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Israeli War Crimes on Gaza (video)

Posted by Parsin on January 5, 2009

4 Responses to “Israeli War Crimes on Gaza (video)”

  1. e4unity said


    I am glad you have posted this because it represents “americans” who are extremely upset with the policies of our country in regards to Israel. I have linked to it on my blog today as “blog of the day”.

    May God have mercy on the Palestinians who are suffering such a holocost.

  2. Parsin said

    Thank you. . . The whole world seems so silly to me after what I have seen in Gaza! I can’t believe that in this century and in year 2009! the whole world could so cold-blooded watch this holocaust and do nothing.
    I am sure you have also heard about US vetoing all of resolutions suggested by other countries. I hope one day we all observe justice and those who did and cooperated doing these crimes and the crimes in all over the world are brought to justice.
    God Bless You

  3. John Brit said

    It easy to say big words like holocost I do not think you even know the History

    You blame the fire for burning, you have to know that If you play with a fire you can get burn

    If you know how to handle the fire it can help you to cook dinner and warm your house.

    The leaders of the Hamas do not care about their children – I can send you many videos that they use them as a shield.

    The Hamas leaders hide deep under the ground while the people are expose to the war.

    Alla will make all of you pay for killing your own people and trying to blame some one else.

  4. Parsin said

    John Brit from Haifa, Occupied Palestine:

    I am sure you know very well the term “holocaust” because your illegitimate government has repeated it many times over in less than last 50 years.

    “Holocaust” means what your butcher Ariel Sharon did in “Sabra and Shatila“! Even cats and dogs didn’t escape from that crime. . .

    Regarding how Hamas leaders handle their own family, you should wait further. Because all of Israeli criminals who killed innocent children and people will pay. Get a ticket and go back to your country! The revenge of these kids is imminent.

    By the way, tell your friends in Israel that the whole world are watching how you bombarded and killed more than 40 people in UN schools (one just today). Unlike in Sabra and Shatila, today in Gaza Holocaust the whole word is a witness, thanks to new technology where it has become hard for criminals to hide their actions. Shame on Criminals!

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