl (founder of modern day zionism) said fomenting hatred and anti-Semitism is good and will further Zionist goals (paraphrased). He didn’t give a rat’s AZZ about Jewish suffering, only Zionist goals. If it’s not clear now, the means justified the ends — the state of Israel was worth the Holocaust.

    The Zionists worked with the Nazis, in fact they worked WITHIN their ranks, they ran concentration camps. They negotiated so a few thousand Hungarian friends and family would be saved while sending hundreds of thousands of Jews to their death.

    You don’t know WHAT you’re defending.

  179. sharpinchitown said

    S. Goldberg, why do people say Israel is a democracy? Do democracies engage in Apartheid? Do democracies make interracial marriages difficult if not impossible? Do democracies unfairly divvy up building permits? Do democracies force people out of their homes to allow people who never lived on the land move in right in front of the evicted person’s face? Do democracies have racist birth control policies (well, ok, some do)?

    Democracies don’t do this. We just need to call it what it is.

    I do not agree with a homeland in Israel only because I have studied this for almost two decades and there is little to no matrilineal connection to the Middle East amongst the world’s Jews; there is a patrilineal connection but that’s not how Judaism flies.

    So people who aren’t of the Abrahamic lineage have kicked people off the lands who were (and the Palestinians are Jewish, Christian and Muslim, not just Muslim) Semitic and whose ancestors have lived on the land for many generations, some up to a thousand years or more. They were peaceful neighbors…until the foreign usurpers showed up.

    The worst part is that the Nazis and the Zionists forged a partnership in 1933 with a mutual goal of a homeland in Palestine for Jews. Then they conducted the Holocaust because as Herzl said, more Jewish suffering will help the Zionists achieve their goals, hatred for the Jews and anti-Semitism must be encouraged (paraphrased).

    I just can’t get behind that – it makes me sick.

  180. wungramvao said

    Isreal is a CANCER on earth, the only planet where we live. Jewish are pigs…. They are not human. They built holocaust memorial on someone else land by forcibly occupying the land and killing the native people. This is wrost then holocaust. someone was commenting that Isreali did not starve palestinian in camp… but how can you say that when all the roads leading towards palestine are block by isreali. N its almost 3 years since the isreali block everything in palestine. They want to starve the whole palestinian. LET THE ISREALI STOP THE WAR AND LET THERE BE PEACE ON THIS EARTH.

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