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  • photos: Farshad Palideh & Ehsan Mohammadi
  • June 2008
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Beautiful Iran (photos)

Posted by Parsin on June 11, 2008

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Uramunat- Kurdistan- North western Iran


armenian-church-Azerbaijan- North western Iran




Asalem-Khalkhal, Gilan-Azerbaijan, North western Iran

Khojin, Khalkhal- Azerbaijan, Northwestern Iran

Khojin, Khalkhal- Azerbaijan, Northwestern Iran
















Lake Urmia-Azerbaijan- North western Iran

Lake Urmia-Azerbaijan- North western Iran







sobatan-village-Ardebil- North western Iran


Uramanat-Kurdistan- North western Iran





winter night in Isfahan

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A Very Beautiful Slide show about Iran (pps)

196 Responses to “Beautiful Iran (photos)”

  1. Shahrzad said

    Waw, very beautiful. I visited all of them except Sistan-Balouchistan and Southern Khorasan.

    Have you heard they put FarsNews agency on stand by?

  2. Parsin said

    Thanks Shahrzad! Actually I have been to Sistan-Balouchestan many years ago. We visited “Shahr-e-Sookhteh” and many other places.
    Iran is very rich in nature and diversity of locations. I hope one day, people in power could realize how they are harming the prestige of this country by setting so much unneeded limitation.

    Yes I heard about it and also about Abbas Palizdar!!! Have you heard about this last one!!?

  3. Shahrzad said

    Yes i heard about Palizdar too. There is such a fuss in news agencies about it!!

  4. Marissa said

    Wow. I totally want to come and visit. Are visitors from the US allowed to come to Iran? I would love to go up into the mountains and stay in a little cottage. It’s absolutely lovely. It makes california seem quite ugly in comparison.

    I wish there would be peace in the world so we could all appreciate the beauty of every land in the world, instead of just the western countries.

    I just love the traditional Persian teahouse too!

  5. Marissa said

    The lakes are also the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I’m terrified of the Ocean, but I absolutely adore swimming in lakes.

    What do Iranian women wear for swimsuits? I wear a skirted one-piece to maintain my modesty, even though it is defenitely not the fasion for American teens. Muslima teens tend to be so fashionable yet modest at the same time, it’s very refreshing to see.

  6. Parsin said

    Sure! you can visit Iran. Each year we have many people coming from US. You have to find a travel agency and do your paperworks through them. There are many tours to Iran.

    Of course, US is also very beautiful. I have been to rockies and Yellowstone several times and they are really magnificent. Last time I visited Yellowstone, it made me almost cry, the big fire in late 90’s had destroyed everything! Have you seen the geisers in Old-Faithful area in Yellowstone? The big one is really magnificent. It erupts once in a 15-20 minutes!

    Lets hope for the day Bush and all necons leave the White House and they take their disasters with them.

  7. Marissa said

    Could you possibly post some photos of Iraq before America destroyed it? I’m sure it was once very beautiful also, and hopefully someday after the occupation it will be beautiful and happy again.

  8. Parsin said

    In muslim countries there are two cultures. One which goes by the western style wear the way as you see in the west. The second and those who keep their modesty either use separate places for laddies and men, or wear some suits that cover their body, similar to the one you describe of yours. Long time ago I had put a post on these suits. You can take a look at them in here:

  9. Parsin said

    Marissa says:
    Could you possibly post some photos of Iraq before America destroyed it? I’m sure it was once very beautiful also, and hopefully someday after the occupation it will be beautiful and happy again.
    Yes, as you may know Baghdad is a historical city. It was once one of the most beautiful places on the earth!
    I will try to find photos of Iraq before and after US invasion.

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  11. Iwant to add the “recent visitor ” box like ur blog.
    how can I do it.
    i registered in that web address , but i don’t know where should i put the code.
    can u help me?

  12. Glenn said


    I want to come with Marissa to Iran. She has the perfect scenario for me: a cottage in the mountains. We can all have a blast.

    The pictures are sensational. I copied them in my picture file. They are classic. The church is beautiful and obviously old.


    Both of you have my invitation to come to Iran! We can all go to ” cottage in the mountains”.


  13. Parsin said

    You have to just register on their site and follow the steps they mention in their site. To go to their site just click on the “recent visitor” box or use the following link:

  14. Glenn said

    Parsin my man:

    I was just wondering: Is there any way I could blow up those pictures and hang them in my home?



    I am very glad you liked them. These are the sizes I have in my PC too. I don’t know if you if you can make them bigger using photoshop or similar software!

  15. e4unity said

    You are justly proud of your country and heritage. Thank you for sharing both with us. The beauty is simply breath-taking. Sign me up as well for the trip! Maybe if you can find some agency to offer an internet special we could get a real crowd from the States to go.

    As always, humbled to be your friend.
    John Paul Todd

    Thanks! There are many people visiting Iran each year and some of them are from US. I hope after new election in US and hopefully election of Obama the relation between the two countries will get better and tourist exchange will be much easier.
    The important point is that people should reach each other regardless of limitations and negative slogans some broken politicians are spreading.

    God Bless You

  16. those are real photos?
    lol holy cow
    what’s in those buildings?

    Thanks for visiting!
    Yes They are real!!
    Some of these buildings are historical and they are open to visitors!

  17. dilber ali said

    fantastic scenic photos

  18. soheila said

    can you tell me where is the saayeh-khosh(southern-iran)exactly?that’s awesome!and post some photos of it?

    It seems it is in Bandar Lengeh! I am not familiar with the place, but I found the picture here .

  19. Steph said

    I am thinking about travelling to Iran at the end of January 2009, but I’m not sure if a lone female would be given a visa.
    I’m also quite scared of being so far from home (England) on my own as I’ve only been to Jordan on my own before, but after seeing these pictures I am sure I wouldn’t regret it!
    Thank you for posting,

    Many people come to Iran each year. In recent years we have had many tourists from western countries visiting Iran.
    I understand your concerns, but you can manage your travel through an agency. Then there should be no problem. They will take care of your visa and while you are in Iran, they take you to trips with a group of tourists like yourself. Also, you can get more information from your (British) Embassy in Tehran.
    I am sure you will enjoy Iran. The best time would be in Spring (April-May) if you like the nature. Otherwise you can travel later in Summer.

  20. Steven said


    I would like to come to Iran and visit “armenian-church-Azerbaijan- North western Iran”.
    Does someone know where exactly I can find this church.

    Thanks. you can reply on



  21. Parsin said

    You can check with either Iranian Embassy in your country or your embassy in Tehran to get full information about traveling to Iran.
    Other way would be to find some Travel Agencies that take tourists to Iran. Many of them could be found in google search. These agencies prepare every thing and you can arrange going to the “Armenian Church”. Actually there are several Historical churches in Iran. Some of the are near Ormia City in Western Azerbaijan. I have visited what is called “Black Church“.
    I hope this helps you. Please let me know if you needed further information.

  22. SIMIN said

    Loving Iran with beautiful countrysides. I wish to visit iran before I died. is there anyone to help me to get to shiraz.

    I hope you can visit Iran with one of the tourist agencies that are found in most countries. They will take you to shiraz too.

  23. Anonymous said

    I grew up in Iran and didn’t have any chance to see any of those places yet.Now that I am far far away from Iran, I appreciate you for posting these pictures , so I can proudly show them to my friends and tell them, see, here is where I belong to.This is beautiful Iran.
    I was so excited to get to know , we have Hudoo’s in Iran too.

    I am glad to hear all of these. Of course Iran is much beautiful that what you see in these pictures. Our land is full of different cultures and traditions, each beautiful and great. We have different climates ranging from dry deserts to humid forests all over Iran.

  24. kavan said

    the site is cool, tnx a bunch .
    but it would be better if you didnt meddle the politic with the beauty of iran . no racism is good slogan but let the others to make their own decision .

  25. delam mire Kurdistan said

    salam compatriots…. I think Uramanat is in Kordestan, somewhere near sanandaj, and not in Azerbaijan? I’m not sure though? I’ve been to Urmiye and Mahabad and both are beautiful places. I have yet to see Shiraz and Isfahan…. !!!! I WANT TO GO SO BAD!!!

  26. Parsin said

    Thanks, you are right! It is in Kurdistan.

  27. Yekta said

    salam,omidvaram khub bashid,weblogetetun fogholadast,rafigh ozr mikham,sheshomin axetun,eshare kardid ke asaleme,rafigh ama asalem tu azarbayjan nist tu gilane:)ba arezue movafaghiate ruz afzun

    Salam, Thanks it is shared by both provinces. I added Gilan.

  28. oktay said

    very beautiful.thanks.

    please show more images from Azerbaijan


  29. mister. yonan said

    Wow! I’m glad to see some photo from north-western Iran because my Grandfather born in an Assyrian village in Iran. So pretty, and those amazing mountains are breath taking!

  30. ugocon said

    Very beautiful!
    I’m from Italy and couldn’t imagine the beauties I’ve seen in these images.
    We only know of Iran because of the news… not always so nice!
    It’s a land and a people with such an heritage, almost comparable to ancient Roma (where I live).
    Again, very beautiful!


  31. Madey said

    I would absolutely love to visit Iran! Hopefully the turmoil in Iraq will end soon, since Obama has been elected, and it will be easier to travel to places like Iran and Iraq. My grandfather and his brother were pilots, and they loved to tell stories to me and my siblings about where they’d been (my grandfather’s favorite places were Iran, Afghanistan, and Hong Kong). He would go on and on about Iran’s beauty, all the historical buildings and everything. But his descriptions never could have given this country justice.
    I love the “traditional-persian-outdoor-teahouse” and “pear-orchard-shiraz” but every single picture is beautiful!

  32. Irma said

    Hi Parsin,
    I’m from Indonesia, a country with the biggest muslim population. I really appreciate what you wrote in your blog regarding the peaceful nature of Islam, which has been misunderstood for so long that it is very difficult to erase the negative stigma attached to it.

    I agree with you that getting to know more about people and countries in other part of the world will open one’s mind and will eventually lead to mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence between people regardless of their beliefs. I would like to have some more discussions with you about what life is like in Iran.

    These pictures of Iran are very beautiful. Not only is the nature breathtaking, but the architecture is also gorgeous and magnificent. Most of them are in the countryside though, what about the city scenes? I’d like to see them too.

  33. azar said

    i love iran
    i live iran
    im student in university(translation video and tape
    unique iran

  34. Anonymous said

    i love iran
    i live in iran (esfahan city)
    iranian people are very kind ,some my foreign firends said this subject
    my email
    im student in university(translation video and tape
    unique iran

  35. ferid said


  36. Anonymous said

    Salam aksha kheily binazir bod mana yade Iranemon andakht, tamoome khaterate man khososan ba akshaye Esfahan zende shod, be omide didan Vatanemon Iran.

    SHAHAB, Perth, Western Australia.

  37. enas murad said

    Wow thank you, I’m persian from Shiraz but I was born and lived all my life in Bahrain. I visit shiraz sometimes to meet the other half of my relatives, but I’m always aching to visit other areas in Iran. I’ve been to Bagheh Eram it was so beautiful. I wish I could visit during spring i’ve never seen a Norouz celebration. What I miss so much about Shiraz/Iran is Faloodeh lol. It’s probably my second fav. sweet right after chocolate lol. For all foreigners you have to try it, take it from a chocoholic with a sweet tooth who appreciates only good quality chocolates and desserts. Try it, proud to say it originated in Shiraz 😀

    Mersi aksah kheyli qashang hastan. your photography’s amazing as well, finally professional photos of Iran and its incredible, historic, priceless, cultural beauties.

  38. ahmad said

    wooow beautifull iran, im very interesting to visited that, those fotos so great, i’ve only know is Tehran, many places great in Iran…i like that..

  39. اگر یک چند باری بی بی سی و سی ان ان این تصاویر را به مردم دنیا نشان دهند، آن وقت همه نگاه ها به ایران تغییر خواهد کرد

  40. ATR said

    زنده باد ایران و ایرانی

  41. mohamad said

    ive felt in love with iran
    oh my catastrophic country we stay with you until the latest drop of our blood:-(

  42. mahboobeh said

    yes… here is iran.

  43. vahid shamkhali said

    hi all photo are nice where can i get poster size pictures so i can dis play them in my restaurant.

  44. nisar said

    theis places is very beautiful iran is a good muslim country his peaples ia grate and lovers i am pakistani Thanks.

  45. Golnaz H said

    I’m proud to be Persian:)

  46. رحیمی said

    سلام هموطن . عالی بود .

  47. قدرت said

    عكسهات خيلي زيباست

  48. Anonymous said

    i am naseer ahmed pakistan . . . .,,ilove iran=sher ki 1 din ki zindagi geedar ki so sala zindagi say behtar hay.ok my muslima friends girls and boys thankyou good boy.naseer ahmed

  49. Tinatin said

    I’m from Christian country. Iran is the one of the most interesting countries in the would. I’m not very young but yet I could not answer one question – why cannot we live together in peace! For me your culture is so beautiful and interesting! When I see your architecture, gardens, colourful landscapes I feel myself in magic tale! That’s live in peace! And visit our countries as guests, tourists… why not? Why! I

  50. coneja2 said

    it is a very ugly conuntry, has little to see and also possesses a very late culture…………….pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  51. fresassinchocolte said

    crazy old…

  52. Parsin said

    Iranians are peaceful people, like most people around the world. They are teaching hard lessons to their politicians these days. Crazy and retarded politicians could be found everywhere.
    I also wish that one day there would be a chance for others to freely travel Iran.

  53. Tinatin said

    I am from your neighbour country Georgia. I heard much about Iran. I’d like to see your towns – Tehran, Esfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz and others that I don’t know. I don’t want to live as politicians want but nowadays it is impossible. I hope some day it will be possible. (English is not my native, I hope you understand me).

  54. Hamed( Iranian From Canada) said

    Great Pictures. Yes, this is Iran.

  55. Sohail Khan Ghauri said

    your iran is very beautiful god bless on it

  56. Saba said

    Dear Parsin,

    Thank you so much for sharing these photos, I’m Persian,too and still live in Tehran, and I’m so sorry that there wasn’t enough time and money to go and see all these beauties, Iran has a very rich nature and culture, and I’m so happy that you show the real face of Iran to people from around the world, I hope they’ll understand that how foreign media tells about Iranians and how they pictured us, is not true and it’s just belong to our crazy bastered politicains which we all hate them.
    Again, thank you so much, and as I live in Tehran ( Capital of Iran) I will be honored to show every where I could to foreign people who like to visit Iran.

  57. Omid said

    Love this site and this pictures. Love Iran

  58. Anonymous said

    one of the most beautifull collections i have ever seen.more power to you!

  59. Anonymous said

    iran is the most beautiful place in th whole wide world i wish i could go back iran!

  60. shadi said

    Iran is the best place in the world i wish i could go back to Iran to live .
    ahmadi nejad is so dumb,he is a monkey

  61. mina said

    woooooow very wonderfull,its great.i proud of my country

  62. Robil Khan said

    fantastic pictures of Iran, Iran is one of the great country i love it. i am from Pakistan but I love Iran too. thanks to them whom make the collection of beautiful pictures of Iran.

  63. mina_l said

    Thanks for thses nice photos but you forgot to share Chahar mahalo bakhtiyari,s know well that its a very very very beautifull place in world.have you seen there?i invite you and all of people to come and see GOD,s best waiting to see some photo from there.

  64. Thanks for thses nice photos

  65. Javanshir from Baku said

    Author, thanks for the beautiful views of the Iran. Let all see how our land is, how magnificent is Islam with its culture…

  66. Elvin said

    Kapan ya bisa ke Iran……. Bagus bgt kota na…… tapi sekarang masih seindah inikah…..?????

  67. ochin said

    georgious :wow:

  68. sahar said an iranian girl and i saw ur pic here.I want to say iran has more beautiful places like shiraz and its seround,like KOHMARe SORKHI,DEH SHIKH,SEPIDAN,… If u want inf about them I am at your servis.thanks for your site.. . .. {sorry I removed the phone number in your comment}

  69. olivia said

    From the pictures, I have to say Iran is fascinating!!!
    I plan to go to Iran in late October to November and aside from the must see persepolis and esfahan I want to see the Azerbaijan in the northwest thanks to your pictures 🙂 May I know whether it is too cold to visit those beautiful places at the time of the year please? Is it difficult if we are on a tight budget to reach the place? Thank you for your help..
    I am glad that you like the pictures and wish you a good trip to Iran. Yes, it is usually cold in late October and November in Azerbaijan province. I recommend you to take winter clothes with you. Iran is considerably cheap compared to many other places. Therefore, I think you can do a good vacation with your limited budget in here!

  70. rsaboor said

    thank you very much, these pictures are wonderful. I could use your pictures and the PowerPoint to show Iran to one of my foreign friends from USA

  71. arad said

    tank you so much for photo.

  72. Ramin said

    Hi from France,

    Thank you very much. Very nice pictures.
    Can I add your pictures in my future web site ?

    Yes, you are welcome to add them in your future web site.

  73. Fx15 said

    thanks reply

  74. mohamd said

    is nice

  75. irf shahid said

    Iran is really beautifull i really really like Northern Iran soo much and wish to visit once in my life.

  76. Arya said

    having watched all the pictures; i want to appreciate the one who ran the awesome work.

    My name is Arya, i`m living in Babulsar. i just ran a photo gallery in which i posted lots of pictures from Mazandaran, and where i live.

    Hi Arya, Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  77. mojtaba said

    salam bar tamami iraniyan
    aksha aali bod
    hemmat shoma hm hmintor
    payande baashid

  78. pouran said

    Thanks for sharing your lovely pic,
    Hope 1 day our lovely country can be free,
    free of all kind of dictatorship.
    Vive Iran

  79. Lucia said

    I’ve never seen such beautiful landscape pictures…! It must be like paradise in Iran if you love sight-seeing.

  80. arief said

    so. beuatiful
    can i go there…..????
    its a miracle if i can go there

  81. omid said

    cho iran nabashad tane man mabad

  82. niloofar said

    سلام و ممنون
    ایکاش سیاستمدارای ایرانی یه ذره از این سیاست تو یاد میگرفتن اونجوری دیگه لازم نبود با زور به همه گفت بابا به خدا اینجا ایرانه و این تصاویر واقعی…
    باز هم ممنون البته نه از بابت عکسا بیشتر از بابت صبر و تحمل و متانتی که به خرج دادی…

  83. AZADEH said

    vaghan vaghan vaghan aksa ali va ghashang bud mamnooonnnnnnnnn

  84. mehdi said

    00000000h thank you …..

  85. saeed said

    very good. iran is nice

  86. alimenual said

    salam az ax zibayi ke vase ma ironihaye kharej az keshvar gozashti mamnonim



  89. Anonymous said

    it’s so beauty ,i like lahijan

  90. JunGyu said

    wow. beautiful.

  91. mahdi said

    how nice! i can bileve

  92. Mina said

    ba salam,man mina hastam az baraye yek presentation dar morede iran,be web site shoma moraje’e kardam va kheili az akshaye ghshangetoon va tozihate zire aksha khosham oomad.vali moteasefane chon hajme aksa payin hast man nemitoonam baraye power pointam azshoon estefade konam.dar morede takhte jamshid va jahaye tarikhimoon ,mesle ghale roodkhan(gilan),ghale alamoot, va ghar haye iran ham age aks bezarid kheili khoobe.

    movafagh bashid

  93. seasonsali said

    Everybody knows Iran is beautiful country with historical culture and heritage and these photos gives more attraction which induce all to see Iran at-least once in their life time.
    همه می دانند ایران کشوری زیبا با فرهنگ تاریخی و میراث فرهنگی و این عکس ها می دهد که باعث جذابیت بیشتر همه برای دیدن در ایران ، دست کم یک بار در طول عمر خود.

  94. Farhad Malek said

    This e-mail is for Mr. Ehsan Mohamadi, I found your name on pictures that you had taken from Malek’House in Booshehr, Iwould be greatly appriciated if you could communicate with me regarding some of your photografs.

    F. Malek

  95. اشکان بختیاری said

    عزیز عکسا خیلی عالیه ممنون عزیز

    پاینده ایران زمین و مردم عزیزش

  96. ali said

    there are many beautiful places in Iran that these pictures show less of them,I am Iranian and my big honor is my nationality.

  97. badaha said

    thank you,it’s a fantastic photo i hope one day to visit these places .

  98. ali said

    dear iran
    you are pretty than country
    and you are CALMNESS

  99. […] […]

  100. milad said

    thanks you about this.

  101. Matthew Heil said

    What spectacular photo’s, dreamy almost. Are you in Iran? Are these pictures from one trip or multiple? If one goes to Iran, how long would you suggest they go for?
    Thank you,
    2/10/11 – NYC

  102. marmarjon said

    Hi dear. Many thanks for sharing these beautiful images. Do you know by any chance the name of the lake and the area in the second picture from the above? (armenian-church-Azerbaijan- North western Iran)

    Best wishes,

  103. wungram said

    Amazing place. i like Iranian food also…… and i too love iranian movie….. lucky iranian

  104. thailand said

    iran city is very beautiful city.

  105. thailand said

    i love iran

  106. Alex said

    By seeing all pictures in website, I want to say that Iran is a beautiful country. I want to visit Iran and meet my business friends in Esfahan as well as Tehran. How long it takes to travel by land from Bandar Abbas to Esfahan ? And from Esfahan to Tehran? How many hours it takes by ferry from Dubai to Bandar Abbas ? Appreciate your information. Thank you/Alex Jasin

    Hi Alex,
    Bandar Abbas to Tehran is about 1330 km. Bandar Abbas to Isfahan about 400 km. I have no idea about traveling by ferry from Dobai to Bandar Abbas, but it shouldn’t take that much.
    Have a vice trip!

  107. ali said

    thanks for this picture
    زنده بادایران وارانی

  108. katy said

    i love iran very much

  109. Mohammad K. Zaman said

    I like it

  110. Maryam said

    Beautiful Thank u,

  111. salammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    any body tell me i want come on iran so how mny rupise in iran tour

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  113. Martin said

    I have always loved every aspect of Iran. The people, the places that I see from the internet. I would love to find an Iranian friend living in Iran that I can share messages with. God willing, some day I will visit Iran and get to see the places that for now, I only see in pictures.

  114. Anjieya said

    Wow…beautiful hope can visit Iran someday..

  115. i loveee you iraaaaan i need you iraaaaaaaaan
    زنده باااااااااااد ایرااان هووووراااا ایران

  116. nelia latifur said

    I live in Iran for almost a year, like other countries there beautiful places to visit. In iran sometime you need permission to the police station before you go to other places….. beggars are scattered even in Tehran, and at the Eastern province there are lot of baluchi with very young babies used for begging alms.

  117. nelia latifur said

    But I like the photos above the photographer is very talented to show the beauty of Iran..

  118. i love u iran

  119. Anonymous said

    wow i love you iran

  120. I like the Iran and the Iranian people.All the places of Iran are beautiful.But i like most the Holy cities of Iran,Qom and Mashad e Muqadas especially
    I have never seen in my Life the people like Iranian’s.The people with religious mind but very moderate.Truly the Shining Stars.Iranian’s have capability of running the administration of the world.And INSHA’ALLAH the day will come.

  121. suraj said

    awesum place.. i really wanna visit all d places….. b4 i die… dnt wanna die untill den… 🙂

  122. Anonymous said

    Wow, its amazing, I like it very much. Best wishes for Iran from me and Pakistani Nation.

    Malik Tahir Farooq.

  123. Malik Tahir Farooq said

    I Love Iran.

  124. kamila eh melody said

    hi, parsin

    i truly loved your pictures of iran,
    im persian and italian and parents are from shiraz imm from canada i love it and in comparson i have to say iran wins i looks just like rome,italy but i think there both gorgouse anyways……… im hoping to go to isfahan in the up comin year but at this time will it be cold?

  125. katherine said

    hi (salam)

    im a persian/ a quarter italian also and i think that iran is the most classy,fashionable country EVER! and its so gorgouse ! its historical has great food also who wouldnt want to go to iran!! nothing can ruin the beaty,culture,warm and nice people not even that dumb president! maybe the enviorment gets ruined but nothing can ruin persia !!!!!!! i ❤ iran and i have question also would it be nice to go to iran in april cuz thats where im going …….. what do u think?

  126. hunny buns said

    how can i get tickets to go to shiraz? gorgouse

  127. کوروش said

    روزی باد باران با ترانه همراه بود — اکنون باد بی باران خاکی بسیار داریم
    روزی راستگویی و خدایی بود — اکنون خدایان دروغین بسیار داریم
    همه چیز با نام خدا آغاز می شد — اکنون خدا گم کرده بسیار داریم
    می بالیدیم به گذشته پر افتخار — اکنون بالیدن به بیگانه بسیار داریم
    آن روزها همه با هم یار بودیم — اکنون دشمن بیشمار بسیار داریم
    می خوندیم از رشادت آریوبرزن — اکنون جنگ اعراب بسیار داریم
    هزاره شاهنامه شد ما خواب بودیم — همه خوابیم وقت خواب بسیار داریم

  128. Rauf Ali Akbar said

    i hav planned to visit Iran in November i like all these beautiful pix, and i love Iran very much. can any one suggest me that which city is best expect Shiraz bcoz i hav been their one time. waiting for ur reply friendz. or sms me on my cell # 00974 66330328.

  129. Parsin said

    Hi katherine,
    April is a great time to be in Iran. The nature in most parts of Iran is very beautiful in the Spring season.
    And yes, …dumb president !! he is not our president anyway!

    Take Care

  130. Ab.malik Aatayee said

    Hi to all , I am agree with all of u , the Iran has more beautiful places like the above , I am from Afghanistan , in feature inshallah I will travel to the that places .

  131. Anonymous said

    Incredibly beautiful. Why do humans beings have to screw up the world?

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  133. Anonymous said

    iran vatanam i love you and always will

  134. Serkan said


    […]Beautiful Iran (photos) « Persia[…]…

  135. my blogspot…

    […]Beautiful Iran (photos) « Persia[…]…

  136. Rajender said

    reallybeutifull. then why these bloody iranian leadership are making sure to destroy this beauty by going in war with israel and usa. I dont understand what a fuck this ahmedinijad is????

  137. knight said

    I thought Iran was an ugly Hellish desert with a few wheat farms. How little I know.

  138. mina said

    your pictures were wonderful .I want to use some of them in my weblog.

  139. Mazen Ali said

    Iran has a very special place in my heart, it is one of the most fascinating places on earth. Greetings from Lebanon

  140. (VALVEN) said


    […]Beautiful Iran (photos) « Persia[…]…

  141. benji said

    what can i say, I love iran, i almost traveled there this week to Dizin & also North of iran but things didnt work out.i hope to travel to iran soon, and i Miss my fren A.G …Joone i really miss u.She back to iran.I love the food,the culture,the people and their music.Anybody like to travel wit me,drop me an email.Salamati!

  142. Anonymous said

    Sadam ruined Iraq by terrorizing it’s people, not the US invasion you silly girl

  143. Anonymous said

    Beautiful pictures. I hope sincerely that the recent talk will amount to nothing more than that. It would be a shame to see another Middle-Eastern country have to bear an attack.

  144. Yashar said

    Dear Admin;
    Thank you for the good work you have put into compiling these pics. They al look awesome and I hope many more photos of this nature will be published to present our country at its best regardless of political feuds and issues. With your permission I will copy these pics into a FB page that I have created, entitled “we love Iran”. Should you for any reason disapprove of my action please notify me through my email and I shall remove them with immediate effect.
    Many thanks

  145. Anonymous said


  146. Anonymous said

    SAlam, Finally i went to iran on feb 2012,IRAN KHEilli Khoobi!I was in Dizin for snow.its was -2!The people are nice and open for conversation. Of course the Food was great especially Home cook food, i trying morasae polo and fell love. I going back again very soon.Iran is NOT what we think all about!

  147. BENJI said

    SAlam, Finally i went to iran on feb 2012,IRAN KHEilli Khoobi!I was in Dizin for snow.its was -2!The people are nice and open for conversation. Of course the Food was great especially Home cook food, i trying morasae polo and fell love. I going back again very soon.Iran is NOT what we think all about!Finally i meet my A.G

  148. rifaqat ali khan said

    Iran is really extremely beautiful place. may iran prosper and blossom like rose.iran is the most civilized nation in the world then why the worlds powers are behaving in an uncivilized manner with iran.lord acton rightly said power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.these powers spoke blatent lies in iraq case also and everyone knows that not a single weapon recovered.the same stupid lies r being spoken again but the world is shrewd enough now to understand there real intentions of killing humanity. Ahmadinejad, dont worry , truth always triumphs.

  149. Y said


    My son sent me the link to this site to see the beautiful pictures of Iran and said that he hopes one day he could travel there and see some of these places. I clicked on the link and the first think I see is the Israeli flag with red no entry sign on it under the no racism section. This is exactly what you are doing is being racists against an entire nation. I know, I know every racist has its own rationalization and justification to be racist. The trick is to have open mind and clear heart to all people.

  150. amazing pictures,, thanks for share,, keep posting please,,

  151. Nouruz said

    ALl Iranis like jannan except my sistan balochistan

  152. Parsin said

    Being a racist means believing one group of people (nation,…) to be higher than others. This is what zionism is all about. They are chosen people!
    Let me make it clear as I have done in my numerous earlier comments, I am against the government of Isreal not the Jewish people. People from any race any color are equal in my values. But a government that kills to stay in power is not defendable. A government that bombards childeren and defensless civilians is a criminal government.
    Palestine belongs to Palestinians either jewish, christian, or muslim. They must choose the government of occupied lands (currently called Isreal).

  153. There is a picture above of Sistan-Baluchistan, can anybody please tell me where it is exactly in Sistan-Baluchistan, I will be going to Iran, in Baluchistan tomorrow, so if anybody knows the place, please do inform me, 😀

  154. sanazan said

    i’m iranian and i believe that i live in stunnig country, and it’s a great place for holiday destination.
    when i was so young , at 12 we travelled around the iran and my best memorized formed,
    i hope every one could think rich about my country and could earn love that my leader cyrus wants for all the world
    no racism

  155. anton said

    so beautiful! I always wanted to visit Iran and stay a while to learn the language and customs but don’t dare because I am afraid I may not know what I may do wrong and get into trouble 😦 It is still my dream tho.

  156. […] […]

  157. asela said

    oh,i never been in iran .i looking forward to see.iran land..when i watch this slide show i am taken aback…………

  158. […] some beautiful pictures of Iran check this WordPress page: Use your power:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this. Filed under Iran and tagged Ahmedinahad, […]

  159. Yes, would love to visit some day. By the way, I put a link from this to my newest blog (titled ”Oh Iran, Iran”) just now.

  160. Qadir Ali jaffre said

    i love iran and iranian people because iran is islamic country .

  161. Shahab said

    I was Expecting to see pictures from Hormoz, i went there last year and its awesome!! Weird Clouds and Purple Mountains and Red rocks and Black shiny sand!

  162. יגהיל

  163. Heba Samir said

    thanks for these beautiful photos; i didn’t know that Iran is so beautiful GOD BLESS YOU

  164. Anonymous said

    As an American I had the good fortune to spend ten days in Tehran,Isfahan and Qom a year ago for the first time. I have spent my career championing the political and civil rights of those from all nations including my own. The beauty of Iran is matched by its people. But its beauty and graciousness are deeply marred by a very dark sadness that permeates the entire country especially among its young. These pictures are but illusions of what Iranians yearn for in their lives: beauty, human rights and peace.

  165. sidharthmishra said

    Wow. I totally want to come and visit. Are visitors from the US allowed to come to Iran? I would love to go up into the mountains and stay in a little cottage. It’s absolutely lovely. It makes california seem quite ugly in comparison.

    I wish there would be peace in the world so we could all appreciate the beauty of every land in the world, instead of just the western countries.

    I just love the traditional Persian teahouse too

  166. mohammad ibrahim said

    maashallah, agar chi royay zameen
    dari jannat assat
    iran ast iran ast…………..

  167. Anonymous said

    very very butiful pic i like all of pic

  168. […] 33. Malam Bersalju di Isfahan [spoiler=open this] for Indah: [/center] Sumber:…l-iran-photos/ Indah bangetkan gan, klo ente merasa terhibur bolehkan ane mintanya, klo yang belom ISO, g […]

  169. Anonymous said


  170. sjkfjskfj said

    really beautiful pictures

  171. […] AND Pictures of Iran – be surprised! […]

  172. soumyav said

    Absolutely amazing pics…

  173. very beautiful placese in iran

  174. Jonquil said

    Thank you for these lovely pictures. Iran is actually a very beautiful country. It is a shame though that tourism is suffering so badly there. Such a shame.

  175. Rana said

    I am originally from Iran but grew up in London and I’m so proud of my country Iran I was born in Abadan in the south my family are from all over Iran esfahan and lorestan. Iran is the most beautiful country in the world.

  176. Anonymous said

    iran is very beautiful contry in this world it is beauti gift of allah for irani natioan god so bless of it

  177. Reza said

    Dear friend, you page starts with the following:
    “I have no religion, but if I were to choose one, it would be that of Shariati’s.” Jean-Paul Sartre
    Would you be kind to provide the source for this statement?
    Many thanks,

  178. Amir reza said

    Very very nice likely photo&intersting thank ‘s

  179. Phil Auclair said

    Looking through all these was great. Iran looks amazing, I’ll have to visit someday. Thanks for putting these up, it was a privilege to see them.

  180. armin said

    اقا دمت گرم سایتت خیلی خوشگله ممنون پرچم ایران بالاسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسستتتتتتتتتتت

  181. syeed abu saleh muhammod Faisal said

    THE PICTURE OF IRAN IS SIMILAR WITH THE HAVEN. If i can visit to Iran, my life will be fulfil.

  182. Elham said

    These pictures are beautiful. I have shown them to many of my friends. Thanks

  183. شادبانو said

    ای کاش کپی‌رایت را هم رعایت می‌کردین و نام عکاسان را می‌نوشتید

  184. louis said

    beautiful nation some day i go there

  185. Anonymous said

    this is just beautiful

  186. Kahtan said

    Its so beautiful country Iran
    God bless

  187. Beautiful pictures of Iran. It’s a great pleasure to see those beautiful pics. During the last few decades since the fall of the dictator, Shah Pahlevi, the mainstream media (MSM) has been portraying Iran as an evil nation at full force. Things are getting worse as Iran declined to SOLELY sell its oil in American dollar as this move is threatening the very existence of the PETRODOLLAR status thus the World Reserve Currency (WRC) status. The declining Empire feels it isn’t sufficient to maintain its WRC status with the backup from the House of Saud’s oil alone, therefore it’s chasing the major oil producers such as Iran.

    I wish the best for your country, IRAN and its people. It’s very awful to witness the declining Empire runs amok and acts recklessly in rampant to “rape” the entire world for its greed, wealth, lust in seeking the total domination… pretty sickening!!

  188. Anonymous said

    I think it will be helpful to. Show these picturesto the world throu bbc voa or the others chanals

  189. pouran said

    actually what you have written nyasar in isfahan is nyasarm. there is one stream inside isfahan city that is nyasarm and there is one waterfall near kashan that is nyasar without (m)

  190. yalda said

    fantastic,i googled Iran and just see the pics of death!! but this page helped alot!!!

  191. Lorina said

    It was so peaceful to view these pics. Thank you so much for loveliness instead of the constant avarice, perfidiousness and odiousness of most of usa stuff. We have beauty here, too but it is diminished by the soulessness of those who govern and destroy with the help of their corporate masters.

  192. Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful article. Thanks for supplying
    this info.

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    topic for a long time and yours is the best I have discovered so far.
    However, what about the bottom line? Are you positive concerning
    the source?

  194. Carri said

    I’d like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this website.
    I really hope to see the same high-grade blog posts from
    you later on as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my own blog now 😉

  195. aliaa said

    ماشاء الله روعه

  196. Very beautiful album of Iran.
    So nice , I appreciate your work.

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