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Joseph Fritzel’s Religion + photos

Posted by Parsin on May 2, 2008

All of us heard the news about Joseph Fritzl (Fritzel):

“A man held a woman prisoner for decades in an underground cell, forcing her to bear seven of his children. The victim was his own daughter. Behind this door and underground, unthinkable horrors occurred unheard and unnoticed for at least 24 years. 73-year-old Joseph Fritzl, an electrical engineer, kept his own daughter imprisoned as a sex slave. He reportedly confessed to authorities he fathered seven children with her. One is said to have died as an infant. His wife and their own six children lived upstairs, allegedly unaware. ” [

I am wondering what would have been the reaction of the western media if this person was a Muslim?!! They never said anything about his religion and they shouldn’t!
However, why they behave differently when the person is a Muslim?? It is not hard to imagine how the propaganda machines would start destroying a religion if that person was by chance a Muslim.

Joseph is Jew and I don’t think there is any relation between Jewish and the barbaric act of this animal. In the Muslim country where I am living, Iran, not a single media mentioned about the religion of this criminal unlike what the western media is doing these days. The question is “how long the racism and double standards will go on over Muslims?”


(The massage is very clear: All humans are brothers and sisters; Christians, Jews, Muslims, . . . ! We should open our eyes and look differently than what a few politicians are willing, for their nasty interests. Good and bad people could be found in any country, among the followers of any faith, and it has nothing to do with a nation or a faith!!!!)


Here are some videos:

recent news (18/03/2009):

Josef Fritzl trial: Monster comes face to face with daughter Elisabeth and apologises for his “sick behaviour”


Elizabeth (24 years ago)

Elisabeth Fritzl (his daughter) 24 years ago

Rosemarie (her Mother)

The secret bell!

Underground Cell

Underground Cell


Read more about this news here.

Check this site for a complete review and pictures of victims.

New pics:

54 Responses to “Joseph Fritzel’s Religion + photos”

  1. Shahrzad said

    Waw, good you wrote it. I just read something about it on and had it in my mind. Really religion is not matter to make a person this or that. But the question you made is really true. What they would do if that Fritzel would not be jew and be for example Hamid from Iran or any other muslim countries either!! All western media would rip their throat! 😕

    They do same about muslim woman’s hijab, about women’s problem in Islamic countries, their freedom etc. But just in the west the situation is not better. For example They forget how much western women are simply sexually abused.

    I personally met 2 westerner women who were abused by their father and had a child with him.

    They do same about honor killing, as if it’s an “islamic” case, But it completely happens in the west too and related to ignorance and stupifity of some men around the world. But the powerful media doesnt belong to muslims anyway..

  2. Shahrzad said

    P.S: I dont know turkish. But my maternal grandpa knew both turkish and russian.He used to translate some turki poems to farsi for me.

  3. Parsin said

    Thanks for your comment and explaining more about the subject.
    I am really shocked not only by what this animal has done to his daughter but also for keeping her and her children in that underground cell for 24 years!!

    You are right western men abuse women in several way including sexual. I used to work in a place in US, and there were couple of girls among others who were raped by their fathers! I can never forget the psycho behavior of one of them!. . .

    So you are partly an Azeri!
    I know Turkish so let me know if you needed any translation!!!

  4. Shahrzad said

    Believe me i personally dont know what i am. I am mixed of Russian, Gilaki, Persian, Azeri and Arab blood. A real multi-ethnical!! lol

  5. astineh said

    Why is Fritzl only up for a possible 15 years?????? this has to be the worst crime in Criminal History of any family. at the very least he should be forced to rot in jail!

  6. Parsin said

    You are right! The sentence is not in justice with the crime.
    And please note that “15 years” is the maximum. You will see many idiots provoking immoralities in the human society will find a way to lower his sentence.
    A person at this level is far from a human being.

  7. Marissa said

    This is one of the most horrible things I have ever heard about. You know if he was Muslim the western press would be having a field day. It is a total double standard. This man should be imprisoned for life, if not given the death penalty. You are completely right, if this was a middle eastern man, there would be no end to the press coverage, but instead it’s a white western man, so its glossed over.

    This is one of the most disturbing, sickest crimes I have ever read about.

  8. Jared said

    This is so sick.

  9. kathy said

    Some one should lock this sick excuse of a human being up and abuse him repeatedly until he dies. Better yet, they should hang him by his balls.

  10. Parsin said

    Thanks for your comments! I hope they take him out of humans society for good. This is the least every one can expect for such a horrible crime.

  11. sara said

    Good Job.

  12. Brandy said

    The max may only be fifteen years, but I’ll put money on someone taking him out in there way before his time is up, no matter how much he gets. I truly don’t think he’ll live to get out, or at least I hope he doesn’t!!!!!

  13. aido said

    Well, this really has nothing to do with religion, it was not a religous based thing that Fritzel did. Muslims get a bad name from the few outragous and sick people who make religous based attacks and harm people, this “racism” will end when the attacks end.

    By the same token, Christianity, Judaism, . . . must be condemned because US attacked Iraq, killing tens of thousands of innocent people due to what Georg W. Bush believed had a religious reason and he was chosen to do that!!!. . . And because Israel is doing everyday crime under the name of Judaism!!
    Racism and discrimination are condemned no matter what ill reason is behind them.
    Our message, as Muslims, is peace, brotherhood, and love. . .
    Racism, hate, and discrimination are tools of poor and outrageous sects that have reached the dead end.

  14. Wepawee said

    What a cop out..Joseph is Evil , Evil can come from anywhere..
    The muslims have many sick and wierd practices that make Joseph look like a saint.

  15. Parsin said


    I would be glad to get familiar with a few of these “sick and weird” practices that you have in mind! I believe you have mixed up Islamic practices of love, peace, and brotherhood with everyday crimes of US army in Middle-east, killing innocent children and people.
    It seems either you have been brainwashed by western medias for not seeing a criminal and calling it an Evil and not understanding the circumstances that has caused such a horrible crime, or discrimination has closed your eyes for not seeing what really Islam is.
    Are you aware of what is happening in Guantanamo? in Iraq? in . . . Or what happened in Hiroshima? I am sure the pilot that dropped the atomic bomb in that town is a hero for some idiots. . .

  16. banononab said


  17. Remy said

    The way I see the future of this case is that fifty years from now organized jewry will claim it was all a frame up, “yet another case of anti-semitism, etc., just like Dreyfus, etc., we need to right this historic wrong, etc..”
    As a real-world example of this type of ‘forever cover-up” for readers familiar with the Rosenberg atomic spy case, I will use recent articles which caught the “community” with it’s foot in it’s mouth. Very recently in the newspaper ‘Philadelphia Enquirer’, one of their jewish staff writers had a “news” story: ‘Rosenberg’s may have been innocent’… Whoops! Their spy accomplice (believeable in this case ONLY because he was there AND he was jewish) confessed that although he consistently lied for 50-60 years; THEY WERE ALL “RUSSIAN” SPIES! The Rosenbergs were willing traitors of “their Nations” trust and suffered the wrath of the law.
    I can’t tell you the number of times I have read or watched jew sympathetic stories which (without fail) leaned towards the “anti-semitism” theory in regards to this case. It seems like a genetic characteristic: “not us” syndrome is not only thought in the subconscious it is carried out into whatever media the “member” has access to and WOE UNTO THEM who dare CALL THEM OUT ON IT…
    I have read elsewhere that Fritzel had the audacity to raise the Holohoax Boogey man as somehow “responsible”.

  18. c hris said


  19. bernie said

    I notice in the bathroom there is an 8-pointed star or as it is called in Arabic khatim sulayman, the seal of the prophets. Just as the Jews has 3 overlapping triangles, the Muslims had 4. Does this mean Fritzl was Muslim?

    By the way, do you have a link, other than Nazi sites, that points to Fritzl being Jewish?

    I just visited your site which is a true pro-Zionist web site. You are doing great job.
    And by the way I can see where your question about the star is coming from!!

    Don’t fool yourself. . . or maybe you have missed the picture. It is the one before that in the bedroom, three stars of David together!! And Muslims have no such and star!!

    Fritzl was a Jew like you are! Is it a shame?!

    And don’t mind about Fritzl, because that one is nothing compared to the crimes that Zionists are doing in Gaza these days.

  20. Marie said

    I don’t think this has anything to do with his religion. I think he is just arrogant and selfish looking for ways to please himself at the expense of vulnerable people. I think he should experience the same torture then hanged by his balls.

  21. Beth said

    I got more and more sickened the further down these comments i read!!! I cannot believe that a subject as horrific, as unthinkable and as sick as this, has sparked debates about religion!! This man was unspeakably evil, as are many men and women from across the world. Acts of violence, torture and imprisonment are commited daily by people from every religion and every race.

    To take a case such as this, where a woman has suffered beyond repair, and turn it into your own selfish opinion makes me feel sick!! This discussion is almost as sick as the crime itself, how anyone read or heard about what this man did, and somehow turned it into a shot at the problems with religion or media is so focused on slander its unreal! Yes western media is corrupt and bias, just as the middle eastern media is. If anyone lives their lives by another mans word of course you will find fault.

    The problems with religion are outlined right here, you are not even discussing how horrific the crimes of this man are, u are arguing over whether its the jews or muslims to blame. That is why you will never find peace.

  22. Parsin said

    If you get sick because of me turning your attention to a point that worths a second of thinking that why they use such a huge propaganda and following that much insultation against Muslims, then don’t you think what we feel when we see discriminations everywhere just because we are Muslim?!

    you are not even discussing how horrific the crimes of this man are, u are arguing over whether its the jews or muslims to blame.

    I have expressed my feeling in the post and if you just read it again you will see it! By the way, there are many posts that pay attention to other aspects of this event and you are welcome not to read mine if you feel sick!
    Although the man is a jew and a pure one! (or at least he is not a Muslim) what I am saying is that western media and people should not include persons religion in these issues as they do it for Muslims. I am completely sharing this view with you and trying to explain it. May be I couldn’t do it in a right way… but next time they mention that the person who did so and so is a Muslim, you better think about it again.
    Thanks for expressing your view!

  23. Adolf Hitler said

    i think fritzel was a ledgeng and i think he should be let free and get the dad of the year award

  24. Adolf Hitler said

    ohh ahn p.s SEIG HEIL !!!

  25. snow said

    In Muslim countries they marry young girls to old guys who end up raping them because they’re too young to make educated decisions about their sexual lives. They marry their sisters, brothers, cousins, whatever. Their animal cruelty is barbaric half their meat isn’t even true halal meat anyway (when you’re making so much money in that industry, you think they’re really taking time to kill it in a halal way that costs them time and thus money?) and the gobble it up praising their God. Fathers rape daughters no matter what religion or what part of the world they’re from. In the west, we believe and place worth upon women. We don’t have honor killings because we believe if a woman said she didn’t do something, she didn’t do something. Your religion is male dominated in many more ways than it is in the west. You can’t argue west against east because your attitude is the reason our world is up in arms in wars and not working together peacefully. Shit happens everywhere, regardless of location or relgion or race.


    I am sure you know very well that you are lying intentionally. In Islam we admire women and Quran is among (if not the only) religious books that calls for equal rights for women. Our prophet always admired women. His respect to women at 14 centuries ago was a remarkable change in mankind history toward women.
    Marrying sisters and brothers is a big sin in Islam and most other religions. Of course cousins can marry!. . . you are mad at something and trying to calm yourself by baseless blaming others.
    Honor killings has nothing to do with Islam. It is a cruel tradition among some retarded people.
    Yes, animals are everywhere. Next time when you see some of your sick media are mentioning a criminal being Muslim, think about it.
    Regardless of what you said and the improper harsh terms you used, I invite you to think over again and be honest with yourself. Most of what you wrote are just lies. You cannot change the truth by lying about it. Propaganda belongs to the last century. Nowadays, everyone has access to internet and satellite TV and they will not be fooled.

  26. kratos said

    joseph fritzel is not just a man, he is an idea a ledgend. FRITZEL means freedom and peace may he live to be 100 years old GOD SPEED MR FRTIZEL, GOD SPEED BACK TO THE CELLER WITH YOUR DAUGHTER *CRYS*

    free the celler dad, FREE THE CELLER DAD he has done nothing wrong

    yes this is setirical

  27. Beth said

    Thankyou for your reply, and in many ways I agree with your answer, Yes there was little attention bought to Fritzl’s religion in any of the media coverage on this crime.

    However this crime was not commited in the name of religion. Fritzl’s crime was commited because he had a severe personality disorder, he never attaches any religious beliefs to his actions, and in no statement he has made, have I heard any mention that it was for a ‘greater good’ or the ‘honour of the jews’ that he commited this crime.

    Many of the crimes commited that mention muslim suspects have a large connection with a religious message. I understand that western media is used to control the masses and so in many cases this is used to their advantage, however when the suspects themselves declare the crime was commited to defens allah, it is hard to ignore the religious implications.

    In your earlier post you mention Guantanamo,Iraq and what happened in Hiroshima. The crimes you mention very very clearly outline the sickening problem with not just western media but westren goverments in general. What has happened in Iraq is unrepairable, the damage done to the country of Iraq has gone beyond belief. The US government should be trialed for the war crimes they themselves have commited, and other crimes commited throughout history.

    However to claim Islam has practices “of love, peace, and brotherhood” sounds like a statement very far from the truth. Unless by ‘islam’ you are discussing a religion not connected with the teaching of the quran.

    The quran has many passages that not only contradict themselves but preach words of hatred and violence against the ‘kuffar’. I quote

    ‘he who amongst the community of Jews or Christians hears about me, but does not affirm his belief in that with which I have been sent and dies in this state (of disbelief), he shall be but one of the denizens of Hell-Fire”

    “The faith of the Christians was that whoever adhered to the Evangel and precepts of Jesus, their faith was valid and acceptable until the coming of Muhammad. Those of them who did not then follow Muhammad and give up the sunna of Jesus and the Evangel were lost”

    These passages clearly show aq lack of respect, and tolerance for any opinion other that that of the prophet mohammed.

    Thankyou for your comments

  28. Parsin said

    I understand your point saying that some people may use religion to do what ever you call a crime. I would like to differentiate between “a criminal act” like killing innocent people, as Israel did and is continuing to do in Palestine and Gaza, and like what US government has done in all over the world, and a “legitimate defensive act” like many people do when a foreign force invades their lands. And please don’t forget what G.W. Bush said when he ordered Iraq invasion; “a crusade war”! So do we have the right to condemn Christianity and Prophet Jesus for what a retarded person says?! Also, you know what crimes many Christians have done in the past under the name of Christ?!

    You cotted Quran regarding killing “Kuffar”. I hope you can study the history of these revelations and see what has happened and what was the cause. In all of the wars during Prophet Mohammad’s time, it was the other side who started the war. Muslims were forced to defend themselves. I recommend reading this post in my blog from Armstrong. She is neither a Muslim nor an eastern.
    To conclude, those quotations plus many in Quran are viewed as what happened in the past and at the time of revelations. If a retarded person is misusing them it has nothing to do with Quran. Of course, Quran asks people either Muslims or of any other religion, to defend themselves when they are attacked. Islam asks oppressed people to stand up for their rights and if they get killed they will go to heaven. If you call this “a crime” then all of us around the world who fought aggressions are criminals, including Vietnamese, Afghans, Iraqis, Africans and Latin Americans who fought for their independence. . .

  29. Anonymous said

    he is sick!! nd sum of da comments above dat sed hes a legnd uz r sik aswell nly sentenced 15yrs at is riduculs hop he stays in der!!! nd rots in hell

  30. Kyle said

    Hey, I am a christian westerner, and I personally think that this man disgraces the whole human race. You make a great point though, and the vast majority of people from my part of the world would probably jump at religion were he muslim. That in itself is also a horrible thing, but regardless of religion, this man has done a horrible, horrible thing. I pray that the family can recover from what horrors he has subject them too.

    peace be with you all.

    I am totally with you! This is what I have tried to say in this post.
    This man has committed a horrible thing. It is unbelievable how a person could fall to this level of inferiority.

    Peace and Love to all humankind

  31. Andrew said

    Fritzel is a Roman Catholic .. not a Jew.

    Josef Stefan Fritzl was born in Amstetten — today a town with
    23,000 inhabitants — in 1935. His parents were Josef and Maria Fritzl,
    he was raised Roman Catholic and he attended school in Amstetten.
    A photograph depicts him with his class of 1951, a boy wearing a
    traditional Austrian knit jacket, looking into the camera from a serious, narrow and withdrawn face.,1518,551451-2,00.html

  32. Snow said

    At least they dont kill people just for their color

    At least they never rape their own children

    And it seems that west has another contact with unknown world (like savages,black,indian,… and of course they are not man cause they dont wear tie and glass …and we should kill them all
    And they cant kill millions of people in the worldwars
    And they dont have imperialistic belives
    They cant occupy India and Africa and …

    do u live in Human’s world or are u just pretending to be a Man

  33. Anonymous said

    there are sycopat ,crazy people everywhere, like sadam ,hitler etc nothing to do with religion.

  34. Realistic said

    Simple question. How can Josef Fritzel be Jewish as he grew upin that area and all the Jews there were sent to concentration camps?

  35. Ameerah said

    I do think the western media is unfair in general when reporting the news, however when I women is raped in the west, and the victim presses charges, the law gets involved and punishes the animal who would do such a thing. In a muslim country, when a women is raped, not only is the act and animal ignored, but the victim is stoned to death by her family in order to save face!!! Is it not so?
    Just a couple of examples:

    “MOGADISHU, Somalia – A 13-year-old girl who said she had been raped was stoned to death in Somalia after being accused of adultery by Islamic militants”


    Your point about stoning a raped women is more like a joke. I am leaving in one of these Muslim countries and there is not such a thing. In fact, there are so many men getting sentenced for their crimes against women in these countries.
    The issue of stoning is something else and you have heard it wrong. Some countries use stoning on both women and men who do extramarital zina. That means for those individuals who involve in illegal sexual intercourse, with women who are married.
    And moreover, this punishment is originated by Greeks and not Muslims. Muslims have adapted the rule many centuries ago. It is not part of Sharia. Many Muslim intellectuals oppose it.

    BTW, the link you put is offensive. I removed it.

  36. LAB said

    Why do we all have to apply the rights and wrongs of a religion to every act done by humans?

    Are we not supposed to be the most intelligent form of life on the planet? Therefore can we not work out for ourselves whether something is right or wrong?

    Why do we have to go by the writings and stories of people that have usually been dead for centuries, or at least decades, and who knows if they were really the brightest, most stable minded of people in the first place. Times and life has certainly changed beyond recognition since they were put down in writing and the population diversity now can not be covered by one person’s thoughts and ideals.

    This is not aimed at any one religion. It is aimed at all of them, mainly when taken to an extreme. I don’t think there are many religions that, when taken sensibly and in moderation, do not provide a sound moral guideline for those not able to work out things for themselves.

    However, as humans we are all members of the animal kingdom, and the majority of us have an instinctive sense of right and wrong which sets us apart from the others species. Unfortunately this is sometimes brain washed out of some us at some stage of life and replaced by the scriptures of one religion or another, which can usually be interpreted in whatever ways suits their desires which they would otherwise know are incorrect.

    Without the back up of a recognised religion those same people would be outcast, persecuted or arrested for criminal acts. The people that become extremists are using their “beliefs” as a way in which to commit the crimes they need to commit to do what they want to do, whether it is killing people, taking over a country, fulfilling a sexual desire without consent, inprisoning totally innocent people without cause etc… When someone goes that far they are criminals, and wrong, no matter what name they’re doing it in. Like Joseph Fritzel. He is wrong at a very basic level which make his actions inhuman and monsterous.

    Unfortunately the human race, inparticular the media have got too caught up in the race and religion row to step back and take a look at the big picture in very simple terms, if they did that maybe we’d all stop fighting each other and pointing fingers with no justification.

    Unfortunately it is a sad state of affairs that people have to bring religious debate into the Joseph Fritzel case at all, rightly or wrongly. Whether it be in defence of their own people and beliefs or in an accusatory manner. We all know that what he did was wrong, and anyone that thinks it would be more wrong if he was Muslim, Jew, Christian, Catholic or a UFO chaser is deluded.

    He has crossed a line that is basically wrong in all of humananity and this SHOULD be seen by everyone of us regardless of your religious or ethnic background. If we all went back to trust our basic and instinctive sense of right and wrong, which often comes hand in hand with respect for one another (another vitally important ability that we appear to have lost somewhere along the way) we would all be able to live happily alongside one another.

    I’ll put my soap box away now. x

  37. USA said

    I agree with Beth 100%.From what I read I can see that Parsin it is you that’s filled with hatred. It is you who has a warped view of everything that is not Iran’s or a Muslim’s way.

    I am sorry that you feel that way. Sometimes, making you aware of your mistakes including wrong judgments hurts. But you should understand that many around the world everyday suffer from your wrong judgments. We have heard so much nonsense about relating people’s action to their religion. You should understand this.
    BTW: in my religion and in the history of my country discriminations of any type is condemned. We never attacked others for “oil” in the name of “freedom”. We never dropped atomic bomb over cities around the world killing millions and making a longtime suffering in the name of “democracy”. We never killed any Jews for their religion. It was the western countries who did all these crimes.
    In our belief mankind are from the same origin. They are brothers and sisters. I have no hate in my heart but for criminals who do killings in the most brutal way for any illegitimate reason.

    Love and Peace!

  38. jim murphy said

    A man with a differe. nt concept of keeping it all in the family exaggerated to infinity. Might make a good soap opera to be aired in Austria and possibly Appalachia in the US for our four fingered brethern. Probably not apprropriate for most of th rest of the US though as the religious right would go into convulsions about Herr fritzl

  39. Steve said

    Excuse me but Fritzel is not Jewish. He is a Christian, which I hate to admit because so am I but then every religion has it’s share of terrible people.

    I don’t understand where these claims that he is a Jew came from, someone must have simply made it up and it’s spread around from there. Anyway, it’s really quite unprofessional blogging about something which is entirely fictitious as if it’s fact… you’ll lose credibility eventually in some peoples minds if you do things like that.
    Research should be carried out properly, not just taking the word of a few unreliable sources.
    It doesn’t matter what his religion is. What if he was a Muslim!? Can you imagine what a hell your propaganda would have created over his religion. All I did was setting a mirror so that you can see what Muslims feel when you relate every act of a Muslim person to his/her religion!

  40. Dima said

    After reading through the postings, I decided to put in my 5 cents, though I am not trying to persuade anybody.
    I find the title of you post quite disturbing, since you simply disseminate false information and misinform many those who are not reading carefully.

    1) To answer your question about double standards: since you use them to your advantage, by spicing the article with “jew-ish flavour”, why do you wonder about the double standards in the western countries? Why western countries have such an attitude towards muslims? Well, they simply have taken the niche that used to be occupied by jewish community before the WWII. Before WWII, it were jews who were blamed for all misfortune. Now, it is muslim communities. The name of the scapegoat has changed, the role remains.

    2) Then, Fritzl is not jewish, and never was. The jewish community outside Vienna in Austria is nearly nonexistent. I know that because I live in Austria. In Amstetten they do not even recall how a jew should looks like. This post just spreads a dangerous gossip, causing more hatred against jews among those simple-minded who do not search deeper and cannot reason for themselves.

    3) Parsin, you contradicts yourself on many occasions. Despite the fact that you say ‘…I don’t think there is any relation between Jewish and the barbaric act of this animal’, there are numerous references to Fritzl being jewish.
    Thus, you purposefully link ‘being jew’ to being such a monster like Fritzl. I don’t think this normal.

    4) Should you be mislead by the David stars in one of the picture, than you should come to Austria in December, to discover that this is merely a symbol of Christmas that symbolizes the biblical star of Bethlethem.
    And there are no connections between any stars on the walls there to any of the existing religions. This I cannot know for sure, but the Ockham’s razor tells me it must be so, because otherwise Fritlz would be a religious fanatic and such symbols would be everywhere.

    5) You also say that “in my religion and in the history of my country discriminations of any type is condemned”. I don’t think this is true because countries where people are not discriminated simply do not exist. Yours is not an exception. Just look into history books and try to filter out the propaganda of the ruling class. You will find a lot of examples, not mentioning discrimination of women, and non-muslim people (in your case). It was always so and it will always be so. This is in us humans and it is not about to change.

    6) You say “I have no hate in my heart but for criminals who do killings in the most brutal way for any illegitimate reason.” Should I interpret this as ‘when the reason is _legitimate_ then it is actually not a problem’? That would be an unpleasant conclusion.

  41. Parsin said

    I guess you are not the one who reads it carefully. You are a professional propaganda maker. The conclusions you are trying to make are nonsense. . . I guess you are the one who needs to read the post over and over.
    1. A. They are using Muslims because Muslims own the world’s largest energy sources. They do it so that they can kill 10’s of innocent people each day in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in . . . They make a barbaric image of Muslims so that their slaughtering would be cheap.
    B. They do that because Islam is an obstacle for the illegitimate goals. They have to destroy it first.
    . . .
    2. Fritzel is a pure Jewish. And there is not anything wrong for a Jew to do crime, to act like an animal. You should ask yourself why they don’t reveal his religion?!!
    Don’t you think those who read your comments have a minimum education to understand the false being of your claims?!. Amsterdam is a big city. Even if you lived there you cannot make such a claim about the street you are living in.

    3. I cannot help you to comprehend my simple writings. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT HIS RELIGION IS. (ALTHOUGH HE IS SURELY A JEWISH). BEING A JEW HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS CRIME. Did you get it? If not read it again. Over and over.

    4) I think you contradict yourself. You are one of the Jews in Amsterdam. A real one. You are killing yourself to prove that this animal is not a Jew?! So what?! Then to solve the problem, ask them to officially announce his religion.

    5) My Friend, in society and social issues we talk by statistic language not mathematics. In statistics 3=0 is right while in mathematics it is not. Muslims and in particular my country (Iran) never prescribed mass killings for any reason. On the other hand, it was your society (the west) that ordered mass killing in WW2 of Jews, dropped Atomic bomb over innocent people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing and injuring millions, killing innocent people in Vietnam, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, In Palestine, . . .

    6) In our view there is no “legitimate” reason for such a killings. There is nothing more valuable than the life of a human. It is the hungry and bloodthirsty capitalism that sees humankind as a worthless object that could be destroyed by the most sophisticated weapons. Every day that passes they upgrade mass-killing weapons. Their troops are among us, killing our children, our wives and our brothers, . . . in their houses or in jails like Abu-ghraib, Guantanamo,. . . without any court, without any trial.

  42. ian said

    But he’s not a muslim is he,so why have you mentioned it?sometimes muslims are their own worst enemy thats why you are asking this question(what would the reaction have been if he was a muslim)probaly not half as shocking because we have all heard other shocking stories of hangings from crains ,stoneings for infidelity,and hands hacked off for theiving!

    Yes, those you hear are mainly propaganda. Your politicians backed by giant multinational firms use these propaganda to create a barbaric image of societies that they want to attack latter.
    But what we see (and not just hear) are brutalities by these bloodthirsty governments. There is no end to their eager for killing others when it comes to their “interest”. Off course they use good terms to cover their intentions: democracy, freedom, justice, war against terror. While the real terrorists are their own selves. Bush was the real danger for the whole world. Zionist Lobby in US is the real and imminent danger for the world peace.

  43. Shell said

    goodness me! whilst i admire the passion of some people and defending what they believe in (and rightly so, each to their own!) i think there are a few very disrespectful comments and perhaps an element of ignorance (which i myself am guilty of therefore i dont wish to say too much).

    i am a catholic and my partner is Muslim so i can see both points of view, we know only too well ourselves the prejudice against Muslim religion and knowing what he/we have been through i find it very hard to deal with as someone from the outside looking in. i genuinely feel hurt at some of the comments made.

    i admit im not a great follower of my own faith, in fact i consider myself more of an Ethiast to be honest as in every religion i think there is an element of exaggeration (but this is just my own personal opinion) but without religion i suppose there would be no such thing as boundaries, morals, respect, knowing whats right and wrong and the repercussions of wrong doing as in the case of Fritzl, who is very WRONG! Justice for the children!!!

    ignorance is bliss!

  44. Anonymous said

    Mother.ucker should be put in prison. Those folks gonna give him the punnishment he deserves. Lot more then the Government gonna give him. Kept alive ,, will feel like dyin twenty times.

  45. Anonymous said

    Fritzel is a sad man, raping his daughter 3000 times.

  46. Anonymous said


  47. Anonymous said

    dirty bastard!!!

  48. alex said

    dirty bastard needs shot!! reading this and hearing it just makes me physically sick!! just cant believe this was all happening and people didnt even know a thing about, that is what shocks me the most!!

  49. Pillz said

    I honestly dont think anything will matter. He got 24 years of raping that girl and getting away with it. This dude has gotten so much pleasure out of this. Do you really think jail would make his life worse? I think there should be some scarlet letter type punishment, Force the public to know who he is and what he has done and let him live his life like that.

  50. Anonymous said

    dudes a beast! i wish i could pull that off. sounds fun to be raping a girl so much, idk about the birthing children part. wonder what would of happened when the old bastard died? Would he like let them out and shoothimself or kill them all then himself.

  51. james wiliams said

    The Joseph Fitchel case. “Fitchel has been a prisoner (puppet) of his own passions since childhood”. Medicine (psychiatry) will never be able to help him only anger him for you can NOT heal the SOUL (passions) with the medicine of psychiatry which is the medicine of the BODY (mind)

    Psychological recovery must mean – to heal BODY (the mind) and SOUL both –

    According to the Greek Orthodox Church, full psychological recovery can only take place by utilizing 2 schools on knowledge that know how to deal with 2 different illnesses. Psychiatry deals by pharmaceutical means the treatment of the body (mind) and the Church through Her Holy Sacraments the treatment (cure) of the ill begotten soul (sin) that is the main cause for the disturbance of the chemical balance (psychological illness) of the brain.

    1. The illness of the body (mind).
    The first illness which is known as a psychiatric illness, in essence is an illness of the body (mind). This type illness that comes as a result of chemical alterations of the brain can only be cured by the science (medicine) of psychiatry.
    2. Illness of the soul.
    The second illness is the illness of the soul that it is known to as sin. According to the Holy Fathers of the Greek Orthodox Church sin “lives” in the center of the heart of a person that is known to be the center of mans psychosomatic self. According to the Holy Fathers the heart is the center of the soul (our psychosomatic self), and it reflects the condition of the eternal self, the one that leaves the body at the moment of death. This is how Lord Jesus describes the illness of the heart through the mouth of Matthew 15-19.
    Furthermore Vainglory, selfishness, jealousy, hatred, murder, lustfulness, gastritis, stinginess, are all PASSIONS that FORCE man (the mind) in a un natural act that is known as SIN.
    What is a Passion
    According to Saint John (6th century) who is the author of “The ladder of virtues”, a passion is a mischievous thought or reflection that burrows into the soul after a last longing exposure that brings about a familiar attraction that seems to become a natural part of ones self that causes the soul to “run to it” (to the passion) willingly and not by force. The soul (the ill begotten soul) is then is committed to the bodily act of sin willingly.
    These un natural acts that are given birth to by the various “passions” come in conflict by mans divine begotten conscience that was given to him in the beginning of his creation Gen 2:7 “Then the Lord God took some soil from the ground and formed a man out of it: he breathed life- giving breath into his nostrils and the man begun to live”
    From the above verse we can see how mans conscience, was formed by the Christ like virtues of the soul, passed on to Adam by the divine breath of life, that made him begin to live.
    The “clash” between SIN and CONSCIENCE causes a protracted psychological strain that will sooner or later cause a chemical unbalance of the body (brain) known as a psychiatric illness. The medicine in psychiatry today cures the chemical distortion in the brain but can not cure the passions that have caused the illness that can only be cured by the Church as founded by the Apostles the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. The whole sacrifice of our Lord Jesus to bring into our world the Church that would enable man to become a new creation “the New Adam” otherwise known as “Saint” by enabling him to accept within (the heart/soul) the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 5:8) “Happy are the pure in heart; they will see God!”
    Thus Lord Jesus did not teach philosophically but therapeutically since the purpose of His incarnation was to bring the Church through which man could be cured from the sins that were responsible for “spiritual death” which in essence meant his eternal Separation from God.
    Divine Grace
    The Holy Fathers teach that Divine Grace is one of the streams that spring from the Holy Spirit, it is the coefficient factor of mans theosis (union with God), is Energy that cures the fallen image of man, is Energy that brings purity from sins and passions, is Energy of Divine enlightenment, is an Energy that can only be realized through the participation in the life of the Church.
    Luke 17:21 “No one will say, “Look here it is! Or There it is;” because the kingdom of God is with in you.”
    This is why the Holy Fathers have been describing the Church as a Hospital for 2000 years now, they have been describing her as an “Divine Inheritance” that can lead all of us to a Divine destination (heavenly kingdom). The presence of thousands of Saints in the life of the Church is the proof of Her authenticity.
    ORTHODOX-PSYCHOTHERAPY Lord Jesus did not come to teach philosophically but THERAPEUTICALLY.
    Please read here “Why Cyprus is called the island of the Saints”
    Your friend and servant Constantinos

  52. Korean said

    Dirty guy..

  53. Rob said

    Josef Fritzl should have gotten off with a very light sentence because he is a Christian.

    Christians abide by the ten comandments and not the Jewish 613 laws/instructions.

    Therefore, to apply Jewish law to a Christian is completely wrong.

    Yes, there is the un-intensional death of one of the two newborns, but that was not Fritzl’s intention to “murder” the baby.

    Why Christians apply double standards when it suits them, I can not understand.

  54. Anonymous said

    i mean its good that the girl its theak the politsie verry good i hope the men go dead

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